Monday 11 August 2014

Session 74 20/1/1483 Irondawn of the Dead

Evade Frost Wyvern Patrol, Reach Llorkh - 500 each
Kill Remorhaz 6400
Kill 47 chillborn zombies x500 = 23500
29900/5= 5980 each
Level 20 minor quest - close Irondawn Circle - 700 each
Total: 7180 158368 = 165548
175,000 XP for Level 21 

Monday 4 August 2014

Session 73 19-20/1/1483 Battle of Redar

19/1/1483 DR
The heroes bring Paelias' body west to Halvath the Green Regent at the Fiery Spire. On the way they spot giant scouts, but leave them be. Lirael leaves the others at Heartford to lead the Tigerclaw Barbarians to reinforce Orlbar. Halvath now seems rooted in the 'greenhouse' atop the Fiery Spire, channeling Mielikki's power to drive back winter from the Vale. With help from Selune and Shar, Halvath wrests Paelias' soul back from the grip of Orcus. Paelias' amulet has vanished. Then they travel east to Castle DeTrevani, consult with the Baroness Amara, Sir Dolf, and the visiting Lord Boris.

20/1/1483 DR
The heroes fly east on spectral steeds to Redar north of Orlbar, where Arya senses that a fell ritual nears completion. The heroes attack the giants, interrupting three Icemasters engaged in a ritual summonings, and cut it short, causing hordes of Chillborn zombies scattered beneath the snow to be stillborn. In a bloody battle 17 giants perish, one fleeing, while Jareth too is killed, though he slays a female Icemaster shaman as they bring him down. Anaveth runs forward and is able to wrest Jareth's soul back before Clenderi can take it, successfully Raising him.

3 frost giant warriors (1 fled): lvl 20, 2800x3=8400
3 frost giant ice master shamans: lvl 22, 4150x3=12450
8 hill giant minions: min-21, 750x8=6000
4 stone giant minions: min-22, 4150
Total: 31052/5.5= 5645 each

5645+2800 Level 20 Major Quest - Stop the Ritual= 8445

8445+ 149,923=158368
175,000 XP for Level 21 - need 16632