Monday 9 December 2013

Session 57: Morning in Hordethrone 30-31/6/1480 DR (Shieldmeet)

7.30pm-8pm:Cleared Hordethrone guard post, searched area.
8pm-2am (dawn) 31/6/1480: Extended Rest
2.15am: Talk with Baaldran the Flayer, Oni, sends Donald the Wight with party.
2.30am-3.30am-3: Deal with Gyldra the Death Hag, purchase information.
A blue vortex is forming in the ruins nearby...

XP each:
Guard Post: 2 Bodaks, 2 Wraiths, 2 Ghoul Minions: 8200/6.5=1261
Dealing with Baaldran: 400
Deal with Gyldra: 800
Total: 2461+75,185=77,646
Need 83,000 for 17th level

Current Location: Gyldra's shop 3.30am 31/6/1480 DR
Can extended rest 2pm
Started day Healing Surges 4 below maximum (Lirael 2 below maximum)