Friday 28 June 2019

20/M6 1491 DR session 7 Scarlet Moon Hall 2 XP 37+7=44 Lvl 5>6

Scarlet Moon Hall

On Midsummer's Eve, the PCs joined by Gariena the elf druid & a mysterious Shadar-Kai strike against Scarlet Moon Hall once more; this time things go much better as many priests and flame guardians are slain, although the sprite Flix is killed. Under cover of a wall of fire Elizar Dryflagon retreats to his quarters for a final stand.

Enemies killed:
Flame Priests 3
Flame Guardians 7
Fire Elemental 1
Hell hounds 2
Azer 1
Magmin 5

Sunday 16 June 2019

T2/M6 1491 DR session 6 Orc Assault on Delmon Manor XP 31+6=37 Lvl 5

Over 40 Ice Shield Orcs attack Delmon Manor, but Sharatu uses his new Fireball power and the orcs are wiped out except for 5 boar riders who flee. Dagny raises the patriarch's eldest son, and buries two fallen dwarf blacksmith-tinker brothers, the only losses among the defenders.
At dawn the Elves arrive led by Galias, Knight Banneret of King Cirallon Swancloak, and chase the orcs back to the High Forest. Party long rests at the manor - the weather is very hot. In Beliard a week later they meet a beautiful half-elven druidess & her sprite familiar heading to Scarlet Moon Hall for the Midsummer Festival of the Wicker Giant in two day's time, Ralf is keen to accompany her...

NPCs in Beliard - Watchful Knight Inn
Neshor Fleurdin, Innkeeper, spoke with Mirabar delegation, they were heading south to Summit Hall.
Senya, Watchful Knight barmaid, saw a golden masked monk watching the delegation.
Eann, a cattle drover, saw Feathergale Knights flying south in same direction as the delegation some hours later.
Gariena, half-elf Druidess & her sprite companion Flix - travelling to midsummer festival at Scarlet Moon Hall.

Druids discuss tactics pre-battle

The shadow of death looms over the battlefield

Attack on the gatehouse

Dagny & Ralf at the rear gate

Battle on the battlements

Orcs swarm the gatehouse

Shooting orcs

Last boar rider attacks Seraphus

Pork dinner after fight