Monday, 16 May 2016

Session 98 7/4/1485 The Pillars of Night

Tomb of Sartine
Pass the Angel of Vengeance - 16,000
The Dim Fissure - 11,000
The Fire Temple - 13,000
Pass the Efreet & Azers - 14,150

Enter the Shadowfell, reach the Pillars of Night - 39,000

The Shadowfell - Arrival Battle
2 Rot Harbingers Lvl 30 - 19,000x2=38,000
2 Draconic Wraith Souleaters Lvl 29 - 15,000x2=30,000
Draconic Wraith Lvl 29 - 15,000

Total: 137,150/3=45,716
675,000 for Level 28

Monday, 9 May 2016

Session 97 7/4/1485 In the Tomb of Sartine

Ossuary Vestibule 
2 bone nagas level 26 Elite - 18000x2=36000
1 boneclaw level 24 - 6050
Lightning Obelisks level 28 elite trap - 26000
Slaughter Crypt
2 Slaughter wights level 28 - 13000x2=26000
Bodak Death Reaver level 28 elite - 26000
5 abyssal ghouls level 27 minion - 2750x5=13750
Penetrate sigil warded gate level 28 - 13000
Total: 120800/3= 40266

+10,000 Session Account=606375
675,000 for Level 28

Inside the Tomb of Sartine - Lirael's Account

{Gerin Legatus arrives after the overnight rest and says he is creating a Linked Portal back to Oreme. Gives Lirael a Shar amulet, tells her to present it to any uncorrupted tomb guardians to be allowed safe passage. In the caves Paelias & Dhaunayane are holding off an army of cyclops summoned by their priests, angered by the death of their Carrion God.}

“Let’s get this started, then,” said Jareth after Gerin and his men had departed for safety. The doors opened with an ominous scrape of old wood against rough stone. Lirael had a glimpse of the towering shape of a boneclaw and then the rattling sound of bone against bone drew her attention to a bone naga slithering through a mass of gleaming white skulls. Human skulls. Was it one or two nagas? It was hard to see among the bones.
“Lovely,” muttered Dunstan under his breath. “There’s a feckin’ huge pit in there. I hate pits. Bound to have something nasty in it, too.”
On the off chance that some glimmer of loyalty to Shar remained in her former minions, Lirael raised up the divine amulet Gerin had given her. The boneclaw merely laughed, it’s bony jaw clattering with barely contained glee. She put the amulet back in the pouch at her waist. So much for that.
A crackle of blue spit across the room, crossing from one carved stone pillar to another. There was writing on them, but there wasn’t time for more than a quick look. Fate. Destiny. Winter. Stark.
Lirael shot at the bone naga, noticing another emerging from the pile at the same time. She hoped there were no others lurking in the shadows. She hit with her arrow and it charged the door with a hiss that echoed off the walls, straight at Jareth.
“I hate snakes,” he said as he fought it off. "Why did it have to be snakes?" They thought it was done attacking and then it came at them again, swaying hypnotically.
It became a blur of battle after that, the deathclaw and nagas closing in and Jareth and Dunstan responding with blow after blow and reeling from the necrotic energies. The pillars came alive again, sending flaming blue lightning into them. Lirael loosed one of her stock of flameburst arrows, wishing Paelias and Dhaunayane would hurry up and return from dealing with the Cyclops.
But sooner than any of them had thought possible, the boneclaw and nagas lay dead. Jareth ground his heel into one of the nagas as he went over to the nearest pillar and inserted the key. It shocked him, but the light that had seemed to come from within it faded and went out. He shut down the second one and they all stared, with varying amounts of dismay, at the large pit that blocked the hall leading to whatever lay beyond.
“Let’s take a quick rest and take stock,” said Jareth, going over to poke in the grisly pile of skulls that had been home to the nagas, crowing over the platinum pieces he found hidden therein. Lirael, untouched by the battle so far, cast the Speak with the Dead ritual on the boneclaw, his grin now cracked. She questioned him as to the traps and enemies that lay on the other side of the pit and he grudgingly supplied answers, defiant even in death.
When she’d had all the answers out of him she could get, they tossed his remains and that of the nagas into the pit. They fell among the poisoned spikes that decorated it.
“Feckin’ deep,” said Dunstan. “I hate pits, I tell you.”
Jareth laughed. “I’ll show you how it’s done, shorty,” he said and took a running start and cleared the pit, teetering for a second on the edge before finding his footing. Lirael joined him, using her spider climbing boots and the wall along one edge.
“Yer crazy if you think I can do that,” said Dunstan.
They were trying to talk him into taking the leap of faith when the stink of something foul warned them something was coming. They turned to see two Slaughter Wights rushing at them, their black skin fetid and slimy. One charged directly into Lirael, attempting to push her into the pit. She felt the power of her new ring charge through her and she stood solid, thanking in her head the merchant who had showed it to her. Worth every gold piece it had cost to see the wight growl in frustration and surprise. The second tried to do the same to Jareth with as much success.
Jareth had fought the wights back into the room they had come from when a Bodak Death Reaver Knight swept into view, naked and carrying no weapons, but oozing an aura of blackness and death. Jareth was undeterred after some healing from Dunstan, still trapped on the other side of the pit. The bodak gnashed his teeth and called for help.
Five abyssal ghouls rushed out and charged Jareth and Lirael. After the first two missed their mark on the heavily armored Jareth, the rest attempted to bypass him to attack Lirael, but they never made it that far as Jareth cut them down as they tried to pass. A head rolled to Lirael’s feet and she nudged it into the pit, where it ping-ponged off the walls and landed on a spike below. Black gore from the ghouls spattered Jareth, but he wiped it off against a wall, barely noticing the burning.
As Jareth and Lirael continued the attack, Dunstan attempted the pit after some shouted encouragement from Lirael. It wasn’t enough – his stubby fingers grazed the far edge of the pit and then he fell into it, his fall luckily arrested by magic, though not enough to save him completely from harm. A string of curses fell from his lips as he went.
In the end, much to the surprise of the bodak, Jareth pummelled him so thoroughly that the remains were unrecognizable. Pulling Dunstan out of the pit with a rope, they all took a quick breather as they studied the four foul looking toad statues in the Slaughter Crypt. The glowing sygils in their ugly mouths looked removable. They bore the same words as on the pillars from the vestibule, but in a different order. {Dhaunayane drops by and uses her Arcana ability to i.d. the sigils as linked to a trap on the southern door}.
Before Lirael could say much of anything, Jareth had switched the symbols around and taken a blast of necrotic energy. Nothing happened save for Jareth's health taking a turn for the worse. The pall of death hung on him.
“Hang on a minute!” she said as he went to rearrange them again. “I’ve got my darkhide on. Let me do it.” After a few more tries, they had the symbols in the right order and they all heard the click as the far door unlocked. They stared at it, wondering exactly what lay on the other side. Were they ready for what lay within? Were Paelias and Dhaunayane ready to join them?

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XP for session accounts

Standard award for a full account will be equal to a Quest award, ie:
Level 27: 11,000
Level 28: 13,000
Level 29: 15,000
Partial accounts & vignettes will get proportionately less.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Session 96 RL 27 6/4/1485 Guardians at the Gate

Lirael meets Mielikki in the forest. Back in Loudwater, a rather tired looking Lady Moonfire discusses making her ruler of the Gray Vale - or the Shining Vale once more. Hallomak Stromm summons her to Waterdeep, where she is sent to join the others in the Gloomdeep Caverns on their quest for the Tomb of Sartine and a secret backdoor to the Pillars of Night, where Shar is held captive by Orcus in Thakorsil's Seat.

The party trek through the caverns to the doors of Sartine's Tomb, guarded by powerful golems, gargoyles, and a gibbering abomination. Much fighting ensues... At last the victorious band open the gates, seeing a short corridor beyond, and discuss making camp.

Lirael Conversation with Moonfire 11,000
2 Golems Level 27 Elite 44,000
2 Nabassu Gargoyles Level 28 26,000
Gibbering Abomination Level 28 13,000
Floor Trap etc Level 27 Obstacle 11,000
Enter Sartine's Tomb 11,000
Total 116000/4=29000

550,000 for Level 27
675,000 for Level 28

Monday, 18 April 2016

4e Cannons

Black-Powder Cannon
Ball Shot: Attack Ref +0
Damage: 10 (15) per lb weight of ball, eg 4 lb cannon ball does 40 hp damage (crit 60 damage)
Grape Shot: Attack Ref +10, Area Burst 1 (3x3) (short range) or Burst 2 (5x5) (long range)
Short Range: 1d6 per (nominal) lb weight of ball, eg 4 lb does 4d6 (crit 24) Miss: Half Damage.
Long Range: 1d6 per (nominal) 2 lb weight of ball, eg 4 lb cannon does 2d6 (crit 12).  

Monday, 4 April 2016

Session 95 3-6/4/1485 DR Against the Carrion God

After six months of searching, Paelias locates the Shadovar Emissary Gerin Legatus in the Netherese city of Oreme. Paelias rescues Gerin Legatus & 4 Netherese soldiers from rampaging Thaluud Tomb Tappers - Gerin & Paelias destroying one each; most of the soldiers are squashed but Paelias leads the survivors out by the Shadow Roads.
In Waterdeep, the group meets Hallomak Stromm - and Selune. Selune blesses them and their gear; the priests supply Potions of Vitality.
Transported by Paelias to the Gloomdeep Caverns north-east of Oreme, they battle Cyclops and their Carrion God, seeking the Tomb of Sartine and Gerin's promised secret approach to the Pillars of Night, where Orcus holds Shar in Thakorsil's Seat. Gerin is horribly wounded by the Carrion God but survives, to be tended by the two soldiers with him.

XP (each)
Gerin Legatus rescued 6750
Crawler Nest 1625
Cyclops Storm Shaman 2750
3 Cyclops hewers (2 fled) 6750
Enormous Carrion Crawler 5500
23375+502,734= 525109
Roleplay & Exploration, Gerin kept alive +2000
Total: 527,109
550,000 for Level 27

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Gug, level 26 elite brute

Gug (4e D&D)

Gug Level 26 Elite Brute
Large* Aberrant Shadow humanoid  XP
*Can move through & occupy 5'-wide gaps without Squeeze penalties.
HP 295; Bloodied 148
AC 38; Fortitude 38; Reflex 39; Will 37
Resistance: Cannot be Charmed or Dominated.
Vulnerable 10 Radiant
Speed 8
Flexible Step: the Gug ignores Difficult terrain.
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1
Initiative +17
Perception +17
Traits: Dark Vision

Standard Actions
m Multi-Attack • At-Will (4 Attacks)
Attack: Reach 2; +29 vs. AC
Hit: 25 damage (crit 40 damage); a target hit by 2 or more attacks is Grabbed (escape DC 38) and Pulled 1 square adjacent to the Gug.

M Trample: At Will
The Gug moves 8 squares, and can move through squares occupied by other creatures of any size, doing 35 damage to each creature. If an Enemy chooses not to make an Opportunity Attack against the Gug they can make a DC 27 Dexterity or Constitution check to avoid the damage.

Free Actions
M Rend Free Action 1/round per Grabbed target (so max 2/round)
Attack: Reach 2; +29 vs Fortitude
Hit: 50 damage (crit 75 damage)

M Bite  • Free Action 1/round against Grabbed target
Attack: Reach 1; +31 vs. AC
Hit:  45 damage (crit 65 damage)

Str 28 (+22) Dex 19 (+17) Wis 22 (+19)
Con 25 (+20) Int 9 (+12) Cha 8 (+12)

Gugs originate in the Far Realm, but sometimes slip through into Underdark caverns to hunt, and over time whole colonies of Underdark Gugs have become established. Gugs dislike bright light, which hurts their delicate eyes.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Session 94 10/10/1484 Dunstan gets married, Phalazure attacks Loudwater

Dunstan marries Serka in the High Hall of Citadel Yaunaroth, Serka places the great gold armband of commitment on her husband; Paelias has returned and is among the guests.
Moonfire has summoned a Catastrophe Volcanic Dragon to protect the Vale. several guests receive a Sending from Esme of Llorkh that a vast black dragon is approaching Loudwater! Moonfire & Hallomak Stromm open a portal to Loudwater and send the dragon through; where it promptly allies with the black dragon Phalazure! The black dragon begins to demolish Moonfire manor, seeking the heart where Moonfire maintains her link to Karsus and the shield that protects the Gray Vale from Shadowfell invasion.
Dunstan Paelias Moonfire Jareth Dhaunayane & her orc Bolg eventually go through too; Moonfire struggles to regain control of her Catastrophe dragon and eventually dismisses it. Battle begins with the black dragon; Moonfire's morale fails and she flees back through the portal.The dragon kills and eats Dunstan but is trapped by Dhaunayane; Jareth & Paelias are able to kill the enormous monster and it crashes to the ground. Jareth cuts Dunstan out of the beast, a job for the Green Regent...

Roleplay, Catastrophe dragon issues: 10,000 each
Kill Phalazure, save Loudwater: 35,625 each
Total 45,625 each

550,000 for Level 27

M10 1484 DR:
Hallomak Stromm reports having made contact with the Shadovar mage-emissary Gerin Legatus, and reports that Netheril is in chaos. The Shadow Weave failed, the flying cities and fortresses have fallen, most of the Princes of Shade are dead; others have become hideous undead creatures in thrall to Orcus, as have many lesser Shades. The Thaluud war constructs have gone mad and are roaming freely, destroying whatever they encounter. Hordes of undead ravage the land, emerging from the Shadowfell. Thay has sent demands that Netheril surrender and join their empire; many Shadovar have bent the knee.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Session 93 RL26 4/9/1484 Conquest of Ched Nasad

When the heroes enter the hall of the ruling council from the roof they find the drow waiting, led by the two Patriarchs. A long and gruelling battle follows, Dunstan falls to the Guardian Spiders, but eventually the Jaezred Chaullsin perish; one drow battle champion flees along with a guard. A Potion of Life is found and used to restore Dunstan.
The matron mother of Teh'Kinrelliz has sadly fallen in the assault on the Temple of Shar, which had been corrupted by Orcus' dark energies, the Sharan priests turned to undead abominations. Her daughter Zesstra closed the energy portal opening rifts to the Underdark, ending the immediate threat to the city. Dhaunayane Nasadra is proclaimed Matriach of Ched Nasad.

2 Drow Blademasters Skirm-25 xp 7000x2=14000
1 Lolth's Reaver Brute-25 xp 7000
12 Drow Guards  min Art-21 xp 800x12=9600
2 Shar Hags Cont-27 xp 11000x2=22000
2 Drow Archmages, Zamzt & Tomphael Art-25 xp 7000x2=14000
1 Drow Shadowblade Lurk-24 xp 6050
Total  72650/4=18162 each
Level 26 Major Quest - Conquer Ched: 9000 each
Total 27162 each

450,000 for Level 26
550,000 for Level 27

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Session 92 4/9/1484 Assaulting the Castle

While the others sleep, Dhaunayane conspires with Zesstra Teh'kinrelliz. Lirael arrives. Just after 'dawn' the group approach the Ruling Council's council fortress in the highest web level, posing as a guard with prisoners, Dhaunayane attempts to talk her way in but unfortunately claims to be a drow already in the council hall; the guards open fire, shooting down her conscripts; the group rushes forward to attack. Paelias breaks into the fortress entry hall while the others scale the walls, defeating a second wave of guards; their leader flees and shuts the door behind him. Bolg and the Orcs run up, Paelias uses them as a battering ram to break through the acid-trapped second door into the inner halls...

Castle Assault 7000
14 Drow Guards defeated min-21 800x14=11,200
Door Trap lvl 25 7000
Total 25,200/4=6,300 each
450,000 for Level 26

Monday, 7 September 2015

Session 91 3-4/9/1484: Mean Streets of Ched Nasad

Heading through the slum district of Ched Nasad with their drow escort, the group encounter a battle between a gang of orcs & goblins and an onrushing horde of undead Dread Warriors and Hezrou demons - not to mention the Guardian Spiders corrupted by the Jaezred Chaellsin. All in a day's work...
The leader of the orcs is Bolg, a friend of Dhaunayane. He tells her the undead and demons are coming through Shadow portals all over the city, but most near the Temple of Shar, and leads her (with newly controlled Spider), her friends, and three surviving drow conscripts to his lair, then from there to the Teh'Kinrelliz mansion of her drow allies, where plans are made to depose the Chaullsin puppets and return Ched Nasad to the way of Lolth...

4 Hezrou 6050x4=24200
9 Thayan Dread Warriors 1750x9=15750
2 Lolth's Reavers (one controlled by Dhaunayane) 7000x2=14000
Total 53950/5=10790

Make contact with Bolg and Zesstra & Aunda Teh'Kinrelliz +3500 each

Total 14,290 + 409357=423,647
450,000 for Level 26

Monday, 24 August 2015

Session 90 27/8-3/9/1484 To Ched Nasad

Dhaunayane Portals everyone away to the Fiery Spire - the Green Regent restores Paelias & Anaveth at the Fiery Spire, while the college president Ashara of Akanul consults with Lady Moonfire on using Karsus' power to block Orcus' Shadow-Gates in the eastern Gray Vale close to deTrevani castle.
After consulting with Hallomakk Stromm (returned from Neverwinter, where he finally dispatched the Thayan elf-lich Valindra Shadowmantle) the group decide to accompany Dhaunayane Nasadra to Ched Nasad, while Hallomakk attempts to make contact with Emissary Gerin of the Shadovar and get more of an idea what is happening in Netheril.

Paelias walks the Dark Road with the group to an outer gate of Ched Nasad, where they find the guard post deserted - the reason becomes plain as a Nightwalker attacks. As it is losing it psychic-screams for the aid of three Gugs, who give the group a tough fight and threaten to kill Dhaunayane. Aid for the party arrives in the form of some Nasadi drow conscripts, their leader a low-ranking noble of the ruling house. After the battle Dhaunayane questions him, he doesn't seem to know very much. Other drow regard her with awe.

Nightwalker 30250
3 Gugs 18000x3=54000
Roleplay & Investigation 9000 each
Total 30062

450,000 for Level 26

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Session 89 RL25 27/8/1484: Glyphimor's Trap

Dunstan & Serka are taken by Brikos Stoneshoulder back to Citadel Yaunaroth for extensive dwarven wedding preparations. Dhaunayane researches Tharkorsil's seat in Hallomak Stromm's library.

Hearing from Anaveth that demons have attacked deTrevani Barony, the others travel via the Fiery Spire portal back to the Gray Vale, riding to Castle deTrevani to rendezvous with Sir Jorah, Anaveth, Cerdic, & Crag, and the elven ranger Ardan, now Chosen of Corellon. They are greeted by the Baroness Amara and her husband Sir Dolf Dragonheart, who is left holding the baby with Cerdic as the rest travel south to the village of Trevann, massacred by demons two days ago. A clear bloody trail leads NE through the woods. Lirael communes with the Primal Spirits, learning of a 'bad place' in the hills and that the demons also destroyed Heartford last night.
Following the trail NE, dismounting at the edge of the hills, that afternoon the group reach a place of destroyed trees. Pealias scouts ahead and spots toad demons and marilith lying in wait. The group attack, a second marilith joins the battle.
The fight is fierce but the group appear to have the upper hand, half the demons have fallen when Anaveth senses a growing energy vortex... Suddenly everyone but Crag, Jorah and Amara is pulled into the vortex, finding themselves and the remaining demons in the Shadowfell before a corroding statue of Shar that is beginning to transform into Orcus' likeness.
The truth becomes clear as three huge demons stride out of the shadows; two massive Glabrezu flank an enormous Balor, four times the size of those they fought before. By the golden runes inscribed on his chest he is Glyphimor, demon lord of Orcusgate, Orcus' champion!
Glyphimor gloats over the success of his trap and attacks brutally, an awesome blow slaying Paelias in the first moments of the battle before engaging Jareth, while the treachery demons launch abyssal bolts at Lirael. Paelias ghost sees the gloating visage of Orcus welcoming him to an eternity of torment... The wounded toad & marilith demons fall, as does Anaveth, but Jareth gets her to her feet - desperately she and Lirael pray to Selune, then Anaveth turns to the statue and prays to Shar... a portal appears, back to the World, a vortex down into shining sunlight. Ardan jumps through. Anaveth is struck down, but Lirael grabs her and Paelias' bodies and drags them through the portal as the whole group flee the place of death, returning to Faerun with the bodies of the fallen.

Roleplay etc 6050
Encounter XP
Survive Glyphimor S27 XP 55000/2=27500
2 Marilith E24 XP 24200
4 Hezrou S22 XP 16600
Survive 2 Glabrezu E23 XP 20400/2=10200
Total: 78500x1.5=117750

Need 375,000 for Level 25
450,000 for Level 26

Monday, 20 July 2015

Session 88 25-26/8/1484 DR - Aumvor the Undying, Dies.

The party are aided by Hallomak Stromm and battle Aumvor and his minions at the heart of his extradimensional prison, eventually overcoming the magic braziers that give him immortality, and finally destroying him. During the battle Aumvor claimed that Szass Tam's capture of Shar will also destroy Selune...

As his Periapt collapses, the group are returned to Fort Morninglord, where King Pyvim of Elturgard thanks them and offers them the resources of Elturgard in their battle against Orcus and Thay. The group return with Hallomak and Liana to Waterdeep to rest, where the high priestesses of Selune do detect a slight fading of their power... Paelias contacts his retainer Anaveth in the Gray Vale, who tells him that demons are reported to have attacked the village of Trevan in the Barony of deTrevani.

8 Vestiges 2250x8=18000
Aumvor 12100
Red Dragon 20750
Total 50,850/6=8475x1.5=12712

Level 24 Major Quest - Destroy Aumvor +6500 each

Total 19212+335,323=354,535
Need 375,000 for Level 25

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Session 87 25/8/1484 DR

Lirael and Dhaunayane arrive at Fort Morninglord, Hallomak Stromm directs them into the Periapt of Aumvor. They reach the battlefield at the same moment as dragonclaw swarms emerge from the toppled fonts and more enemy reinforcements arrive in the form of a huge red dragon, but during a fierce fight Jareth forces it into the Soulstorm Vortex; it escapes but he knocks it back in again and it is drawn into the Mirror of Souls, its life drained until it is but a Vestige. Aumvor's apprentice, a Larva Mage, is also destroyed, along with the dragonclaw swarms and the last two vestiges of the Peers of Elturgard.

11,140+324,183= 335,323 XP

Need 375,000 for Level 25

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Session 86 25/8/1484 Fort Morninglord - The Periapt of Aumvor

Knight Old photo KnightOld.jpg
Pyvim I Kyatt, King of Elturgard, Duke of Westmarch
In Hallomak's tower (where Dunstan & Serka have been getting thoroughly reaquainted) Dunstan Jareth & newly returned Paelias travel by Portal with Hallomak & Liana to Castle Kyatt in Elturgard, meet with King Pyvim Kyatt and his daughter Princess Shaedra, who is leading the attack on Fort Morninglord, where Aumvor the Undying is close to breaking the seals. Paelias remembers frosty dealings with Shaedra years before.
Group rides swiftly with the King & his entourage from Castle Kyatt to Fort Morninglord where thousands of Paladins encircle the fort. To cheers the 200 strong assault team enters the Fort, fighting through hundreds of undead to the inner chamber where the Periapt awaits. Hallomak & co establish a perimeter while Dunstan Jareth and Paelias enter the Periapt, fighting through the guardians...

Dragonborn Warmaster & 2 Bluespawn Godslayers 26,800
7 Vestiges of the Peers of Elturel 15750
Total 42,550/3= 14,183 each

14183+310000= 324,183 XP

Need 375,000 for Level 25

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Green Regent - The Avatar of Life

Avatar of Life

"Despite war, chaos, and hate, life endures, and you will ensure that it never falters.

You are the incarnation of a god, mortal and immortal beings united in the same flesh. You exist for the purpose of battling your true godly self ’s foes in the mortal world, of providing inspiration and hope to all who worship your divine being, and just possibly to learn a few things about what it means to walk in the world you helped to shape at the dawn of time. At the same time, you are also the mortal persona you have been throughout your current life, and you are destined to become part of the god you have served so well.

Avatars represent many different aspects of the gods, but you specifically embody the vital principle, the animating spirit of your deity. All life is sacred to you, and you are its divine protector. Your time as an adventurer has taught you how precarious life can be, whether it is the life of a butterfly struggling to escape its cocoon or a civilization living on the edge of lands inhabited by orcs and goblins. You hate taking life, but you recognize that it is the nature of the world that you must sometimes kill or be killed.

As an avatar of life, you might be blessed with incredible longevity. Your calling could draw you to retire to a monastery or a temple to live in obscurity, protecting a small community from harm. You might be fated to heal some great sickness in the world, battling a magical plague or putting an end to some corruption or mockery of life that threatens the natural order. Or you might be compelled to venture across the planes, bringing an example of hope and healing wherever you go.
Divine Reunion: After you have completed your Destiny Quest and lived out the years appointed to you, you are called back to your true self. Lying down in a fair green meadow or forest clearing, you allow your body to crumble into dust, nourishing flowering vines and creepers. Your soul returns to your divine self, recalling the awesome power and understanding that comes with godhood. But some part of your mortal being still survives, since your memories, your cares, and your journeys are now your deity’s too.


    Life’s Wisdom (21st level): Your Constitution score and your Wisdom score both increase by 2.
    Unfettered Durability (21st level): When you roll a 20 on a saving throw, each ally within your line of sight can make a saving throw against one effect that a save can end.
    Vital Revival (24th level): The first time each day you begin your turn dying or dead, you revive. You regain hit points equal to your bloodied value, and each ally within 10 squares of you can spend a healing surge.
    Persistence of Life (30th level): You and any allies within 5 squares of you can use second wind as a minor action. If a character can already use second wind as a minor action, then the character can use it as a free action. When you or an ally within 5 squares of you uses second wind, twice the normal number of hit points are restored.

Avatar of Life Utility 26Font of Life

Forming a circle with your fingers, you bring forth a sphere of divine energy that helps you and your allies continuously recover from wounds.
Daily        DivineHealing
Minor Action      Close burst 2
Target: You and each ally in the burst
Effect: Each target gains regeneration equal to 5 + your Wisdom modifier until the end of the encounter.

Published in Divine Power, page(s) 149.