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T1/M6 1491 DR session 5 Feathergale Spire XP 25+6=31 Lvl 4>5

Feathergale Hall
PCS go to deliver 4 Believers to Feathergale Spire, defeat attack by 3 wind cultists, meet the Feathergale Knights and their commander Thurl Merroska. Hunt in the canyon - bag 2 manticores 4 gnolls 4 hyenas. Kasumi gets it on with Thurl.
Manticore hunts hunters
A week later Rhenya gets a message from elf king Cirallon warning of orc raids on the eastern farms. Party kills 5 orc raiders and readies to defend a farmstead vs approaching horde...

The Feathergale Knights
Lord Commander Thurl Merosska, human male - lover of Kasumi (PC), Handsome, muscular, blond hair, cleanshaven, age 52.
Sir Elian, half-elf male - friendly with Dagny Glintshield, age 40.
Lady Savra Belabranta, human female - gate guard, age 25.

Founded in Waterdeep by Sir Thurl Merosska, formerly of the City's Griffin Knights, in 1481 DR. In 1489 they began refurbishing the Haunted Keep now known as Feathergale Spire, in the southern Sumber Hills. At full strength the Feathergale Knights number a dozen Knights, having 12 stalls for flying mounts, plus around 10 Initiates, who act as servants and may aspire one day to join the Knights. There are typically around 8 Knights present at the Spire, including the Lord Commander.

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Feathergale Knight

Delmon Ranch
Apart from the 7 PCs, the ranch has some 15 defenders, plus 12 barely combatant Commoners and 16 Noncombatants (children, sick, wounded & elderly).
The 15 defenders comprise:

Kerbin, the Delmon Patriarch
Perd Delmon, his elder son
Marka, Perd's wife, human female
Dreena, Kerbin's daughter, a Druidess
Fyndrick, Kerbin's impulsive younger son
Flameram Verminbane, a Halfling Scout
Sir Erned Stoutblade, a veteran Knight of Samular
Stowal & Brannikan, dwarven blacksmiths
4 warriors, human male
2 hunters/scouts, human male

Assessing the defenders: Marka Delmon, the halfling Flameram Verminbane, and the two local hunters are all handy archers, while Dreena can cast Thunderwave & Entangle (4 slots total). By far the best warrior though is the doughty Sir Erned Stoutblade, the only one who looks like he could go hand to hand with an Orc horde.

Assessing the fortified Delmon manor, the main gatehouse by the smithy has two doors, a murder port and grilled sally gate to the smithy - it would be a deathtrap for attackers. But there is one possible weak point - the rear wall is less fortified, with no parapet, and has a small single gate. Any intelligent adversary scouting the manor is likely to seize on this... Another possible weak point is the dry thatched roof on the stable block.

Delmon Manor, gatehouse to top (N), rear gate bottom left.

Gnolls & Hyenas vs Feathergale Knights

Rescuing the Farmer's Wife