Sunday 10 November 2019

10-19/7/1491 DR Session 11 Conquest of Sacred Stone, Meeting Renwick XP 69+7=76 Lvl 9

PCs discover an old crypt, defeat skeletal warriors & zombies. Find crypt of Samular Caradoon holding body of dead Mirabar knight.
Battle in the mines with duergar, orogs, Drool the Ogre, and Hellenrae Abyss of Stone. Sharatu's gas attack drives off many of the enemy while the remainder are slain.
Kasumi reveals letter from Aerisi Kalinoth to Thurl Merosska.
Meet Renwick Caradoon, brother of Samular, now a friendly Lich. Gives Dagny an amulet of health.
Exploring mines, find the prisoners massacred.

Long rest T2/7/1491 - Take the body of Mirabar dwarven sage Brundethar back to Waterdeep, where Dagny buys a diamond from the Temple of Selune, Raises him and questions him about recent events and the other survivors of the Mirabar delegation - one was seized by the Feathergale knights while two were sent below by the Cult of Black Earth into the dwarven city of Tyar-Besil.

The Raised dwarven Sage Bruldenthar has no money to compensate Dagny for bringing him back to life, but offers to serve as her advisor on Tyar-Besil and the Haunted Keeps above the lost dwarven city.

On return from Waterdeep, Lord Commander Merosska summons Lady Glintshield. He wishes to establish a watch over the Sacred Stone Keep to prevent the Cult of Black Earth from re-establishing there, but most of the Feathergale Knights are unsuited to such duty. Given Dagny's dwarven blood and friendly relations with the Lich Renwick, Merosska suggests Lady Glintshield would be the Knight best suited to take charge of Sacred Stone, recruit a militia, and guard it against threats emerging from Below. He will of course provide reasonable resources to assist her in this endeavour, and is willing to assign her another Knight as her Lieutenant, perhaps Lady Sabra Belabranta or Sir Elian?