Thursday 7 June 2012

Sessions 18, 19, 20 episode summary (26-27/9/79)

S18 26/9/1479 DR 

Lirael, Arya, Shawna Carter & Karvol the Royal Guard rest overnight in the dwarven gatehouse, and are joined by Dru-Arael. Next day they use the Lever Automaton to raise the stone gate and pass through to the southern part of the Stonefang Tunnel, finding no orcs present.A mile or so south, a dead dwarf props open a concealed door into a chamber of orc and dwarf corpses. As the party examine the chamber, more orcs arrive. The PCs defeat them, and head downstairs to a magical pit chamber, defeating an orc shaman, his pet ogre, and orc archer lackeys. They investigate the glowing magic circles arrayed around the pit.

S19 26/9/1479 DR
Shawna & Dru are tired and rest, while Esmerelda is recovered and the group is joined by a half-elven cousin of Lirael's. Investigating tunnels north of the pit chamber, they hear chanting and a dwarf cries out: "Beware, the orcs lie in wait!". This is true, and the party are assailed by a strong force of orcs, defeating them after a bloody battle. All but one of the four dwarves spent the fight chanting inside a magic circle. 

S20 27/9/1479 DR

The party rest and talk to the dwarves, led by Gwendar, leader of the Shadowed Chain cult. The Earth Titan Stonefang is stirring, his missing bits must be recovered and placed in the binding circles before he escapes the Pit of Doom. The party hand over Stonefang's Hand.
After resting they continue south along the Stonefang Tunnel, emerging at dawn above the north bastion of Citadel Yaunaroth. They attack and defeat the orc guards, led by a powerful boar-riding champion, and see a white dragon atop the tower - they enter the tower before it can fly down to them. Inside, they head upstairs, disable a magic trap, and find four dwarves chained to the wall - Thane Harvak, his son, and two wives. They free the dwarves and attack the orcs next-door, seeing Stonefang's Seeping Heart atop a table... 

Party XP tally: 10,000+650+500+400= 11,550.
Need 13,000 for 8th level.