Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Session 17 episode summary. Reach level 7.

S17 25/9/1479 DR
Vale runs out of the tunnel, sees Lirael & Dru-Arael, and bluffs Lirael into going into the tunnel to assist her friends.  Vale flees north towards Llorkh, where it's rumoured there is a portal to the Zhentarim fortress of Darkhold.
Lirael enters the tunnel, heading south, and joins the main group past the site of the battle with stirges & spiders. They head south through the tunnel for nearly 15 miles (ca 6 hours) to the enormous stone slab that bars the tunnel. Entering the gatehouse, Lirael is menaced by traps, iron cobras, & hammerer automatons, but they defeat the ancient defenses and Arya uses the Lever Automaton, a huge dwarf-shaped golem, to pull the lever that raises the slab. Orcs rush in; Arya drops the slab and crushes 6. On the gatehouse steps a bitter battle ensues; the three Zhent soldiers are killed but Lirael, Arya and Valeris' Royal Guard Karvol defeat the orcs, taking a strange magic stone hand from their leader's corpse.

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