Sunday 17 May 2020

Session 19 T2/M9/1491 DR Temple of the Crushing Wave-4; XP 115+4=119/120 Lvl 11

Kill the sea hag & Morbeioth the One Eyed Shiver in the western temple, locate stairs to lower level guarded by 3 Mezzodaemons - Sharatu fails their 'puzzle' and they attack...

Sunday 3 May 2020

Session 18 T2/M9/1491 DR Temple of the Crushing Wave -3; XP 108+7=115/120 Lvl 11


All out battle in the Crushing Wave temple as the party battle waves of wave cultists, lizardmen, trolls, ogres - all slaughtered in droves by spell and steel - and finally the big guns, two hezrou demons and a massive dragon turtle. A mysterious sea hag appears to command the enemies, but is eventually forced to flee by Seraphus Oldblood, while Sharatu makes peace with the wounded dragon turtle, they agree to meet in one week at Riverguard. The battle ends when Dagny plants her greataxe in the last demon's skull.