Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Session 77 30/10/1483 Lodge of the Tomb Guard

An Eladrin Prince, Jelendrath the Tulani of Summer (third son of High Lord Dursair) and High Mage Chorin (1 of 12) visit Loudwater to recruit the Heroes of Loudwater to battle Anaxus, Hierophant of Orcus, who seeks to raise the dead of the Tomb Lands north of Evereska as an army of undead dread warriors. But arriving by Linked Portal in the Lodge of the Tomb Guard on the edge of the Tomblands, they find the Tomb Guard massacred and the Lodge overrun by abyssal ghouls and hezrou toad demons. A fierce battle ensues, but the forces of Orcus are defeated. Pealias finds and slays the human death priest of Orcus who appears to command them. The Eladrin Arcane Archer Shavaris is killed during the fighting when a horde of ghouls burst through the wall of the portal room.


2 Hezrou XP 6050x2= 12100
21 Abyssal Ghoul Brutes XP 1038x21=21798
1 Death Priest of Orcus XP 800
Total: 34698/4.75=7304
Roleplay Bonus: 800 each

Total 8104+184,907=193,012

210,000 XP for Level 22

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