Friday 11 November 2011


Sunset/Sunrise adapted from here.

Midwinter (Start M1): Sunrise 8.17am  Sunset 3.52pm - Day Length 7 hours 35 minutes
Start M2: Sunrise  8.07am Sunset 4.30pm
Start M3: Sunrise 7.15am Sunset 5.28pm
Greengrass (Start M4): Sunrise 6am  Sunset 6pm - Day Length 12 hours
Start M5: Sunrise 5am Sunset 7.13pm
Start M6: Sunrise 4.06am  Sunset 8.02pm
Midsummer (Start M7):  Sunrise 3.46am  Sunset 8.31pm - Day Length 16 hours 45 minutes
Start M8: Sunrise 04.11am  Sunset 8.15pm
Start M9: Sunrise 5am Sunset 7.20pm
Highharvestide (End M9/Start M10): Sunrise 6am Sunset 6pm - Day Length 12 hours
Start M11: Sunrise 6.43am  Sunset 5pm
Start M12: Sunrise 7.40am  Sunset 4.06pm

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Photos - by Kimberly Pauley

The streets of Goblin-Haunted Kiris Dahn; Catherine & James in the background.

The heroes meet the Verdigris Dragon, TYRISTYS:

Dolf Dragonheart vs the Kobold Shamaness & her Iron Defenders:

Death of the Ankheg, Esmerelda celebrates: