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Wardship of the North (inc Northwood Manor) Domain

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Lady Lirael, Warden of the North
Wardship of the North (Barony)
Lord: Lady Lirael, Baron Warden of the North, Knight of Loudwater.
Vassal to: Lady Moonfire, High Lord of Loudwater.
Northwood Pop 1208
Greywood Pop 123
Azul Karak Pop 322
Total Population 1653 (M6 1484 est.)

Wardship of the North Manors
1. Northwood  pop. 1208
Manor Lord: Baroness the Lady Lirael Widdershins-Sirocco (Cha 14)
Reeve: Dame Aryn Blackthorn of Tavysburg
Northwood Manor - stronghold/hamlet (wood, farms)
Tavysburg - village (farms, water power)
Elfstree (farms, water power)
Eastfarm thorpe (farms)
Westbrook thorpe (farms)
Old Mill (farms)
Notable NPCs: Sir Jorah Blackthorn, Ranger and Steward of Northwood, Lirael's husband
Income: -5gp in 1483 DR (see below)

2. Greywood population 123, 41 able bodied
Manor Lord: Sir Pealias (Cha 10)
Resources: Greywood Thorpe (wood, trading post with Graywood Elves, farms)
Pealias followers: 1 Min-12, 1 Min-11, 3 Min-10, 30 Min 1-9.
Notable NPCs: Anaveth, half-elf Paragon Silverstar (religious, arcane & healing rituals)
Income 1484: Tax 123x2=246gp, Elf Market 300gp, total +546gp

3. Azul Karak ('Dwarf Stronghold') population 322 (101 able bodied, dwarf, half-dwarf & human)
Manor Lord: Sir Dunstan Ironforge (Cha 19)
Resources: Quarry, river dock, farms
Dunstan Followers: 1 Min-14, 2 Min-13, 2 Min-12, 4 Min-11, 7 Min-10, 75 Min 1-9
Notable NPCs: Cerdic Ironforge, warrior-smith and cousin of Dunstan,  (can craft +3 enchanted arms/armour, and Lvl 16 masterwork chain, scale & plate armour)
Income 1484: Tax 322x2=644gp, Quarry 300gp, total +944gp
Cerdic Ironforge
Extent: The Warden of the North is tasked with protecting and patrolling the lands from the Unicorn Run river and the Graywood in the west, to Covere manor and the Barony of deTrevani in the east; from the Grayflow River in the south to the edge of the Dire Wood to the north. Most of this land is currently wilderness. Actual land of Northwood Manor (previously Travys Manor) is about 60 square miles (in 1481), covering 10 miles east-west and 7 miles north-south at the greatest extent. The area is mostly light woodland, with farming and most of the population concentrated along a narrow strip for about 2 miles north of the river, and around Northwood Manor house (from 1481).  The forest verge is used for herding pigs and sheep, for firewood, hunting, and some logging.

Northwood Manor
Total Population: 1208 (1484 DR)
Acreage farmed: 60 square miles
Northwood (Travys) Manor house - fortification & thorpe pop. 108
Elfstree, hamlet - pop. 321
Tavysburg, village - pop 445. Feudal: 55 peasant asseigns (farmed strips of land) to Dame Aryn Blackthorn, Reeve of Travys Manor.
Eastfarm, thorpe - new 1482, pop 54
Westbrook, thorpe - new 1482, pop 43
Old Mill, thorpe - new 1482, pop 86
36 farmsteads - pop 235
Associated Resources
Fiery Spire (neighbouring) - Arcane College, Ritual Level +5. Leader: Ashara of Akanul
Dragon's Milk Beer (food resource): 1055gp+3%=1087gp
Vale Honey (food resource from 1482): 5 hives/sq mile x60=300 hives, +300gp
Annual Tax Cash Income (M6): 2gp/person (1208x2= 2416gp). 80% (1933gp) net to Lirael, the Lord of the Manor. The Reeve of Tavysburg (Dame Aryn) takes the other 20% cut of the annual cash revenue.
Total 1484 DR Revenue to the Warden, Lady Lirael: 1087+300+1933=3320gp

Salaries: Military 3132gp, School Teachers 4x120=480gp.
Childbirth Stipend: 4+1=5% of pop. 1653=83 children born, 83x5=415gp.
Total expenses 4215gp.

1484 DR Net : 3320-4215= -895gp

School Construction 1484 DR -500x4=-2000gp

Feudal Service: 40 days annual per able-bodied person.
Muster Strength: +180. Typically min-7 trained levy.

Jorah Blackthorn
Travys Manor House (see NPCs page
Lady of the Manor: Lirael Widdershins, Knight of the Vale, wife of Jorah Blackthorn
Steward & Consort: Sir Jorah Blackthorn, husband of Lady Lirael (Lvl 15)
Captain of Guards: Jareth of Orlbar (Lvl 18, Cha 9, Leadership 17)
Keeper of the Larder: Dunstan Ironforge
Other senior inhabitants: Arya (or at Fiery Spire)
PCs often not Resident:  Pealias (at Green Regent or Tammy Hill's house)
Cook/Housekeeper: Milla Strong, the Tavysburg Baker's Daughter
Senior Personnel: 6
Milla Nistral (nee Strong), Housekeeper
Civilian Staff: 6
Staff Dependents: 9
Guards: 32
Smith: Dendry Nistral (from M6 1481 DR)
Total Inhabitants: 53
Capacity: 80; 40 in main manor, 40 in Guard Barracks.
Dendry Nistral, Northwood Smith

Manor Expenses
4 Sergeants at 15gp/m = 60gp/m
4 Corporals at 10gp/m = 40gp/m
23 guards (17 infantry, 6 archer) at 6gp/m = 138 gp/m
Cook/Housekeeper at 8gp/m
5 servants at 2gp/m = 10gp/m
1 Smith at extra cost 5gp/m
Total Salaries: 261gp/m= 3132gp/year.

Sigil of Jareth
Military - Northwood/Travys Manor - 1482 DR
8+15=23 heavy infantry, greatsword & scale armour.
4+4=8 bowmen, longbow & leather armour.
Total: 31

Equipment for Jareth's guard force - first 13 (1480)/second 19 (1481)
4/4 longbows, with arrows & quiver - 120gp/120gp
4/4 sets leather armour - 100gp/100gp
9/15 greatswords - 270gp/450gp
9/15 sets scale armour - 405gp/675gp
Total: -895gp/-1345gp: deduct from treasury.

At time of recruitment (first 13 M3 1480 DR) they are 'lackeys' (standard level 1/minion level 7); with Jareth & Lirael training them they go up 1 level/month to standard level 7 (13th level minion) 'crack troops' after 6 months; initial group M9 1480 DR. Further advancement would need significant combat experience.

The North Manor Guard, (levels for 1483)
24 23 Heavy Infantry - commanded by Jareth. 
Master Sergeant Boulder, lvl 13 standard, Goliath (from the Greypeak Mountains), male (fullblade) (RIP M1 1483)
Master Sergeant Crag (M3 1483 DR-), Goliath, brother of Boulder
Minion levels.
5 NCOs
lvl 16, infantry, human, male, Watch Sergeant Jakys Aylmer 
lvl 16, infantry, human male, Watch Sergeant Reynard Zell 
lvl 16, infantry, human, male, Corporal Faris Gladstone 
lvl 16, infantry, human, male, Corporal Alcindor Bartram

lvl 16, infantry, human, male, Corporal Kain Rowland
lvl 16, infantry, human, male, Watch Sergeant Marcus Dewarl (glaive, veteran, former Orlbar Royal Guard) - RIP 3/6/1481
17 Soldiers
lvl 14, infantry, human, male, Aran Lodwicke (twin) 
lvl 14, infantry, human, male, Mansel Symond
+15 level 14.
8 Bowmen/Rangers - commanded by Lirael, Jorah or Jareth
2 NCOs
lvl 16, bowman, half elf, male, Sergeant Kevril Baldric
lvl 16, bowman, half elf, female, Corporal Carcaryn Silverkin 

6 Soldiers
lvl 15, bowman, human, male, Orrick Arroway
lvl 15, bowman, human, female, Gylda Lodwicke (twin) 

+4 level 15.

Barracks building has a dorm for each of the three watches (red, blue and green); at any time one watch is on duty, one is sleeping / has free time and one is studying or training - they rotate once a week. Skeleton staff for feast days! Canteen is a tented area outside to avoid tasty food smells distracting those training in the great hall.


Master Sergeant, Goliath Guardian
Level 13+ Soldier
Medium natural humanoid
XP 800
HP 88; Bloodied 44
AC 29; Fortitude 26; Reflex 25; Will 25
Speed 6
Initiative +11
Perception +8

Warrior's Leap
A goliath guardian can jump without provoking opportunity attacks.
Standard Actions
m Fullblade (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: +20 vs. AC
Hit: 2d12 + 8 damage, and the target is marked until the end of the goliath guardian’s next turn. If the target is prone, it cannot stand up until the end of the guardian’s next turn.
M Ram's Charge (weapon) • Encounter
Attack: +18 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d6 + 5 damage, the target is pushed 2 squares and knocked prone, and the goliath guardian shifts 2 squares and makes a fullblade eattack against the target. Special: When charging, the guardian can use this power in place of a melee basic attack.
Move Actions
Stone's Endurance • Encounter
Effect: The goliath guardian gains resist 5 to all damage until the end of its next turn.
Skills Athletics +16, Insight +13, Nature +13
Str 21 (+11)
Dex 16 (+9)
Wis 15 (+8)
Con 18 (+10)
Int 12 (+7)
Cha 12 (+7)
Alignment unaligned     Languages Common, Giant
Equipment scale armor, fullblade

Northwood Manor Guard Sergeant  
Level 16 Minion Soldier
Medium natural humanoid (human) XP 350
HP 1; DT 18/9
AC 31; Fortitude 28; Reflex 29; Will 28
Speed 5
Initiative +12
Perception +15
Standard Actions
m Glaive (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Reach 2; +21 vs. AC
Hit: 13 damage.
M Powerful Strike (weapon) • Encounter
Attack: Reach 2; +21 vs. AC
Hit: 16 damage, and a small or medium  target is knocked prone.
R Crossbow (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Ranged 15/30; +20 vs. AC
Hit: 9 damage.
Skills Streetwise +14
Str 21 (+13) Dex 15 (+10) Wis 15 (+10)
Con 18 (+12) Int 12 (+9) Cha 13 (+9)
Alignment any     Languages Common
Equipment scale armor, glaive, crossbow, crossbow bolts (20)

Northwood Manor Swordsman Guard 
Level 14 Minion Soldier
Medium natural humanoid (human) XP 250
HP 1; DT 16/8
AC 29; Fortitude 26; Reflex 27; Will 26
Speed 5
Initiative +11
Perception +14
Standard Actions
m Greatsword (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: +20 vs. AC
Hit: 12 damage.
M Powerful Strike (weapon) • Encounter
Attack: Reach 1; +20 vs. AC
Hit: 15 damage, and a small or medium  target is knocked prone.
R Crossbow (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Ranged 15/30; +18 vs. AC
Hit: 8 damage.
Skills Streetwise +13
Str 20 (+12) Dex 14 (+9) Wis 14 (+9)
Con 17 (+10) Int 11 (+7) Cha 12 (+8)
Alignment any     Languages Common
Equipment scale armor, crossbow bolts (20)


Northwood Archer Sergeant/Corporal 
Level 16 Minion Artillery
Medium natural humanoid XP 350
HP 1; DT 18/9
AC 30; Fortitude 28; Reflex 29; Will 27
Speed 6 Initiative +13
Perception +16
Standard Actions
m Short Sword (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +21 vs. AC
Hit: 9 damage .
r Longbow (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Ranged 20/40 (one creature); +23 vs. AC
Hit: 12 damage.
R Rapid Shot (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Ranged 20/40 (two attacks); +21 vs. AC
Hit: 9 damage.
Skills Athletics +16, Nature +16
Str 17 (+11) Dex 20 (+13) Wis 16 (+11)
Con 15 (+10) Int 13 (+9) Cha 13 (+9)
Alignment good     Languages Common, Elven, Giant
Equipment leather armor, short sword, longbow, arrow x30

Northwood Archer
Level 15 Minion Artillery
Medium natural humanoid XP 250
HP 1; DT 17/8
AC 29; Fortitude 27; Reflex 28; Will 25
Speed 6 Initiative +11
Perception +14
Standard Actions
m Short Sword (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +20 vs. AC
Hit: 8 damage .
r Longbow (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Ranged 20/40 (one creature); +22 vs. AC
Hit: 12 damage.
R Rapid Shot (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Ranged 20/40 (two attacks); +20 vs. AC
Hit: 9 damage.
Skills Athletics +15, Nature +14
Str 16 (+10) Dex 19 (+11) Wis 15 (+9)
Con 14 (+9) Int 12 (+8) Cha 12 (+8)
Alignment good     Languages Common, Elven, Giant
Equipment leather armor, short sword, longbow, arrow x30

Northwood Manor Smithy
Smith: Dendry Nistral (1461-) from M6 181 DR. Dendry is the more talented of Megana Nistral's two brothers. He married the manor housekeeper/cook Milla Strong M9 1481 DR.
100gp to set up the smithy, gives 50% discount on suits of armour for soldiers. The reduced cost of maintaining 40 soldiers' armour & gear (by sending it to Loudwater for repair) equates to the cost of having one armour smith, so net cost ca 5gp/month. Dendry spends the time he's not needed for maintenance on forging scales, helms etc for extra suits of armour so they can be swiftly put together if you recruit more men. Also spear points and shields if you need to raise a levy, etc.

Staff (By Kimberly Pauley)
Lirael's Uncle Vetch (human) and his two sons Rhenn (half-elf) and Vail (half-elf) are handy. Vetch is also good with horses and oversees the repair & bringing up to date of the stables. He's a bit of a drunkard, though, Dunstan keeps an eye on him around Anwyn's ale. His wife Adina (Moon Elf) is a bit sickly and weak but very handy with herbs and potions and growing things; she'd be happy to keep the kitchen gardens (likely with the help of Anwyn's kids.
Lirael's younger brother Arvis (half-elf) is a young ranger, being trained by Jorah, Lirael and Pealias - he spends most of his time in the surrounding woods. He likes to camp and  supplements the food stores with wild game...he's particularly good at snaring rabbits.

Staff (1482 DR)
Cook: Milla Nistral (nee Strong) (previously Anwyn Pyro - now managing Green Tankard). 
Scullery Maid: Breton Pyro, Anywn's daughter.
Stable Master: Vetch and his two strapping (well, as strapping as half-elves can be) lads Vail and Rhenn) that are happy to do whatever task is at hand. 
Housekeeper: Bevra, a cousin of Lirael's, the daughter of Lirael's Aunt Syrah. Keeps the rest of the house (not the kitchen) in order.

Dependents (1480 DR)
Adina (who will help with the gardens/herbs, etc.); Anwyn's 6 other children: Bessye, Cullen, Abbella, Devra, Ethel, and Frist) where not at Green Regent. Arvis doesn't fancy being on official payroll, but is picking up ranger skills from Paelias and Lirael and some moves from Jareth as well.

Tavysburg (pop. 402)

Dame Aryn Blackthorn
The palisaded hamlet of Tavysburg is notable for the well-fortified Blackthorn manor; the Blackthorn family are traditionally the Reeves (tax collectors) and Stewards of Travys Manor. Dame Aryn Blackthorn-Covere, 1418-, thin, slightly birdlike) of Hartsfont is current Reeve, succeeding her deceased husband Sir Michael Blackthorn (1412-1463). Dame Aryn is the aunt of Sir Brandini Covere, the lord of Hartsfont, and first cousin to the Baroness Amara deTrevani. A sharp head and cool, Aryn is known to be ambitious for her children; she has long wished to see a Blackthorn as Warden of the North.
She has three sons - the second Sir Jorah (1444-) is a famous Ranger and the Steward of Travys Manor. A mighty warrior, he is said to fear only the sound of his mother's voice... Aryn Blackthorn's eldest is Sir Michael (1442-, big, bluff, bearded, wields flail), the Vice-Reeve and heir to the Blackthorn estate. Few argue when he comes for the taxes... The youngest is baby bother Sir Arren (1450-, lean, fair hair, handsome, wields greatsword). Michael and Arren were also Rangers in their younger days, but their woodland skills have now fallen into disuse. They are both married, to Jara & Mara, two of Sir Otto Falthis of Malt's daughters, now with young families - a son to Michael, a daughter to Arren. But they prefer to spend their time sparring, or drinking and carousing at the White Wolf. Sir Jorah is teetotal since the terrible night in M6 1479 DR when Travys Manor was sacked as he caroused with his brothers at the White Wolf.

The White Wolf Inn
Vera Strong, the Innkeep's wife

Bartolomew Strong the Innkeeper
Tavysburg has one Inn/Tavern, The White Wolf, run since 1478 DR by Bartolomew Strong (1438-) and his young wife Vera Strong (nee Thane) (1452-), younger sister of Algrim Thane of the Fisher's Friend in Loudwater.  Bartolomew is certainly strong, but not too bright,  quick-witted Vera is the brains of the outfit. The White Wolf serves as a popular local watering hole, and as a stopping point for travellers on the road from Secomber over the river to Loudwater, or to points east (DeTrevani-Erstlin-Orlbar). Bartolomew's older brother Tom Strong (1436-) is manager of the Reeve's bakery, where all the villagers must bake their bread; the Reeve collects the baking tax in flour or bread. Despite this, Tom Strong's eldest daughter Milla Strong (1460-) is a hardworking good-natured lass, and exceedingly popular, Unmarried, when not working she visits the tavern for a cup of ale, and was often found there on the lap of Sir Arren Blackthorn. She never let him go too far, but his wife was unlikely to approve... 
Fr. Clintus Moonwatcher
At end M7 1480 Milla Strong was hired by Lady Lirael as the new Northwood Manor cook/housekeeper. In 1481 DR she seems to have an eye for the newly matured Arvis, Lirael's baby brother... In M9 1481 the Northwood smith Dendry Nistral made an honest woman of Milla, probably to Lirael's relief. 
The local priest in Tavysburg is Father Clintus Moonwatcher (1424-). Regarded as affable but absent-minded, he primarily reveres Selune, but his shrine also holds small altars to Mielikki and Silvanus, the primary gods of the Vale. Fr. Clintus can perform Religious Rituals to 4th level. Fr. Clintus has a telescope, and spends many hours observing the night sky. In mid M6 1480 DR he spotted a new red star on the eastern horizon, just before dawn - the sign of the approaching Death Cyst incursion.

Neighbouring Domains
West: Kingdom of the Graywood Elves, King Cirallon Swancloak & Queen Avaranme
North: The Direwood Tigerclaw Uthgardt, Bitterstrike the white dragon, & Prince Konn, son of Scargash
East: Covere Manor (Sir Brandini), Barony of deTrevani (Lady Amara deTrevani)
South (beyond R. Grayflow): Brooke Manor (Sir Halvard), Jameson Manor (Sir Cottel), Loudwater Town/Moonfire Manor (Lady Eclara Moonfire)

West of Tavysburg there's a lot of fallow land along the north bank of the river where new manors have now (1482) been founded within the Wardship of the North. The area had been abandoned decades ago due to Drow raiders from the Endless Caverns carrying off slaves.

Anaveth, Silverstar of Selune
Level 12 Controller (Leader)
Medium natural humanoid
XP 700
HP 82; Bloodied 41
AC 26; Fortitude 23; Reflex 24; Will 25
Speed 6
Initiative +9
Perception +7

Standard Actions
m Staff (weapon, radiant) • At-Will
Attack: +17 vs. AC
Hit: 2d6 + 8 radiant damage.
r Lance of Stars (implement, radiant) • At-Will
Attack: Ranged 15; +16 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d8 + 8 radiant damage.
M Moon Strike (weapon, radiant) • At-Will
Attack: +17 vs. AC
Hit: 3d6 + 8 radiant damage, and a Small or Medium target is pushed 2 squares and knocked prone.
C Oath of Selune (implement, psychic, radiant) • Daily
Attack: Close Burst 5 targets enemies; +16 vs. Will
Hit: 4d8 + 8 psychic and radiant damage.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: Three Allies in the Burst may spend a healing surge and regain Surge Value +1d6 hit points.
Skills Religion +15, Arcana +15, Heal +17, History +15
Str 11 (+6)
Dex 16 (+9)
Wis 22 (+12)
Con 15 (+8)
Int 19 (+10)
Cha 19 (+10)
Alignment good     Languages Common, Goblin, Elven
Equipment holy symbol of Selune, lvl 16 masterwork cloth armour, radiant staff of Selune
In 1482 DR the half-elf Silverstar Anaveth was sent by Selune's High Priestess Amathea of Waterdeep to serve and advise the Eladrin hero Pealias of Loudwater. Anaveth is still young and perhaps a little unsure of her mission, but already wields considerable divine power.
Cerdic Ironforge
Level 15 Brute
Medium natural humanoid (dwarf)
XP 1,200
HP 118; Bloodied 59
AC 27; Fortitude 30; Reflex 26; Will 27
Speed 5
Initiative +9
Perception +10
Low-Light Vision
Stand Your Ground
When an effect forces a dwarf to move—through a push, a pull, or a slide—the dwarf moves 1 square less than the effect specifies. When an attack would knock the dwarf prone, the dwarf can roll a saving throw to avoid falling prone.
Standard Actions
m Thundering Hammer (thunder, weapon) • At-Will
Attack: +20 vs. AC
Hit: 4d8 + 10 thunder damage, and a small medium or large target is pushed 2 squares.
Minor Actions
Faster Than He Looks • Encounter
Effect: Cerdic shifts 2 squares.
Triggered Actions
Cerdic's Wrath • Encounter
Trigger: An ally is hit by an adjacent enemy.
Effect (Immediate Reaction): Cerdic makes a thundering hammer attack against that enemy.
Skills Insight +15, Dungeoneering +15, History +15, Intimidate +14
Str 18 (+11)
Dex 14 (+9)
Wis 17 (+10)
Con 22 (+13)
Int 16 (+10)
Cha 15 (+9)
Alignment lawful good     Languages Common, Dwarven, Giant
Equipment lvl 16 masterwork chainmail, dagger, hammer
A cousin of Dunstan Ironforge from distant Cormyr, in 1482 DR this doughty warrior-smith led a band of Ironforge dwarves west to join Dunstan in working to restore the fallen Kingdom of Ammarindar.

Dominion Confidence Level

Status M6 1484
Initial (M6 1483): 414
Schools instituted across the Northwood: +5
Stipend paid for each child born: +5, +1% to population growth.
Total: 424
Status: Thriving (8+1=)+9%.

Post M6 1483 DR: Lirael is building schools in the Northwood villages, and seeking to attract teachers for them. She is also paying a 5gp award to each child born in the Northwood.

Status at M6 1483 DR
Initial (M6 1482): 400
Queen of Cold Defeated: +5
Lirael is the Legendary Sovereign (Leadership 23): +9
Total: 414
Status: Thriving +8%

Status at M10 1482 DR
Initial (M6 1481): 385
New Manors founded: +10
Lirael named Baron: +5
Total: 400
Status: Thriving +8%

Status at M6 1481 DR
Initial Dominion Confidence Level 329
+3 Ruler Level Gain
+2 Steward Level Gain
+5 Peace with Tigerclaw
+10 Manor Guards force increased
+10 Death Cyst threat defeated, Lirael & co acclaimed Heroes of the Gray Vale
+10 Green Regent effect
+5 Lady Lirael Widdershins to marry Sir Jorah Blackthorn
+5 Lirael wedding cash disbursement 3sp/person
+5 Lirael weds Jorah 21/6/81
Total: 385
Status: Prosperous. Growth +6%

Status at M6 1480 DR
Initial Dominion Confidence Level 242
+14 Lirael's ruler level
+6 Jorah Blackthorn is Steward
+20 Spring tax redistribution
+10 popular local ruler, Lirael
+10 good weather from Mielikki
+10 Jareth's guards force trained
+2 Troll raiders defeated with light losses
-5 fear of Tigerclaw Uthgardt to north
+10 good lambing season (Green Regent effect) & high crop growth
+10 Travys Manor repaired
Total: 329
Status: Healthy. Growth +4%

Dominion Confidence Levels & Annual Growth
450+: Ideal +10%
400-449: Thriving +8%
350-399: Prosperous +6%
300-349: Healthy +4%
270-299: Steady +2%
230-269: Average +0%
200-229: Unsteady +0%
150-199: Defiant -2%
100-149: Rebellious -4%
50-99: Belligerent -6%
0-49: Turbulent -8%

Economy & Taxation
Economically active persons are 40% of total population. Each economically active person produces on average 50gp worth/year GDP, or 100gp/1000sp per household of 5 (2 active, 3 inactive).  This breaks down into 5gp/month per person labouring, with average 10 months of labour each year, and 2 months inactive.
Therefore total annual GDP averages 20gp/person
Up to 1/3 of GDP is taken in taxes:
10% coin - 2gp per person
10% non-coin levies - milled flour, textiles etc
13% in labour - 40 days service per active person

Coin Taxes average 2gp/person
20% to High Lord (0.4gp)
20% to Reeve (0.4gp)
60% to Warden (1.2gp)
Most of the Coin Tax is levied following the harvest, with levy completed by the start of the following year (M1).

The future?
Sufficiently long-term the Wardship of the North could be a prosperous farming Barony of ca 140 square miles settled land (without significant logging), probably at a max population density of around 80 people per square mile in the fertile upland valley, or ca 11,200 people. That could support a standing military of probably over 150, depending on composition etc - elite troops and cavalry are more expensive.

Cohort NPCs
Players can level up their Companion character PCs each time the PC levels up, using the electronic copies of the NPCs on the web page. Cerdic gets +6 hp/level. Jorah & Boulder +5 hp/level, Anaveth +4 hp/level. Everyone gets +1 to attacks & defences each level. Everyone gets +1 to damage every even-numbered level, Cerdic gets another +1 at levels divisible by 4. At 21st level they add another damage die to damage and gain an additional Encounter Power.
Initiative, Attribute Checks, and Skill Checks are calculated normally, +1 every even numbered level.
PC Level Jorah/Cerdic Level - Anaveth/Boulder Crag Level
21                       18 - 15
22                       19 - 16
23                       20 - 17
24                       21 - 18
25                       22 - 19
26                       23 - 20
27                       24 - 21
28                       25 - 22
29                       26 - 23
30                       27 - 24