Monday, 18 February 2013

Session 36 Lord Baldhead and the Unholy Temple 6-11/2/1480 DR

6/2/1480: Halvath meets with the Goddess, Mielikki, in his dreams, and is appointed the first Green Regent in a hundred years. His beard has turned noticeably green; grass and spring flowers grow where he walks. Reach Secomber. Secomber - Page Jareth & Paelias buy weapons from the dwarf armourer Crox. Halvath speaks with Shera, the local priestess, who is awestruck. Lirael & Arya recognise Boris' man Valtar sneaking out of the pub, Paelias catches him and they have him take them to Lord Baldhead/Boris on Lord's Hill. Halvath reveals himself as the Green Regent and an impressed Boris pledges allegiance. Party send his deputy Valtar east to Loudwater to search for the Zhent spy there. 
7/2/1480: Leave Secomber, downriver on Tollun's river barge.
10/2/1480: Reach Daggerford Northdock. Bargemaster Tollun talks with the local customs officer Sathira, who he knows, she tells him of disappearances on the Trade Way north towards Waterdeep. Magister Ilyrio, the local Magistrate, and two guardsmen have gone to investigate a new Temple of Bahamut recently erected north of town, but have not returned.
11/2/1480: Leave Northdock, encounter unholy temple 2.5 miles north of town. Rescue Magister Ilyrio from the devil worshippers, Quinn saves his life with her healing powers and Ilyrio is suitably grateful.

The Inn at Secomber

Boris' Hall
Temple in the Woods
Temple of Hell!
XP (per PC)
Roleplay, various - 350
Establish Diplomatic Relations with Boris - 700
Cambions & Cultists - 300
Rescue Magister Ilyrio - 300
Total 1,650+26,259=27,909
Need 32,000 for 12th level.
Shera of Secomber, Priestess of Mielikki & Silvanus
Crox the dwarf, Weaponsmith of Secomber

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