Monday 20 September 2021

5e Faerun Adventures 1360 DR - the Wedding of Elia & Sirondar, Fort Skulnar.

M2 1360 DR: Prior to 'Faerun 7' departure for Rough Run: The wedding of Sirondar Altur Banacath & Elia Chatzoudis is set to take place at Ironwolf Manor/Fort Skulnar on the Spring Equinox 19/3/1360 DR "Where Darkness Meets Light". Sirondar has invited his family the Alturs, as well as Ravensburg Steward Sir Arthur Dahnim and the Duchess Malla Devlin. Elia's family are sadly not available, but she approaches Wisteria. "Hi Wisteria! We were talking and we'd like your friend Prior Mordrin to officiate at the ceremony - I wanted you, but Sirondar said it would cause too much trouble..." Elia looks sad. "So I was wondering if you'd 'walk me up the aisle' and 'give me away'?" Elia looks hopeful and a bit nervous.

Sirondar meanwhile approaches Brother Eamon to be his 'best man' and hold the wedding ring. Eamon suggests he himself should officiate, but Sirondar explains they have already asked Prior Mordrin to conduct the ceremony.



Sunday 19 September 2021

5e Carrion Shrine of Qorgeth (T3/M12/1359 DR) & Rough Run (T3/M2/1360 DR)

Carrion Shrine - Heart of Qorgeth - trying to stop the Summoning 

Errol & Nevamira perish in the Infernal Radiance of the Malakbel Demon, Herald of Qorgeth.

Two months later at Ft Skulnar. 'Sirondar' briefs the Brave Adventurers


The Great Hall at Fort Skulnar, Ironwolf Manor

Approaching Rough Run's Hall of Spears

Fighting the Sons of the Dragon in the crossbow slit corridors

Eamon leads the attack, followed by Greeba, Gorlock & Nathia coming up.

Tower Level Two - the Hall of Whirly Spikey Things

Assaulting the Stairs to Level Three

Phil & Jelena

Bill & Jelly

Sunday 5 September 2021

4e - Alchemical Items Commonly Available


Alchemist's EssenceConsumableAlchemical Item1+20+ gpCommonMME
Alchemist's FireConsumableAlchemical Item1+20+ gpCommonAV, Dra399
AntivenomConsumableAlchemical Item1+20+ gpCommonAV
Foaming PlasterConsumableAlchemical Item1+20+ gpCommonMME
Holy WaterConsumableAlchemical Item1+20+ gpCommonDP, MME
Sweet WaterConsumableAlchemical Item1+20+ gpCommonMME
Violet PhosphorConsumableAlchemical Item1+20+ gpCommonDSH
Panther TearsConsumableAlchemical Item2+25+ gpCommonEPG
Phantom InkConsumableAlchemical Item2+25+ gpCommonDSH
Alchemist's SparkConsumableAlchemical Item3+30+ gpCommonEPG
Blinding BombConsumableAlchemical Item3+30+ gpCommonAV, Dun171
Clinging EssenceConsumableAlchemical Item3+30+ gpCommonMME
Elemental AccelerantConsumableAlchemical Item3+30+ gpCommonMME
Greater Sovereign GlueConsumableAlchemical Item3+30+ gpCommonMME
HeartflowConsumableAlchemical Item3+30+ gpCommonEPG
Herbal PoulticeConsumableAlchemical Item3+30+ gpCommonAV
TethercordConsumableAlchemical Item3+30+ gpCommonEPG
WoundpatchConsumableAlchemical Item3+30+ gpCommonEPG
Chartreuse GasConsumableAlchemical Item4+80+ gpCommonMME
Clarity SaltsConsumableAlchemical Item4+40+ gpCommonDun186
Clockwork BombConsumableAlchemical Item4+40+ gpCommonEPG
GreenbaneConsumableAlchemical Item4+160+ gpCommonDun171
LongbreathConsumableAlchemical Item4+40+ gpCommonDSH
Resonance CrystalConsumableAlchemical Item4+40+ gpCommonEPG
Suppression CrystalConsumableAlchemical Item4+40+ gpCommonEPG
Tension WheelConsumableAlchemical Item4+40+ gpCommonEPG
Tracking DustConsumableAlchemical Item4+80+ gpCommonAV, MME
Acidic FireConsumableAlchemical Item5+50+ gpCommonEPG
CorpsebursterConsumableAlchemical Item5+50+ gpCommonMME
IceningConsumableAlchemical Item5+50+ gpCommonMME
Inferno OilConsumableAlchemical Item5+50+ gpCommonEPG
Lodret LeafConsumableAlchemical Item5+50+ gpCommonEPG
Precarious CrystalConsumableAlchemical Item5+50+ gpCommonMME
Walking DeathConsumableAlchemical Item5+50+ gpCommonDun186