Monday, 28 January 2019

T2/M4/1491 - Haeleeya's - Rhennya

While Rhennya is resting up after her mostly-dead experience she notices that 'Haleeva's Bath house & dress shop' (odd combination) has an Emerald Enclave sigil on the door post.

Half barrels planted with aromatic herbs & flowers flank the entrance, and there are flower-filled window boxes with spring bulbs flowering.

Interesting. I recognise the herbs as healing, too. I enter the premises under the pretext of wanting a bath, even though I would much prefer a wild spring,  lake or river.

Inside is a tidy dressmaker's & fitting room, beyond are doors to warm & pleasantly scented male & female bathing chambers. Rhennya is greeted by a middle aged Amnian woman (Amn is similar to Spain) who introduces herself as Haeleeya Hanadroum. An exchange of hand gestures establishes you are both of the Emerald Enclave. Haeleeya explains she is not an adventurer, but when she was young she became lost in the wilderness - a Ranger of the Enclave rescued her and she has been a friend of the Enclave ever since. The older matrons of Red Larch love to gather in the bath house to gossip, and Haeleeya says she knows everything going on in town.

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