Sunday 4 September 2011

Magic Items

Use: I'm using the PHB system where you get 1 item Daily use per day, +1 per milestone.

Sale: All items sell at base 20% list price.   Depending on item rarity, PC effort, etc it may be possible to get more.

Buy: Base purchase price is 100% list price.  Commissioning an item, where possible, typically costs 110-140% list price.


The Burning Hand receive enough gifts from Loudwater's grateful populace for their heroic deeds that they do not need to make routine expenditure for basic subsistence.  Beyond that, a comfortable lifestyle with private inn chamber, good wine at meal, laundered clothes, church donations etc would be ca 10gp/week, lavish expenditure/carousing would be ca 50gp.  Let me know of any expenditure as it will affect your social status, use of Streetwise/Bluff/Diplomacy, etc.