Monday, 17 November 2014

Session 78 30/10/1483 The Priests of Orcus

The party enter the Tomblands and reach the focal point of the Ritual, trailed by ghouls. During the battle a goristro demon eats High Mage Chorin, but the enemy are defeated, the ritual is stopped, and Hierophant Anaxus is terminated with extreme prejudice.
Prince Jelendrath son of High Lord Dursair thanks the heroes of Loudwater for their assistance.

Combat XP
Marilith 12100
Goristro 5600
11 Ghouls 1038x11=11418
10 Death Priests 800x10=8000
Hierophant Anaxus 7000
Total 44,118/4.5=9804 each
Level 21 major quest - Defeat Anaxus, prevent desecration of the Tomblands 3500 each

Total 13304 +193,012=206316

210,000 XP for Level 22

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