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Gug, level 26 elite brute

Gug (4e D&D)

Gug Level 26 Elite Brute
Large* Aberrant Shadow humanoid  XP
*Can move through & occupy 5'-wide gaps without Squeeze penalties.
HP 295; Bloodied 148
AC 38; Fortitude 38; Reflex 39; Will 37
Resistance: Cannot be Charmed or Dominated.
Vulnerable 10 Radiant
Speed 8
Flexible Step: the Gug ignores Difficult terrain.
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1
Initiative +17
Perception +17
Traits: Dark Vision

Standard Actions
m Multi-Attack • At-Will (4 Attacks)
Attack: Reach 2; +29 vs. AC
Hit: 25 damage (crit 40 damage); a target hit by 2 or more attacks is Grabbed (escape DC 38) and Pulled 1 square adjacent to the Gug.

M Trample: At Will
The Gug moves 8 squares, and can move through squares occupied by other creatures of any size, doing 35 damage to each creature. If an Enemy chooses not to make an Opportunity Attack against the Gug they can make a DC 27 Dexterity or Constitution check to avoid the damage.

Free Actions
M Rend Free Action 1/round per Grabbed target (so max 2/round)
Attack: Reach 2; +29 vs Fortitude
Hit: 50 damage (crit 75 damage)

M Bite  • Free Action 1/round against Grabbed target
Attack: Reach 1; +31 vs. AC
Hit:  45 damage (crit 65 damage)

Str 28 (+22) Dex 19 (+17) Wis 22 (+19)
Con 25 (+20) Int 9 (+12) Cha 8 (+12)

Gugs originate in the Far Realm, but sometimes slip through into Underdark caverns to hunt, and over time whole colonies of Underdark Gugs have become established. Gugs dislike bright light, which hurts their delicate eyes.