Monday 27 January 2020

Session 13 T1/M9/1491 DR The Crushing Wave XP 85+3=88+1=89/100, Lvl 10

Joined by the elf archeress Imogan, the group feasts with Thurl Merosska at Feathergale. It is agreed that they will go investigate the Water Cult of the Crushing Wave, while the Feathergale Knights continue the battle with the Cult of Black Earth.
After a Long Rest in Red Larch the group fly south, encounter and wipe out a bunch of Water Cult bandits on the road.
Investigations at the Bargewright Inn, then head over the floating Ironford Bridge, fleeing an ill-tempered Dragon Turtle, to Womford. Hire a dubious water genasi's barge, & sail north towards Rivergard Keep...

Rhennya’s journal:

Our merry band of adventurers, having dealt with some Black Earth cultists, arrived at Feathergale Spire as intended. There we were joined by an old friend of mine, an elf archer of great precision, Imogan of the Emerald Enclave. She was sent by the Enclave to investigate the unusual natural disasters in the area. We had already noticed the unnatural weather and seismological conditions indicating an elemental imbalance in nature. The long-term heavy rain and unusual earthquakes signalled an overabundance of water and earth elements.

The Knights were rather perturbed by the news of earth cultists still at large, and urged us to go back to the underground city to exterminate all traces of them. Instead, we decided to seek and destroy the water cultists first, in the hope of establishing more balance and stopping the deluge. Our strong suspicions that the seemingly benign and helpful Feathergale Knights were also air cultists was confirmed by Kasumi’s deft interrogation of the enamoured Captain Merosska, but we still joined them in a convivial feast which I managed to elevate even further by performing a series of songs, including “The Flight of Hippogriff” and “Air on the G pipe” on my trusty Pan flute.

As the meal ended, we quietly left the table to go on a Water-cult finding mission, after Feathergale Knights Dagny and Kasumi received permission from the Captain. We quickly made our way by air, as we have been known to use the hippogriffs, wing suits and my Great Eagle form to make a short flight of what would have been a long trek. Approaching the town of Bargewright, with my actual eagle eyes I spotted what looked like a group of brigands around a fire, just off the road, with a couple of looted carriages hidden behind trees. I signalled to my companions to land, turned back into my elf form, and explained what I saw, pointing out that the bandits looked human, but had what could only be described as barnacles growing on their skin. We decided to act before they could see us, and my old friend Imogan shot two faultless arrows, wounding a priest and a reaver. I was eager to test a newly prepared spell, so I cast Insect Plague on the whole bandit group, unleashing a swarm of biting locusts that killed seven reavers on the spot and wounded the other four brigands left. The highly skilled sorcerer Sharatu finished them off with his signature Fireball spell, and after snacking on some grilled locusts we continued our flight, landing in the courtyard of the Bargewright Inn. The local law enforcement observed our group with suspicion, until our sharpshooting human fighter Alani reassured their leader that we were legit. I got the impression that she might be waiting for him on our way back...

As we were crossing the Ironford bridge to get to Womford harbour, we spotted a hostile Dragon Turtle swimming towards us. After a couple of unsuccessful attacks, the divinely inspired dwarven cleric Dagny succeeded in banishing the huge beast, and we ran over the bridge, with the brave dragonborn eldrich knight hanging behind. Seraphus really wanted to fight the beast, but ultimately responded to our calls for haste.

Upon noticing a shifty water genassi with a slightly barnacled crew, we hired his barge, and their services, to take us up Dessaran river. Our real goal is penetrating Rivergard Keep, the headquarters of the water cult, but we’re keeping it from the crew. Our instincts about the water cultists were confirmed when our Aquan-speaking fighter overheard an interaction between boats...

Dagny had never liked the water. She was of the mountains. The ground underneath your feet should be stable and solid, not shifting beneath your feet. An old woman had once told her to keep your eye on the horizon when your stomach had a life of its own, but it wasn’t helping. The fish stew they’d eaten earlier might have something to do with it, or the crispy locusts Rhennya had talked her into eating. Ugh! Just the thought of them and their spiny little legs made her stomach flip again. She rushed to the side of the boat and lost the fish stew.

Ralph made a joke about someone not having any sea legs. She glared at him for a moment before leaning over the side of the boat again. It went this way for some time, until she felt she had nothing left. Minutes? Hours? It felt an eternity.

“You’ve a fever,” said Rhennya, putting a hand to her forehead. “I don’t know you’ll do us much good in a battle like this.”

“I’ll do what I can,” said Dagny in a hoarse whisper. Her throat felt like fire. “Can you gather everyone around?”

They huddled close, forming a circle and keeping the prying eyes of the crew away.

Quietly, she cast Aid twice, so that each of them was bestowed the boon. (Each target’s hit point maximum and current hit points are increased by 10 for the next 8 hours)

Insect Swarm obliterates Water Cult Reavers

On boat north

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