Monday 20 July 2015

Session 88 25-26/8/1484 DR - Aumvor the Undying, Dies.

The party are aided by Hallomak Stromm and battle Aumvor and his minions at the heart of his extradimensional prison, eventually overcoming the magic braziers that give him immortality, and finally destroying him. During the battle Aumvor claimed that Szass Tam's capture of Shar will also destroy Selune...

As his Periapt collapses, the group are returned to Fort Morninglord, where King Pyvim of Elturgard thanks them and offers them the resources of Elturgard in their battle against Orcus and Thay. The group return with Hallomak and Liana to Waterdeep to rest, where the high priestesses of Selune do detect a slight fading of their power... Paelias contacts his retainer Anaveth in the Gray Vale, who tells him that demons are reported to have attacked the village of Trevan in the Barony of deTrevani.

8 Vestiges 2250x8=18000
Aumvor 12100
Red Dragon 20750
Total 50,850/6=8475x1.5=12712

Level 24 Major Quest - Destroy Aumvor +6500 each

Total 19212+335,323=354,535
Need 375,000 for Level 25