Saturday 23 March 2019

T1/M5/1491 DR session 3 Scarlet Moon Hall (XP 12+5=17) Lvl 3

PCs reach Scarlet Moon Hall, talk with druids camped on the hillside, battle fire cultists - Kasumi recognises some of those who destroyed her monastery - and flee, badly battered, after killing three fire priests and dispelling a pair of summoned hellhounds. Over the next Tenday the PCs pursue leads around Red Larch, hear a rumour of 'Believers', and chase up a tale of a mysterious skull in the hills - Sharuto the Dragonborn briefly gaining mastery of a small band of skeletons.

Off to Adventure

Kasumi vs Fire Priest

Fire Elemental in the Wicker Giant

Fire Priestess is felled before she can complete Summoning

Battle in the Hall courtyard - Hellhounds attack

Flight from Scarlet Moon Hall, Kasumi carries Alani