Monday 16 May 2016

Session 98 7/4/1485 The Pillars of Night

Tomb of Sartine
Pass the Angel of Vengeance - 16,000
The Dim Fissure - 11,000
The Fire Temple - 13,000
Pass the Efreet & Azers - 14,150

Enter the Shadowfell, reach the Pillars of Night - 39,000

The Shadowfell - Arrival Battle
2 Rot Harbingers Lvl 30 - 19,000x2=38,000
2 Draconic Wraith Souleaters Lvl 29 - 15,000x2=30,000
Draconic Wraith Lvl 29 - 15,000

Total: 137,150/3=45,716
675,000 for Level 28

Monday 9 May 2016

Session 97 7/4/1485 In the Tomb of Sartine

Ossuary Vestibule 
2 bone nagas level 26 Elite - 18000x2=36000
1 boneclaw level 24 - 6050
Lightning Obelisks level 28 elite trap - 26000
Slaughter Crypt
2 Slaughter wights level 28 - 13000x2=26000
Bodak Death Reaver level 28 elite - 26000
5 abyssal ghouls level 27 minion - 2750x5=13750
Penetrate sigil warded gate level 28 - 13000
Total: 120800/3= 40266

+10,000 Session Account=606375
675,000 for Level 28

Inside the Tomb of Sartine - Lirael's Account

{Gerin Legatus arrives after the overnight rest and says he is creating a Linked Portal back to Oreme. Gives Lirael a Shar amulet, tells her to present it to any uncorrupted tomb guardians to be allowed safe passage. In the caves Paelias & Dhaunayane are holding off an army of cyclops summoned by their priests, angered by the death of their Carrion God.}

“Let’s get this started, then,” said Jareth after Gerin and his men had departed for safety. The doors opened with an ominous scrape of old wood against rough stone. Lirael had a glimpse of the towering shape of a boneclaw and then the rattling sound of bone against bone drew her attention to a bone naga slithering through a mass of gleaming white skulls. Human skulls. Was it one or two nagas? It was hard to see among the bones.
“Lovely,” muttered Dunstan under his breath. “There’s a feckin’ huge pit in there. I hate pits. Bound to have something nasty in it, too.”
On the off chance that some glimmer of loyalty to Shar remained in her former minions, Lirael raised up the divine amulet Gerin had given her. The boneclaw merely laughed, it’s bony jaw clattering with barely contained glee. She put the amulet back in the pouch at her waist. So much for that.
A crackle of blue spit across the room, crossing from one carved stone pillar to another. There was writing on them, but there wasn’t time for more than a quick look. Fate. Destiny. Winter. Stark.
Lirael shot at the bone naga, noticing another emerging from the pile at the same time. She hoped there were no others lurking in the shadows. She hit with her arrow and it charged the door with a hiss that echoed off the walls, straight at Jareth.
“I hate snakes,” he said as he fought it off. "Why did it have to be snakes?" They thought it was done attacking and then it came at them again, swaying hypnotically.
It became a blur of battle after that, the deathclaw and nagas closing in and Jareth and Dunstan responding with blow after blow and reeling from the necrotic energies. The pillars came alive again, sending flaming blue lightning into them. Lirael loosed one of her stock of flameburst arrows, wishing Paelias and Dhaunayane would hurry up and return from dealing with the Cyclops.
But sooner than any of them had thought possible, the boneclaw and nagas lay dead. Jareth ground his heel into one of the nagas as he went over to the nearest pillar and inserted the key. It shocked him, but the light that had seemed to come from within it faded and went out. He shut down the second one and they all stared, with varying amounts of dismay, at the large pit that blocked the hall leading to whatever lay beyond.
“Let’s take a quick rest and take stock,” said Jareth, going over to poke in the grisly pile of skulls that had been home to the nagas, crowing over the platinum pieces he found hidden therein. Lirael, untouched by the battle so far, cast the Speak with the Dead ritual on the boneclaw, his grin now cracked. She questioned him as to the traps and enemies that lay on the other side of the pit and he grudgingly supplied answers, defiant even in death.
When she’d had all the answers out of him she could get, they tossed his remains and that of the nagas into the pit. They fell among the poisoned spikes that decorated it.
“Feckin’ deep,” said Dunstan. “I hate pits, I tell you.”
Jareth laughed. “I’ll show you how it’s done, shorty,” he said and took a running start and cleared the pit, teetering for a second on the edge before finding his footing. Lirael joined him, using her spider climbing boots and the wall along one edge.
“Yer crazy if you think I can do that,” said Dunstan.
They were trying to talk him into taking the leap of faith when the stink of something foul warned them something was coming. They turned to see two Slaughter Wights rushing at them, their black skin fetid and slimy. One charged directly into Lirael, attempting to push her into the pit. She felt the power of her new ring charge through her and she stood solid, thanking in her head the merchant who had showed it to her. Worth every gold piece it had cost to see the wight growl in frustration and surprise. The second tried to do the same to Jareth with as much success.
Jareth had fought the wights back into the room they had come from when a Bodak Death Reaver Knight swept into view, naked and carrying no weapons, but oozing an aura of blackness and death. Jareth was undeterred after some healing from Dunstan, still trapped on the other side of the pit. The bodak gnashed his teeth and called for help.
Five abyssal ghouls rushed out and charged Jareth and Lirael. After the first two missed their mark on the heavily armored Jareth, the rest attempted to bypass him to attack Lirael, but they never made it that far as Jareth cut them down as they tried to pass. A head rolled to Lirael’s feet and she nudged it into the pit, where it ping-ponged off the walls and landed on a spike below. Black gore from the ghouls spattered Jareth, but he wiped it off against a wall, barely noticing the burning.
As Jareth and Lirael continued the attack, Dunstan attempted the pit after some shouted encouragement from Lirael. It wasn’t enough – his stubby fingers grazed the far edge of the pit and then he fell into it, his fall luckily arrested by magic, though not enough to save him completely from harm. A string of curses fell from his lips as he went.
In the end, much to the surprise of the bodak, Jareth pummelled him so thoroughly that the remains were unrecognizable. Pulling Dunstan out of the pit with a rope, they all took a quick breather as they studied the four foul looking toad statues in the Slaughter Crypt. The glowing sygils in their ugly mouths looked removable. They bore the same words as on the pillars from the vestibule, but in a different order. {Dhaunayane drops by and uses her Arcana ability to i.d. the sigils as linked to a trap on the southern door}.
Before Lirael could say much of anything, Jareth had switched the symbols around and taken a blast of necrotic energy. Nothing happened save for Jareth's health taking a turn for the worse. The pall of death hung on him.
“Hang on a minute!” she said as he went to rearrange them again. “I’ve got my darkhide on. Let me do it.” After a few more tries, they had the symbols in the right order and they all heard the click as the far door unlocked. They stared at it, wondering exactly what lay on the other side. Were they ready for what lay within? Were Paelias and Dhaunayane ready to join them?

Saturday 7 May 2016

XP for session accounts

Standard award for a full account will be equal to a Quest award, ie:
Level 27: 11,000
Level 28: 13,000
Level 29: 15,000
Partial accounts & vignettes will get proportionately less.