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4e Tabletop D&D 1507 DR - Silverymoon & Chaos Scar

 The year is 1507 DR – the Year of the Glowing Onyx

The Realms has always been a place where good has fought evil and the forces of civilisation have fought the forces of chaos.  Over centuries, despite setbacks, the forces of good and civilisation have spread throughout the continent, but it has always been a struggle.

In 1385 DR the Spellplague swept the Realms along with many other worlds and dimensions.  Arcane magic became unreliable and spells frequently went awry.  Previously unseen races appeared in the Realms as realities collided.  The gates to the Feywild and the Shadowfell reopened after millennia allowing Eladrin and Shadar-Kai access to the Realms.  Other races appeared such as the Dragonborn and Goliaths as part of a diaspora after their homelands were obliterated. Shades, Vryloka, Deva and others who had once been human appeared as the Spellplague changed them into new races.

In 1451 DR Mount Hotenow near Neverwinter erupted when adventurers exploring caves below the mountain accidentally awakened Maegera, an ancient primordial (whom some say was a rival of Imix).  The power released by Maegera’s escape triggered the eruption of the long extinct Supervolcano, destroying the immediate region and throwing ash and poisonous gas into the atmosphere.

In the years that followed famine and disease decimated populations.  Religious cults sprung up wherever a cleric was able to call upon divine power to create food and clean water.  Desperate humans retreated underground to become morlocks, learning how to forage and hunt for food in cave systems that had been less affected by the volcano.

Humanoid hordes that had descended to cannibalism started to raid once-safe towns and farms.  Within a generation the human and demi-human population had dropped by more than half.  Eventually the climate started to stabilise and agriculture began to recover, aided by the nutrient rich volcanic ash...

North-west Faerun, post Spellplague.

Rules Notes: PCs use a single Party XP tally. PCs gain Inherent Bonuses (+1 attack/damage at 2nd level & +2 at 7th level, +1 defences at 4th level & +2 at 9th level).

House Rules
Power - Moment of Glory (Cleric Daily 1): Add: Effect - Enemies in Blast take 5 Radiant Damage. Remove: Sustain Minor.
Screaming Minions: Some Minions who take any damage may only be injured and Incapacitated. These Minions are only killed immediately if total damage taken equals or exceeds a set total based on their Size:
Tiny - 2 hp Small - 5 hp Medium - 10 hp Large - 20 hp Huge - 40 hp Gargantuan - 80 hp
Incapacitated Minions are either unconscious/disabled, or crawling away while gibbering in pain (DM's option). Minions have 1 healing surge per Tier, as with other monsters. Incapacitated Minions who receive any healing may return to the fight as normal. Incapacitated Minions who take additional damage are killed.

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Current Schedule - Simon DMing Wednesdays at Simon's house: 
Judith GMs levels 1-2
(1) Rats in the Wall & The Vampire Catacombs level 3-4, 6 sessions, 3pm-8.30pm 2021 11/8, 16/8, 18/8, 25/8, 8/9 (12.30pm-5pm), 15/9.
Judith GMs levels 5-6
(2) Spellguard Tower of Silverymoon level ca 6-8, ca 3 sessions, M11 2021-M1 2022 4pm-8pm Wednesdays 
Judith GMs levels 8-11
(3) King of the Trollhaunt Warrens level ca 11-14, ca 12 sessions, 3pm-8pm Wednesdays, provisionally in 2022

Two days west of the ruins of shattered Silverymoon, where the gentle wooded glades of the Rauvin River Valley rise to the wild Evermoors, lies Keep Restormel, ruled by noble Lord Drysdale, and twelve miles west the King's Wall and the dark Earth-Wound of the Chaos Scar.
The initial season is early-mid springtime, the snows of winter still recently melted.

Current PC Level: 7  XP: 11,908/13,000 

The Main PCs:
Ux (Bill) - Dragonborn male Sorcerer, his powerful magics smashed the Wererat defenders at North Tower.


Not Present
Sirondar (Simon) Human male Fighter
Qetesh Vihear (Judith) - Human female Wizard
Gamal (Simon) - Deva male Invoker, holder of the Evil Shard of Evil.
Bark (Matt), Longtooth Shifter male Avenger of Selune, was seeking the vampire who Turned the maidens Lucy & Mina of Oakentree, a Silverwood forest hamlet.



King's Wall South Terminus.
Retired PCs
Ravka-Shi, Human female Fighter, renegade Pit Fighter slave of the Tree Ghost Uthgardt. Returned home with the aid of Turlang the Treant.
Monty - Tiefling male Bard, ambushed by wererats on the road to Restormel.
Karlinn Normansdottir - Dwarf female Fighter
Alithanzar - Void Genasi male Berserker 


Artist's depiction of Silverymoon ca 1367 DR

High Lady Alustriel, Last Queen of Silverymoon

Silverymoon, 1507 DR

The Moonbridge

Once a solid, though invisible by day, magical edifice of Silverymoon's Mythal. It appears after dark on moonlit nights, though now only as a moonlight illusion of what it was... except when the barriers between the worlds are at their lowest - a fluctuation caused by the Spellplague - when it occasionally approaches solidity. Though whether it actually becomes strong enough to walk on... The current inhabitants of Silverymoon now use a chain ferry as a replacement crossing for trade, and if necessary for escape from rampaging humanoid hordes.

Moonstair District

In this era the part of Silverymoon south of the river is known as Moonstair, named for its gate to the Feywild that since the Spellplague has opened on moonlit nights, to a spot a few days journey from the Eladrin citadel of Celduilon. Moonstair's current population is believed to be a little over two thousand souls.


Moonstair NPCs 1507 DR

Kelana Dhoram
Mayor Kelana Dhoram, attractive & competent female Half-Elf Noble  (Controller-5, MM2 pg 148): the civic leader of Moonstair. Generally respected for her rebuilding efforts. Kelana rules Moonstair from the well fortified Moonstair Town Hall, the old West Garrison Silverymoon Barracks. Some think she plans to turn Moonstair into a hereditary fiefdom under the Dhoram family.

Ezekiel Dhoram
Ezekiel Dhoram, male Human Transmuter (Controller-7, MV pg 172, level 7 arcane rituals): an elderly wizard and the father of Kelana Dhoram. He dwells in a crumbling wall tower that was once Silverymoon's School of Thaumaturgy. He is served by a shapely redhead maidservant, Marissa. His former apprentice Nerius became obsessed with Necromancy and came to a bad end. Qetesh recovered Ezekiel's Wand +2 from Nerius' body, and returned it to the old wizard.


Rualiss of Celduilon, Eladrin male Twilight Incanter (Controller-8, MV pg 115, level 7 arcane rituals): ambassador from the Feywild realm of Celduilon. He has a friendly arcane rivalry with Ezekiel Dhoram. Dwells on a tiny river island nearby the Moonstair.

Cham, portly Halfling male Trickster (Lurker-3, MV pg 169): talkative proprietor of the Cloudwatch Inn.

Rualiss of Celduilon
 Sir Etheran Drysdale (Human male, Soldier-14): handsome and heroic young knight, the son of Lord Drysdale of Restormel. Leader of the Silver Knights, a band of Paragon heroes known for their defence of Moonstair against Orcus cultists, trolls and other threats; he wields the mighty blade Sunwrath. There are rumours of a budding romance with Lin Dhoram, the Priestess of Selune at the Temple of the Moon.

Sir Bax the Dragonborn (Dragonborn male, Soldier-12): a Silver Knight and Sir Etheran's doughty right-hand companion, a mighty warrior in his own right. 

Priestess Lin Dhoram (Human female Noble, Ritual caster 4/8, born 1481 DR, age 25): The niece of Ezekiel Dhoram via his baby brother Sir Ruthin Dhoram (RIP 1498 DR, killed by Trolls). Lin recently succeeded her half-elf mother Avandara (RIP 1506 DR, murdered by the Orcus cult) as the Priestess of Selune, the religious leader at Moonstair's Moon Temple. In conjunction with her fellow Priestesses Sharess of Sune (Human female Lackey/ritualist 4) and Sylvana of Mielikki (Wood Elf female Lackey/ritualist 4), within the Temple precinct Lin can employ Religious & Healing Rituals of up to the 8th Level, including Cure Disease and Raise Dead. Alone, each Priestess can employ Religious & Healing Rituals of up to 4th level. Lin is good friends with her older cousin Mayor Kelana Dhoram, of whom she is slightly in awe, and is very fond of the heroic Sir Etheran Drysdale.

Sir Sirondar Dhoram (Human male, PC): Younger brother (by 2 years, born 1483 DR, age 23) of Priestess Lin Dhoram of Selune.  Recently knighted for his services to Moonstair, Sirondar is the younger child and only son of Sir Ruthin Dhoram & Avandara of Selune (both RIP). His uncle is the Transmuter Ezekiel Dhoram; Mayor Khelana Dhoram is his first cousin. He is currently aiding Lord Drysdale of Restormel with threats emanating from the Chaos Scar.

Priestess Lin Dhoram of Selune 
Priestess Sharess of Sune

Priestess Sylvana of Mielikki

East Silverymoon

Much of Silverymoon north of the river and east of the Market Square remains in ruins, haunted by monsters including kobold gangs, dark creepers, and worse things. Just as Moonstair lies close to the Feywild, the barriers between the World and the Shadowfell are not thick here. Travellers and treasure seekers are particularly advised to avoid the Law Courts especially after dark, lest they risk falling prey to the hordes of rapacious ghouls. The overgrown bramble-wood of Silverglen, once a sacred grove of Silvanus, is said to be one of the less dangerous areas, despite the presence of hostile dryads. Among the ruins of Alustriel's Palace, a lone shining tower known as the Spellguard Tower or the Lady's Tower still stands intact. Some say it is protected by the ghost of the Lady Alustriel herself, the last queen of Silverymoon, one of the fabled Seven Sisters. Others say that dark forces now control the Lady's Tower.

The Spellguard

The Spellguard was established in 1255 DR as a personal bodyguard for Alustriel herself, but over the intervening years grew to a city-wide force, spreading their duties between the High Palace and the rest of Silverymoon. By 1372 DR the Spellguard numbered 32 members, 7 of which were Warders that oversaw the activities of the rest. The Spellguard survived the Spellplague, though much diminished in numbers. The last members were believed to have perished in the chaos following the eruption of Mount Hotenow in 1451 DR.

The Midway Inn lies on the road midway between Restormel and Silverymoon, in rolling meadowlands just south of the River Rauvin. It is run by Gunder Black, a fat, cigar-chewing fellow, rumoured to be a former Pirate (Skirmisher-9), who still keeps a narrow-boat moored on the river. He runs the inn with two pretty barmaids Milly (brunette) & Villy (ginger) (both 'Human Rabble', min-2), and his burly teenage son Ronson Black ('Human Guard', Soldier-3), who keeps the stable. 



Gunder Black and the Midway Inn crew

Villy the barmaid, Midway Inn

Southern King's Wall:

Broderick of Restormel ('Bandit' Skirmisher 2) a human Forester for the Lord Drysdale of Restormel. He prefers to avoid fights. Guided the heroes to the towers of the southern King's Wall.

Helga Breakrock ('Hammerer' Soldier 5) the young leader of the Dwarf miners at Dwarf Cut silver mine. A skilled Dwarf Hammerer, she is wielder of the Defender Hammer of Breakrock.

Thorin Breakrock ('Bolter' Artillery 4) Helga's older cousin, a skilled Dwarf Bolter and armourer, he commands the Dwarf Cut mine guards.

Michael Darano: Plump, halfling-sized Wererat. Thoughtful, keeps a diary.

Franco Darano: Slightly crazed Wererat, with a knack for training fire beetles and other vermin.

Jib-Jib, A Goblin Hexer, and chief of the Redfang Goblins. His horde defeated a party of adventurers including Rinn Laransy (RIP) at the Battle of Redfang Cave; Ravka-Shi was the lone survivor.


Chaos Scar to Moonstair. 1 hex = 9 miles.


Helga & Thorin of Dwarf Cut

Dwarf CutAn old dwarf silver mine by the Southern King's Wall, recently reopened by the Breakrock Dwarves. A score of dwarf civilian miners are protected by a squad of Clan Guard (Soldier 1), led by Thorin the Bolter (Artillery 4) and Helga the Hammerer (Soldier 5). 

Dwarf Cut Mine Entry

Zhentarim drinking hall.


Once a goodly city of some six thousand souls, 23 years ago in 1484 DR the beleaguered town was conquered by Many-Arrows Orcs and the elder white dragon Arauthator, spurred on by the Drow of Menzoberranzan. The conquerors eventually withdrew, leaving the once-proud city largely in ruins. The Zhentarim then moved in to 'restore order', ousting the remaining Orc gangs. 
Arkos Brankari, Captain of Zhentarim forces at Nesme.

Nowadays the semi-ruined city is still controlled by the Zhentarim and their corrupt aristocrat pawns. She has become well known as a centre for the slave trade, pit fighting, and other iniquity. The Zhentarim are rumoured to ship unruly slaves far north to the fire giant fortress of Ironslag, beneath Mount Hamarhaast in the Ice Spires.

Lady Shaol
Lady Shaol Alaurun-Ucarith, a competent half-elf sorceress (FRCS War Mage, Artillery-6, level 6 Ritualist), is leader of the Zhentarim-aligned Council of Nobles in Nesmé.
Captain Arkos Brankari (MV Duelist, Soldier-8) is the veteran 
commander of Zhentarim forces in Nesmé.

Magic Items Commonly Available in Moonstair/Silverymoon

The listed items are available at the given price. Other Common (& some Uncommon) items may be created by PC Enchanters, or commissioned from NPC Enchanters for a markup, usually 25%-40%. NPC arcane ritual crafting level limit in Moonstair is 7th level (from either Ezekiel Dhoram or Rualiss of Celduilon). They can also Disenchant Magic Item or Transfer Enchantment on items up to 7th level.


+1 AC Magic Armour (any) L1 360gp

Cleansing +1 AC (any) L3 680gp - +2 bonus to saving throws against ongoing damage

Sylvan +1 AC Cloth, Leather or Hide L3 680gp - +1 bonus to Athletics & Stealth checks

Black Iron +1 AC Scale or Plate L4 840gp - resist 5 fire & necrotic

Fortification +1 AC Scale or Plate L4 840gp - when a critical hit is scored against you roll d20, on a 16-20 it becomes a normal hit


+1 Magic Weapon (any), L1 360gp - critical hit +1d6

Distance +1 Weapon (any ranged) L1 360gp - normal range +5 squares, long range +10 squares

Defensive +1 Weapon (any), L2 520gp - critical hit +1d6, total defence or second wind action gives +1 to all defences to start of next turn

Vicious +1 Weapon (any), L2 520gp - critical hit +1d12


+1 Magic Orb L1 360gp - critical hit +1d6

+1 Magic Staff L1 360gp - critical hit +1d6

+1 Magic Wand L1 360gp - critical hit +1d6

+1 Magic Rod L1 360gp - critical hit +1d6


Bracers of Mighty Striking L2 520gp - +2 damage with melee basic attack

Shield of Deflection L2 520gp - resist 2 to damage from all ranged and area attacks


Burglar's Gloves L1 360gp - +1 bonus to Thievery checks

Gloves of Agility L5 1000gp - +1 bonus to Acrobatics, Stealth & Dexterity Ability checks


Headband of Perception L1 360gp - +1 bonus to Perception checks


Amulet of Protection L1 360gp - +1 to NADs

Safewing Amulet L3 680gp - +1 to NADs, reduce fall distance by 10', always land on feet after a fall

Amulet of Health L3 680gp - +1 to NADs, gain poison resistance 2


Belt of Vigor L2 520gp - +1 hp to healing surge value


Potion of healing L5 50gp - minor action drink potion, spend healing surge & regain 10 hp

Alchemical Items Commonly Available in Moonstair/Silverymoon

Common Magic Items

These items may be created by any ritual caster of sufficient level with Enchant Item and access to suitable mundane materials:

Black Iron Armor, Magic Armor, Sylvan Armor, Veteran’s Armor, Defensive Weapon, Magic Weapon, Vicious Weapon, Magic Orb, Magic Staff, Utility Staff, Defensive Staff, Magic Wand, Magic Tome, Magic Rod, Rod of Dark Reward, Rod of Hope Triumphant, Magic Holy Symbol, Symbol of the Holy Nimbus, Symbol of Vigor, Magic Totem, Autumn Harvest Totem, Pure Spirit Totem, Bracers of Mighty Striking, Bracelet of the Radiant Storm, Shield of the Barrier, Sentinels Shield of Deflection, Boots of Striding, Boots of Stealth, Boots of Surging, Speed Boots of Quickness, Parry Gauntlets, Gloves of Grace, Gloves of Agility, Diadem of Acuity, Goggles of Night, Helm of Battle, Circlet of Indomitability, Headband of Perception, Amulet of Protection, Elven Cloak, Safewing Amulet, Collar of Recovery, Belt of Vigor, Belt of Vim, Girdle of the Oxen, Belt of Blood, Potion of Healing, Potion of Life, Potion of Recovery, Potion of Vitality.


Rats in the Wall (Spring 1507 DR)

Let it be heard! The Lord Drysdale of Restormel doth offer a thousand gold coin for the defeat of the foul Wererat brigands who lair in the southern towers of the King's Wall, and the killing or capturing of their leader!

Session 1 11/8/21 (Level 3, 480 XP, 3060 XP total): The ruins of Khezed Manor were cleared of skeleton horde animated by the dark fane of Tsathoggua the Devourer (180 XP). And that was just the first encounter - the heroes went on to defeat the evil Necromancer Nerius & his zombie minions in his lair at Wolfskull Cave (200 XP), then after resting overnight at Dwarf Cut they assaulted the ancient wererat-ruled towers of the King's Wall, defeating powerful forces of bestial and human guardians (300 XP). And the elf Rogue had time to flirt with Helga Breakrock, leader of the local dwarf miners at Dwarf Cut, and get some free silver arrows for the wererats lurking in the towers... 

Deceased NPCs, session 1
Day 1 - Khezed Manor & Wolfskull Cave
1. Nerius, a young Necromancer from Silverymoon lairing at Wolfskull Cave, he had stolen his old master's magic wand (+2 wand) and activated the undead-animating statue of Tsathoggua at Khezed Manor. The statue itself would need at least Paragon Tier weapons/magic to destroy.

Ruins of Khezed Manor, the dark statue of Tsathoggua now deactivated once more.

Day 2 - the North Tower
1. Kalmo Darano, wererat commander of the north tower Gravehounds.
2. Borlem Darano, wererat commander of the north tower Spitting Drakes, Zhent mercenaries, & Shadowhunter Bat.

Session 2 16/8/21 (Level 3, 333 XP, 3393 XP total): Find prisoners Ravka-Shi and Monty the Bard in the North Tower guard room. Ravk-Shi feeds the Zhent soldier Vot Rendir to some starving gray wolves beneath the tower after he is incapacitated by wererat ambushers. Defeat more wererats, the Goblin Hexer Jib, and the Rat King Ephram Darano, a powerful sorcerer, along with his brood of minions. Deeper in the dungeon Ux presents the Rat King's head to four Iron Defender hounds, trying to gain psychic control of them - and fails miserably, fleeing in terror.

Deceased NPCs, session 2 

1. Vot Rendir, veteran Zhentarim human mercenary, fed to hungry gray wolves by Ravka-Shi. Vot Rendir (Soldier 3), a captured Zhentarim soldier, last survivor of his band, he surrendered after the wererat Borlem's death, & agreed to join the party. He says the Wererats are led by a powerful wererat sorcerer, aided by a goblin wizard/shaman.
2. Jib, goblin Hexer, 'rightful chief' of the Red Fang goblins, and brother of the usurper Jib-Jib.
3. Ephram Darano, wererat Sorcerer & Rat King of the Towers.

Session 3 18/8/21 (Level 3>4, 507 XP, 3900 XP total): Meet Bark, a hairy vampire hunter. Defeat four Iron Defenders and persuade little Malcolm Darano and the other Wererats of the South Tower to flee and not return. Back to Restormel with the head of Ephram Darano, Ux having arrived ahead of them. Party formally thanked and rewarded 1000gp by Lord Drysdale. Next day travel east on Drysdale's loaned horses. On the road they defeat a terrible Troll (who almost kills Ardun) and his four Goblin allies, then lunch at the Midway Inn, and reach Silverymoon's Moonstair District at nightfall. At the Temple of the Moon, the three temple priestesses Lin Dhoram, Sharess & Sylvana ritually cure Ardun of the Wererat Filth Fever. Night at Cloudwatch Inn, Rinn & Ravka-Shi share a room. Visit the wizard Ezekiel Dhoram at his tower, return his wand in return for 200gp and ritual training for Qetesh. Rinn hits on Ezekiel's redhead maidservant Marissa

After shopping, crafting, resting and training, the reinvigorated party return to Restormel, thence on  once more to the Towers, now in search of the Vampire...

The King's Wall - South Tower entry

The Catacombs

Session 4 25/8/21 (Level 4, 645 XP, 4,545 XP total): Feed and free the hungry wolves in north tower cellar. Party follows a 600' tunnel east from the dungeon of the King's Wall, into catacombs laced by water channels that drain water from the Evermoors. Battle boneshard skeletons and a shadow bat in the Commoners' Crypt, go west to the Nobles' Crypt and deal with a water pit trap & swarms of rats. South, and Ravka-Shi chases a Deathlock Wight sorcerer over the rooftops of the Arcane Crypts to his doom while her companions battle his skeleton and zombie minions; Qetesh obtains five ritual books from those crypts (suffering only one embarrassing explosion). Backtrack east and trash a mob of decrepit skeletons, and their Spectre leader. Exploring south then west and south, approach a nexus chamber, again defended by the Dead.

Hungry Wolves
Commoners' Crypt - Boneshard Skeletons
Arcanist Vaults of the Deathlock Wight

The Spectre's Lair

Session 5 (Level 4, 552 XP, 5097 XP total): Party defeat skeleton guards & a wraith in a Commoners' Vault. Proceeding south and west in the watery tunnels, they encounter 7 hanging vampire spawn bandits in a smoky chapel. Destroy them swiftly, and find two ceramic runekey fragments in the dust. Resting in the river vault, Qetesh, spots two pale forms down the passage, but resists their beckoning. They call out to the party. Party steel themselves and assault the vampire lord's lair, swiftly dusting Mina & Lucy, the two former maidens of Oakentree. But the Vampire Lord Barthus, a Priest of Bane, proves too strong, dominating Ardun and using him to deal terrible blows against his companions. Groo and Ardun are both slain. Exhausted, Qetesh and Ravka-Shi make a narrow escape, the vampire pursuing them back to the Commoners' Vault, wicked mace raking Ravka-Shi's back as she flees to safety.

Deceased PCs
1. Groo (Kermit) - Vryloka ("human") male Inspiring Warlord
2. Ardun (NPC/Tom), Human male Cohort/Slayer Fighter. A mercenary warrior from Restormel; handy with his polearm.

Commoners' Vault

The Vampire Lord's Lair
Groo, RIP

Vampire Lord Barthus, Priest of Bane, atop his throne.

Session 6 (Level 4>5, 600 XP, 5697 XP total):
Ravka-Shi of Tree Ghost
Rinn Laransy, RIP
Adventurers including Rinn Laransy, Ravka-Shi, a Goliath Runepriest and a Githzerai Swordmage, are hired by Helga Breakrock to clear out the Redfang goblins. On the way they encounter and kill the hill giant Margh-Dor. But the goblins prove too strong; though many goblins and four grey wolves are killed, only Ravka-Shi survives the battle; knocked unconscious, thrown into a stream and waking hidden beneath brambles, she is able to escape the field. 
The depleted goblin tribe abandon the area, much to the joy of the Dwarves.
Months later, the escaped pit fighting slave Ravka-Shi is searching the High Forest for her lost clan when she encounters the ancient Treant Turlang. He greets her amicably and brings her to her people, the Tree Ghost. Ravka-Shi has returned home.

Scepter Tower of the Spellguard (summer 1507 DR)

Mayor Kelana Dhoram of Moonstair needs the help of experienced adventurers, and promises rich rewards... 

Session 1 17/11/2021 (Level 6>7) - enter Spellgard Tower via sewers, fight ettercaps and gnomes.
Session 2 05/01/2022 (1133 XP, Level 7) - continue ascent of the Tower, killing 2 human mages then battling through kitchens and up to the mess hall, capturing a gnome & a kobold, before falling back to Moonstair.