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The Faerun 7

 Faerun Seven Players Blog (by Kimberly Pauley)

The Faerun 7 

1. Eamon of the Yellow Rose (Bill) male Human Monk-8 (Kensai) 
2. Greeba of Soravia (Jelena) female Half-Orc Barbarian-8 (Berserker) 
3. Gorlock the Warlock (Tony) male Half-Elf Warlock-8 (Celestial)
4. Nathia Truthfist (Kimberly) female Goliath Fighter-8 (Champion) 
5. Wisteria of Skullspire (Jelly) female Moon Elf Cleric-7 (Grave) 
6. Joell Elderberry (Max) male Aasimar Companion of the Noble Heart  Paladin-7 (Oath of Conquest) 
7. Blurb Birchbark (Phil) male Firbolg Shepherd Druid-7 (Circle of the Shepherd)

NPCs: Arnor (Shadowfey Guardian).

1359 DR
Original 'Faerun Seven' (Eamon , Greeba, Gorlock & co) formed at Cumin Inn, 3/8/1359 DR.
T3/M12: Defeat at Feycircle Carrion Shrine of Qorgeth. Errol Deepcut and Princess Nevamira lost, slain by the Malakbel Demon.
1360 DR
21/2: Heroes face the Sons of the Dragon at Rough Run. Their soldiers are killed, but the Walaki twins chase off the heroes; Trystan is killed by the tower defences.
2/3: Nathia completes training with Arnor.
4/3: Group uncovers slaver ring at Sanguine Inn; the Sorokins flee. Eamon claims the Inn.
19/3: Marriage of Sirondar & Elia at Ironwolf Manor.
22/3: Ankheg killed in Earthwood, harvested for chitin.
2/4: To Abbey of the Crimson Monks; meet & fight the Monks; tentative alliance.
3/4-13/5: Downtime.
14/5: Cumin Manor - cleanse Arkin's workshop.
15/5-26/5: downtime
27/5: Kill green dragon in Skullen Wood.
T1/M6: Mac adventures in the Barrowmaze. Nathia receives order for Boots of the Winterlands and starts work. long rest to 11/6
12/6Renewed tapping and scraping at Arnor's door. Party discover a Derro infestation, follow trail south and wipe them out in the Bastion of the Deranged. Long rest.
20/6Explore caves west of derro lair, meet myconids & spider. Quaggoth & controlled spiders attack but are defeated, survivors are recruited to tend fungus garden in derro caves.
31/6Midsummer's Night, and the Walls Between Worlds are thin... at nightfall Arnor leads Nathia and their friends to the ancient Nar stones atop Skul Peak, and through the Shadow Roads to the Tower of the Lunar Knight. Completing many tests, they reach his court, are feted and given passage on to the court of Queen Sarastra, where she hosts them graciously and allows them to take Arnor home. Gorlock entices the Sunlit & Snow ambassadors to his Palace.
1/7-15/10: Resting and training. Eamon meets with Temminische, he and Wisteria join the court of Baron Donlevy of Polten. He falls hard for Wisteria and takes Myrkul as his patron deity. Master Eamon meets with Myrddin Viligoth, convinces Donlevy to end the naval conflict with Ostel, and is invited to Praka by Sylvia and the Crimson Order. Nathia goes to Norrin's wedding at D'Ashe Manor.
20/10: At Ironwolf Manor, Elia Banacath-Chatzoudis gives birth to a boy by her husband Sir Sirondar, to be named Thibault after Sirondar's best friend, founder of Ironwolf Manor.
20/11 to Firbolg Town. 21/11 to Sancte Tor, meet Aribeth. 22/11 into Moonglen - meet gnomes, to Grimspire Tor - Phase Spiders & their 3 Leng Spider controllers defeated (1 phase spider survives to rebuild colony), 7 gnomes rescued alive. Party with happy gnomes to 26/11. (27/11, 10/12: Mac in Barrowmaze). Nathia self-trains ca 27/11-16/12.
1361 DR
14/2/61 (14/8/22 IRL) Afrafa of the Yellow Rose asks the Faerun 7 to investigate the Monastery of the Crimson Monks. Investigation discovers many old crypts, a mysterious Crypt Thing archivist, and eventually a wormheart suffragan leading two corrupt priestesses, one a former Sister of St Cecilia. They are dealt with along with their hobgoblin & skeleton minions.
24/2/61 (24/8/22 IRL): Arnor is commanded by his monarch to deal with a possible return of the Dusk Queen of Darkwood. The Faerun 7 and the dwarf hero Gruffyd travel into the Darkwood and the Fey realm of the Dusk Queen.
1/4/61 (1/10/2022 IRL) First Barrowmaze expedition - several barrows looted, undead and constructs destroyed.
Barrowmaze Adventures 1361 DR here.
1362 DR
28/4/62 (28/4/2023 IRL) The Fear of Leefield - the Faerun 7 investigate destruction of a farm near Leefield, battling Ravenfolk, then Drow. Arnor is killed by a Drow Priestess, but brought back when Wisteria arrives. Arnor & Nathia decide to wed. 
26/5/62 Hearing rumours of Orc invasion, Prior Mordrin invites the Faerun Seven to stand watch over Moravin Priory. They feast with old friends the Moravin Friars, and in the fire's light they seem to see their fallen companions from battles of old, smiling as they wave goodbye.

Adventuring NPCs

Arnor (Nathia's Boyfriend)Shadow Fey Guardian AC 19 (plate, cloak) HP 110 P-PER 14/19
Tiffany (Gorlock's Familiar), Angelic Sprite AC 15 HP 2 (re-forms on SR) P-PER 13

NPCs At Ironwolf Castle/Fort Skulnar
Sir Sirondar Altur Banacath, Lord of Ft Skulnar Human male Fighter-4 (Cavalier) XP 2700 (max) AC 21 HP 40 P-PER 13 P-INV 9 P-INS 11. 
Elia Altur Banacath (nee Chatzoudis) Lady of Ft Skulnar Human female Shadow Sorcerer-4 XP 2700 (max) AC 11 HP 26 P-PER 12 P-INV 12 P-INS 12. 

Sirondar Altur Banacath

Elia Banacath-Chatzoudis
Sirondar Altur Banacath

From Morovar. A first cousin to Dimian Ree Banacath (he is the son of Dimian's aunt Elphina), the Prince-Baron of Morov & King of Damara, who despises Sirondar's adherence to Law & Righteousness. More distantly related to Tarkos Ree, the Guildmaster of Thieves. The third son of Lady Elphina Ree Banacath by Sir Corum Altur, a fat and jovial old knight, Sirondar is determined to prove there is still honour in the Banacath name. He fought alongside Thibault of Brandiar during the Vaasan War. Hearing that Thibault had established an adventuring party at the Cumin Inn and was beginning to make a name for himself in the region, Sirondar decided to seek out his old battle comrade with a view to joining up. Following Thibault's death, Sirondar swore to rebuild Fort Skulnar in his memory.

Engaged to Elia M12 1359 DR, married M3 1360 DR. Their son Thibault Altur Banacath born 20/10/1360

Elia claims to be a Shadow Sorcerer from Long Island, a world overrun by a zombie plague. Apparently Death talks to her. And wants her to protect Wisteria.

Engaged to Sirondar M12 1359 DR. Married M3 1360 DR. Pregnant ca M1 1360 DR. Baby Thibault born 20/10/1360.

Gorlock: "So Elia, where do you get your adventuring gear...?"

Elia :"Got this in a little place on Long Island, Gorlock. Right before the zombies burst in the store..."

Thibault Altur Banacath, infant son of Sirondar & Elia (20/10/1360 DR-)
Lyssa Brown Half-Elf female Druid (MM NPC) AC 11 HP 27 P-PER 14. 
Shaggy (Wolf) AC 13 HP 11 P-PER 13/18 for Hearing or Smell. 
Frank (Thug) AC 16 HP 32 P-PER 10. Sergeant of the Guard
Cindy Casket of Ravensburg Human female Commoner, apprentice smith to Greeba 
Avis & Barcan, ex-slavers, followers of Eamon. Human Scouts AC 13 HP 16

Thibault's former servants (Human Commoner AC 10 HP 4 P-PER 10) - now serve Sir Sirondar
1. Estie Longossip: Charming, connected, agony aunt to the people in the know. "From the castle to the gutter, no rumour escapes her".
2. Will the Quill: Scribe, Chronicler, messenger, fluent in too many languages to count (actually it's four).
3. Dove Tailjoint: She has golden hands. She can craft any object as long as it's made of wood.

Gorlock Retainer NPCs at Gorlock's Palace, Sanguine (owned by Eamon of the Yellow Rose)
Alice Liddle of LIU Human female Fighter-4 (Champion)
Madison Grant of LIU Human female Cleric-4 (Life)

Alice of LIU '88

Madison of LIU '88
NPC Adventurer Group
Braltak Human male Barbarian 4 AC 18 HP 41 P-PER 13 - occasional lover of Greeba
Andrea Human female Fighter 4 AC 17 HP 36 P-PER 13
Timo Human male Rogue 4 AC 15 HP 31 P-PER 15

'Gorlocks Palace' Uniforms


Time: Normally 1:1 time. AD 2023 = 1362 DR. M4 April = M4 Stormsend, etc.

Damaran-Impilturan Calendar
Each month is 30 days, made up of three Tendays, with 5 festival days between the months (listed as Day 31).
Month Common Name
 1 (January) Deepwinter
 2 (February) Latewinter or Claw of Winter. Last month of Winter.
 3 (March) Sunrise. First month of Spring.
Annual holiday: Spring Equinox 31/3 Greengrass. Sunrise 6am/Sunset 6pm
 4 (April) Stormsend
 5 (May) Melting. The mountain passes typically become navigable in this month.
(21/5-30/5 Spring Fair at D'Ashe Manor, Barony of Norrin)
 6 (June) Flowers. First month of Summer.
Annual holiday: 31/6 Midsummer. Sunrise 4am/Sunset 8pm (Midsummer Ball in Ravensburg, Carmathan)
 7 (July) Flamerule. Usually the hottest month of the year.
 8 (August) Highsun
 9 (September) Fading. The beginning of Autumn.
Annual holiday: 31/9 Autumn Equinox Highharvestide. Sunrise 6am/Sunset 6pm
10 (October) Leaffall
11 (November) Rotting
Annual holiday: 31/11 The Feast of the Moon. Sunrise 7.20am/Sunset 4.40pm
12 (December) Nightfall. The beginning of Winter.
Annual holiday: 31/12 Midwinter. Sunrise 8am/Sunset 4pm

Rules Stuff

Typical Noncombat XP Awards by Achievement
Tier Minor/Major Award (per PC)

1 100/200 eg 800gp-4,000gp hoard
2 200/400 eg 4,000gp-20,000gp hoard
3 500/1000 eg 25,000gp-100,000gp hoard
4 1000/2000  eg 100,000gp-500,000gp hoard

Starting PCs

Start/Minimum PC level is normally half the highest PC level, rounded up 1-10 and down 11-20. Starting gold is 10% of starting XP. The maximum start PC level is 10 (where the highest PC level is 20).

Currently PCs start at 5th level, with 6500 XP and an extra 650gp. 

New PCs (only) may purchase the following items with starting cash: Any PHB gear. Any Common item from the Common Items list here, price as listed. Potion of Greater Healing (250gp), Oil of Slipperiness (250gp), Philter of Love (250gp), Potion of Animal Friendship (250gp), Potion of Hill Giant Strength (250gp), Potion of Growth (250gp), Potion of Poison (250gp), Potion of Resistance (250gp), Potion of Water Breathing (250gp), Spell Scroll: Level 1 Spell 50gp, Level 2 Spell 500gp, Level 3 Spell 1000gp. Add any component cost to spell cost, eg Scroll of Revivify 1300gp. Weapon +1 (any) 800gp. Arrow or Bolt +1 200gp. Shield +1 800gp. Cloak of Protection 1000gp. Cloak of Elvenkind 1000gp.

Training to Level
This takes 1 work week without a mentor, 2 weeks with a mentor, and can take place during a Long Rest.
Level to be Attained: Cost
2-4:  20gp
5-10: 40gp
11-16: 60gp
17-20: 80gp

Making Magic Items - eg level 1 Scroll 25gp & 1 day, level 2 scroll 250gp & 3 days
Crafting Magic Weapons - eg +1 warhammer 200gp 
Crafting Magic Armour - a +1 shield costs 400gp 
Downtime  (DMG) inc running a business, building, training to level
Downtime revisited (XGTE) inc crafting, carousing, crime, gambling, training tool profs
Downtime - Sacred Rites: (house rule): This grants 1 indefinite Inspiration, once per Downtime.

Notes on Running a Business
Acquiring a typical business costs 5,000gp. Standard daily Maintenance Cost is 2gp. Spending all Work Weeks on running the business is enough for the +30 bonus on the d% roll each month, allowing some time for adventuring etc. Comfortable lifestyle expenses are included.

Running a Business

d100 + DaysResult
01–20You must pay one and a half times the business’s maintenance cost for each of the days.
21–30You must pay the business’s full maintenance cost for each of the days.
31–40You must pay half the business’s maintenance cost for each of the days. Profits cover the other half.
41–60The business covers its own maintenance cost for each of the days.
61–80The business covers its own maintenance cost for each of the days. It earns a profit of 1d6 × 5 gp.
81–90The business covers its own maintenance cost for each of the days. It earns a profit of 2d8 × 5 gp.
91 or higherThe business covers its own maintenance cost for each of the days. It earns a profit of 3d10 × 5 gp.

Mundane Crafting Rates
PB+2: 10gp per work day, 50gp per week
PB+3: ", 50gp per work day for item worth 100gp+, 250gp per week
PB+4: " ", 100gp per work day for item worth 200gp+, 500gp per week
PB+5: " " ", 200gp per work day for item worth 400gp+, 1000gp per week
PB+6: " " " ", 500gp per work day for item worth 1000gp+, 2500gp per week

Saturday 18 March 2023

Exacalus School of Conjuration and Wizardry, Valls

 8/11/60, Valls: Strohm notices that the blue sapphire of Celia's mage staff glows with elemental energy - an Elemental Gem?

Okonios Exacalus
Valls, 18/9/61. For once things seem quiet at the Exacalus School of Conjuration and Wizardry. A skimpily clad maidservant escorts Kevan to the wood-panelled office of Master Exacalus. The greybeard wizard nods affably. "Welcome! Please sit. How may I assist?"

Miss Celia Faversham


Miss Grunhilda

Kevan follows her finger and registers each of the students to his mind. “Fortunately, I have recently completed a course in sheep husbandry, so black sheep should be no problem.” He winks and gives a reassuring grin.
“Is it just that she doesn’t apply herself, or does she not have the desired aptitude to the wizardly ways?”
Miss Faversham nods. "A very good question! I'm quite sure she has the aptitude - Master Exacalus tests each applicant quite thoroughly. But she just won't apply herself! 'Too cool for school', I think the expression is?" She grins.
"Her family is quite wealthy. They wanted her to do this - paid all her fees up front. Most of our students are eager to prove themselves - but not her."
Kevan: “Oh really?” Kevan’s curiosity piques. “So a spoiled rich girl who’s here because her parents told her to? Really leaning into the stereotype.” He stifles a snigger. “Would I have heard of this family?”
Celia: "The Caravagios?  I don't know. They have extensive mine holdings in western Arcata, and a stake in the Silver Standard. Sort of Valls' answer to the Mercellins, perhaps." She smiles. From what Kevan has seen, Valls seems to have a bit of an inferiority complex concerning Ravensburg, her larger city rival.

Stacy Caravagio 1361 DR

Stacy Caravagio 1362 DR

Mary, Exacalus Student

Grigor, Exacalus Student

Johannes, Exacalus Graduate

Evey, Maid

Keri, Maid

Linda, Chief Maid

female student

male student

Monday 14 March 2022

Courana Family

 Courana Farm

"Well you'd have to ask them. I believe the Courana sisters have several brothers and cousins. I'm sure with the right offer, they'd be happy to help. Oh, and Courana Farm is mostly sheep, but the dell there is one of the few places in these parts sheltered enough to make growing wheat worthwhile, so they'll have the expertise you need." - Barbara D'Ashe to Goltho Bearchaser, 1360 DR

ca M10 1360 DR
A younger man with a half-elven look comes over. "Hail there!" Debek: "This is Gathil, one of my boys. He's a fine thresher." Debek: "Oh, and before you say it - his mother was a half-elf, bless her soul."
Tirie takes the flower, beaming. "Wow! Magic flower!" She looks up. "I want to be a Druid when I grow up - just like you!"
Bearchaser: "Oh, I'm afraid I am not a druid. That is about the extent of my magics, unfortunately. As for faith, that is a difficult question."
Debek's smile fades a little. "Ah. We're followers of the Old Faith here. Always have been, since my ancestors came up from the south, hundreds of years ago."
Gathil: "I reckon I'll go check in on Beverly and Geradile while we're up there - though I heard they moved to an Elf tower?"
Debek to Goltho: "You know my nieces?"
Korin: Say, let me introduce my wife, Maddis..." He calls over a dark-haired young woman, who nods in greeting. "She's from down Malthlyn way... terrible trouble down there - her family had to flee north, which is how I met her. I heard Ranger Queale sorted it, though."

1/9/1361 DR
On a patrol visit to Courana Farm south of D'Ashe Manor, Meryem finds young Tirie Courana holding an injured puppy. "Look what I found, Miss Meryem!"   
Meryem: "Oh poor thing. It has been hurt. Where did you find it Tirie?"
Tirie: "In the woods! I was following one of the sheep, Mavis - she's not very bright... The poor thing seems injured. Can you help, Miss Meryem?" Tirie gives Meryem a trusting look.
Meryem: "Here give it to me. He is a war dog breed. Someone has abandoned him. I will take him home and nurse him back. You are welcome to visit anytime to see how he is doing."
Tirie nods, and hands the puppy up to Meryem. "I gotta get back to the sheep! Grand'da will be cross if Mavis falls down a hole again!" She nods happily to Meryem and turns to run off.

Debek, Courana Patriarch, Rgr 4 (Hunter)
The D'Ashe region is mostly sheep farming, but there is some barley farming, plus turnips and other root vegetables, mostly for diet variety. 
Nestled in the sheltered woods four miles or so south of D'Ashe Manor, four miles from Dwarfstead, lie a small collection of farms surrounded by a rough palisade - the beginnings of a hamlet. Younger women and girls tend flocks of sheep, while sturdy men and boys bring in the last of the harvest.  Most of the people here are Couranas by birth or marriage, with the distinctive red hair of the family.  

M10 1360 DR (end): Draft Horse strawberry roan mare from Meryem 'Strawberry'. 
M5 1361 DR: Beverly Courana has a child by Prince Strohm (RIP). She calls him Strohm after his father.
1/9/1361 DR: Tirie Courana finds and gives Meryem a wounded puppy - 'Chaos'.
T1/M9 1361 DR: Patricia Pullen recruits Geradile & Lesley Courana for the new Gnomestead Festhall. 
M5 1362 DR: Harker Courana completes training as a full Priest (sc 3) of Lathander-Shamash under Aya. Gathil Courana completes training as a Horizon Walker Ranger under Queale of Dragonperch. He clearly has a crush on her.

Korin Courana, nephew of Debek, Rgr 2
Maddis Courana, wife of Korin. Drd sc 2 (Shepherd)

Gathil Courana, Rgr 3 Horizon Walker
Henrietta, Mother of Tirie

Tirie Courana, daughter of Henrietta & Anson, grand daughter of Debek. Drd sc 1

Harker, priest (sc-3) of Lathander (1362 DR) is the 3rd child of Debek Courana the family patriarch, uncle of young Tirie Courana, & the older brother of Lesley Courana of the Gnomestead Festhall. After spending time with Father Rondus of D'Ashe he decided to take holy orders and train as a priest of the Morninglord/Shamash.His father & his older brother Gathil are both Rangers, so it's not too huge a step to becoming a Lathander/Shamash priest. However his father Debek is a strict adherent of the Druidic Old Faith and it's thought disapproves of this departure from family tradition.
Courana farm, evening: Old Debek Courana shakes his head ruefully. "To think that a son of mine would turn Lathandish himself and reject the Auld Cause, that gave us our Freedom, Religion & Laws!"

Harker Courana, Lathander/Shamash, Priest sc3

Courana Festhall Girls

Beverly Courana of Solanna Bael, herbalist
Geradile Courana, ex of Solanna Bael, ex shepherdess, Gnomestead Festhall

Lesley Courana, daughter of Debek, Gnomestead Festhall