Tuesday 31 July 2012

Session 22: Fall of Stonefang (27/9/79-22/10/79) Reach Level 8

27/9/79: As Stonefang crawls from the Pit of Doom he is assailed by binding rituals and the attacks of dwarves, Esme, Arya, Karvol and Shawna, and is soon defeated.
28/9/79: The party rest overnight, then head south with the dwarves to Citadel Yaunaraoth, Shawna mind-talking with the watching dragon Ice Fang, then through its tunnels and across Bleached Bones Pass to one of the High Delves of Clan Glintshield. 

Month 10: Leaf-fall

There is a fortnight of feasting and celebration (29/9/79-12/10/79), the dwarves present the party with gifts. Esme receives a letter from Boris - the Zhentarim adept Vale has escaped. Then the dwarves escort them back north through the tunnel to Timbervale (14/10/79). Esme discusses plots against King Boris with the young knight Sir Galtos, Lord Sevrym's son. There are rumours that in the Fallen Lands east over the Graypeaks, the Sceptre Tower of Spellgard has fallen to the forces of Netheril. A brave knight (Sir Calard) fought long to defend the Monastery of the Precipice, but was at last overcome.
Then the party return to Llorkh (15/10/79) and the welcome of King Boris, who seems much taken with Esme. Arya meets with Boris' eccentric and ancient greybeard magist, Oralis Vlakos, and inspects the wards he has placed on the Zhent Portal beneath the ruined Temple of Bane. Oralis instructs Arya in the rituals of Transmutation, in particular how to turn mere Water into purest Beer! Meanwhile Esme talks with and charms Boris' daughter Kitana, a capable warrior in her own right, and a fanatical Banite who sees in Esme fulfilment of a prophecy long foretold.
16/10/79-19/10/79: As the days pass, Shawna Carter feels the pull of her Deva heritage - it is time for her to return to the Crystal Spires and be reborn in some future time and place. She bids a moving farewell to her comrades in arms and heads west, into the Sunset.
23/10/79: Ardan arrives in Llorkh

XP 12,384+1,500= 13,884

PCs reach 8th level (13,000).
XP for 9th level: 16,500.

Monday 16 July 2012

Session 21 27/9/79

Session 21 XP
Orc Prison Guards (Rampager, 3 Archers, 3 Reavers): 1714
Orc Dragon Chief Hyzkzag & 2 Orc Wolf Shamans: 1454
Persuading Ice Fang the Dragon not to Eat You: 1000
Total: 4168/5 = 834 XP each.

Party XP tally: 10,000+650+500+400+834= 12384.
Need 13,000 for 8th level.

S22: Defeat of Stonefang
XP 12384+1500= 13884