Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Session 99 RL28 7-8/4/1485 Balors & Worms

Dhaunayane arrives atop her Lolth's Reaver, having driven back the Cyclops army outside when Lolth sent her Reaver, then traversed through Sartine's Tomb into the Shadowfell. Paelias is missing, possibly overwhelmed by the Cyclops horde. The group kills two Balor sentries & Dhaunayane Portals the group back to Ched Nasad with disabled Reaver to be repaired. Return next day to Portal atop wall with five short-lived drow minions, battle toad demons and ghouls. A Larva Mage worm-thing, Magrathar, who claims to have served Shar as master of the curtain wall, is accidentally summoned into the Portal by Dhaunayane as boar demon & vrocks sweep down from atop the tower...


7/8/1485 First Assault
2 Balors L27 elites 22,000x2=44,000/3= 14666 each

8/8/1485 Return
2 Hezrou toad demons L24 6050x2=12100
11 Abyssal Horde Ghouls L26 minions 2250x11=24750
Total: 36850/3.5=10528


In battle with:
Magrathar the Larva Mage, Nalfeshnee Tyrant, 2 Vrocks.

675,000 XP for Level 28
825,000 XP for Level 29

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