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Hallomak Stromm E25 & Waterdeep

"Along the whole of the Sword Coast, from Baldur's Gate to Neverwinter, there is no greater explorer, Sage, or fighter against Demons and Devils than Hallomak Stromm!" - From chapter I of Hallomak Stromm: The Man, The Legend. By Hallomak Stromm.

Hallomak Stromm, the 'Savant Sage of Waterdeep' (1405-), has explored lost vaults and battled demons and devils up and down the Sword Coast for nearly sixty years. In 1465 DR he single handedly repelled a Githyanki invasion at the Wood of Sharp Teeth. His consort and former apprentice is Liana Arunsen, who also serves as the Blackstaff (chief wizard) of Waterdeep. Despite their love for each other, they waited until she had finished her apprenticeship to consummate their devotion. Anything else would be yucky, right? Hallomak has trained many apprentices, years ago he instructed Queen Esmerelda the Chosen One, Tyrant of Llorkh and said to be demigoddess daughter of Bane. More recently (1480) he  completed training Quinn Eventide in the Bardic arts - Quinn became Quinn Ebontide, Exarch of Shar in the Shadowfell. Hallomak thinks very highly of himself, but is universally regarded as a devoted defender of Waterdeep and the North against evil threats, as well as a keen acquirer of lost treasures. Hallomak has a particular liking for drow ladies, and had an affair with the Matriarch of Phaervorul. He is friendly with Dhaunayane Nasadra, renegade princess of Ched Nasad. Hallomak is said to have the largest spa bath ('jacuzzi') in all Faerun.

Liana Arunsen (1454-), Hallomak’s beautiful blonde lover and ex-apprentice, is a talented wizard, since 1479 DR deputy to the new Blackstaff (Chief Wizard) of Waterdeep, Vajra, succeeding her as Archmage from M7 1480 DR. She is great-granddaughter of Khelben Arunsen. When she was nine years old (1463 DR) her father Valeris Arunsen, a famous Swordmage, fell in battle against the Thayan agent Valindra Shadowmantle. Liana's greatest fear was that Valeris might not be truly dead... At the end of M6 1480 DR Liana, Hallomak, Vajra Safhar, some drow ranger, and the Shadovar under Prince Clariburnus Tanthul joined forces to defeat Valindra Shadowmantle and close the Dread Portal she had opened near Luskan. Vajra Safhar and Valindra's reanimated death knight Valeris Arunsen perished during the battle in a conflagration of black fire; Valindra escaped, but the portal was successfully closed, with both Hallomak and Clariburnus claiming credit. Liana succeeded Vajra as Archmage of Waterdeep from 1/7/1480 DR.

Hallomak Strom can create Arcane rituals and effects to 25th level.
Liana Arunsen can create Arcane rituals and effects to 22nd level.
Hallomak Stromm
Liana Arunsen
Look for the Hallomak Septology in all good Waterdhavian bookshops -"Hallomak: The Making of a Sage", "Hallomak in Hell", "Return of Hallomak", "Hallomak Dawn" "The Seven Archmage Girlfriends of Hallomak", etc...

Hallomak Stromm, The Savant-Sage of Waterdeep
Level 25 Elite Controller
Medium natural humanoid (human)
HP 230; Bloodied 115 Surge Value 52 Healing Surges 3
AC 38; Fortitude 37; Reflex 36; Will 40 
Speed 6 
Saving Throws +2;  Action Points 1 Initiative +17 Perception +18 
Mystic's Clarity • Aura 3  While Hallomak is not bloodied, enemies in the aura take a -2 penalty to saving throws, and he scores a critical hit against them on a natural 19–20. 
Sage's Alacrity Hallomak makes two initiative checks, and uses whichever is better. 
Sage's Countermagic At the end of each of his turns, Hallomak ends any dazing, immobilizing, restraining, slowing, or stunning effect on him. 
Ritualist Hallomak knows all PHB & FRPG Arcane rituals to 24th level. Uses rituals at 25th level.
Standard Actions
C Ragefire Nova (fear,  fire,  psychic) • Recharge 6 Attack: Close Burst 2, close burst 3 while bloodied (creatures in burst); +28 vs. Will Hit: 40/60 fire damage, and ongoing 15 psychic damage (save ends), and he pushes the target up to its speed + 1. Miss: 20 damage, and he pushes the target 3 squares.
 m Thunderstrike Staff (thunder,  weapon) • At-Will Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +30 vs. AC Hit: 33 thunder damage (crit 48 damage), and ongoing 15 thunder damage (save ends), and he pushes the target up to 4 squares and knocks it prone. Miss: 16 damage, and he pushes the target up to 2 squares. 
r Arcane Fire (fire,  force) • At-Will Attack: Ranged 10 (one creature); +28 vs. Fortitude Hit: 33 force damage (crit 48), and ongoing 15 fire damage (save ends). Effect: The target is slowed until the end of his next turn. If the target is already slowed and taking ongoing damage, it is instead immobilized (save ends). 
Minor Actions 
C Fire Strike (fire,  force) • At-Will once per turn Attack: Close Blast 3 (creatures in blast); +28 vs. Reflex Hit: 24 fire and force damage (crit 36 damage). 
Change Shape (polymorph) • At-Will Effect: Hallomak alters his physical form and clothing to appear as a Medium or Small humanoid until he uses change shape again or until he drops to 0 hit points. To assume a specific individual’s form, he must have seen that individual. Other creatures can make a DC 40 Insight check to discern that the form is a disguise. 
Triggered Actions 
Elemental Intuitive • Recharge recharge 5-6 Effect (Immediate Interrupt): When an enemy takes typed damage. Close burst 10 (triggering enemy in burst); Hallomak changes the damage type to another to which the enemy is not resistant and imposes a -5 penalty to the saving throw against that damage. 
Skills Arcana +28, History +26, Nature +23 
Str 16 (+15) Dex 21 (+17) Wis 23 (+18) Con 25 (+19) Int 28 (+21) Cha 20 (+17) 
Alignment good   Languages All Equipment robes, pipe, longsword 

Other Waterdeep NPCs
Dagult Neverember - the Open Lord of Waterdeep
Vajra Safhar RIP M6 1480 DR. (f), Tethyran, 22nd level Arcane Rituals. Archmage (Blackstaff) of Waterdeep 1479-80, Liana's superior and predecessor. Hallomak was a friend of her deceased lover and former Blackstaff, Samark.
Kylynne Silmerhelve, the first Tiefling Magister (city judge) of Waterdeep, old friend of Hallomak.
Mother Jamandra Anuvien (f), veteran Archpriestess of Chauntea at Goldenfields. The most powerful ritual caster in Waterdeep, Jamandra can employ  25th level Religious & Healing rituals. She is an old friend of Hallomak. 
Sigil of Waterdeep, with the Moon of Selune
High Priestess Amathea (f) of Selune - one of the Three Sisters, three co-equal high priestesses of Selune. Alone, she can employ 21st level Religious, Healing and Arcane Rituals. The Three Sisters together can employ such Rituals to 25th level.
Bondor Wyvernscale - The Dragonborn patriarch of Bahamut from M12 1479. 19th level Religious rituals and Martial practices. 
"When powerful human wizards get into their second century or so - the skein of their lives drawn thin 'like butter stretched over too much bread' as someone wise once said - they often start going mad, and are soon claiming to be gods, immortals, five-thousand years old Netherese Archmages, et al. 'Tis sad, but inevitable." - from The Ruminations of Hallomak Stromm, chapter XVII of 'Hallomak Stromm: The Man, The Legend', 1st edition 1480 DR, Waterdeep Press.

Amathea, High Priestess of Selune

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Session 34 Treasure of the Dawn 3/2-5/2/1480 DR

Recovered from her battle with the demons, Lirael goes downstairs at the Green Tankard and has a late breakfast, chatting with Galion, a handsome mercenary who is keen to accompany her against the Wyrmscrag. Lady Moonfire's elderly factotum Edmund enters the Tankard and consults with Lirael on a suitable 'Warden of the North' to take over rulership of Loudwater's northern territory, a position vacant since the loss of Moonfire's cousin Lady Eclara Travys last year.
Lirael buys Galion a horse and the pair head for the Wyrmscrag, Lirael using her abilities to find a safe crossing over the Highflow river.
Reaching the Wyrmscrag ruins they pass dead Yuan-Ti and enter a strange temple underneath, where they join the rest of the party just in time for the final battle to commence - two Yuan-Ti and a Dragonborn attack from the chamber of the Soulstorm Vortex, while the statue of Emerald Dawn dominates Lirael then Quinn, sending Quinn into the Vortex - she escapes just before her soul can be sucked into the Abyss. The enemy are defeated in a brutal fight, and the final trap - lightning pillars - does not prevent the group seizing Dawn's hoard, including the Stormlord Armour of King Boareskyr and over 300 lb weight of coin - 17,600gp!
The group return to Loudwater well after nightfall, and revel long into the night... Drunkenly they discuss plans to go to Waterdeep, or not. Pelias suggests sending the Ring of Nemeia with Galion so they don't have to bother. Halvath distributes alms to the poor. Galion is given a horse and 200gp.
4/2/1480 DR
Next morning with bad hangovers, Edmund asks Lirael to attend on Lady Moonfire; she brings her 'cohorts and Fr Halvath' to a kipper brunch. Moonfire discusses the Warden position and asks Lirael to take it; she accepts on a provisional basis after talking with Sir Jorah  Blackthorn, a Ranger and former Steward to the Travys who failed in his duty by drinking with his brothers in Tavysburg the night the Travys manor was sacked by the raiders, to the anger of Lady Moonfire. Palias had intercepted Blackthorn at the river ferry and spoken with him. 
Jareth visits the Loudwater Smithy and commissions a masterwork fullblade from the strapping Megana Nistral.
5/1480 DR
Next morning at dawn the group board Bargemaster Tollun's river barge, bound downriver for Daggerford Duchy with iron ore from the mines near Llorkh. First stop will be the old wharfs at ruined Zelbross, then Secomber and on down to Daggerford.

The Stormsoul Vortex
Quinn in the Vortex
NB: Lirael knows it was definitely the bandit slavers working for the Najarans who attacked Travys Manor last year. You know this because when you & the Burning Hand defeated 'Humungus' and his men (and lizardman spellcaster) at Zelbross (6/7/1479), among the women you rescued was Pamela Bardew, who had been a maid at Travys manor, and she's now working as a serving girl at the Green Tankard. She can tell you that while Humungus took her as a concubine, Lady Eclara Travys and around two dozen other women were sent south into the High Moor, presumably bound for the serpent realm of Najara. The other 9 women you rescued there were all brought in later.
Lady Moonfire
Megana Nistral

Sir Jorah Blackthorn
Dragon Statue/Altar: 1,200
2 Yuan-Ti Abominations: 2,000
Dragonborn Raider: 800
Soulstorm Vortex: 700
Energy Pillars: 700
Seize the Treasure of the Dawn - L12 major quest: 3500
Loudwater Roleplay/Politics: 3500(!)
Total: 12400/6= 2066
26000 for Level 11 (Paragon Tier)

Also see Loudwater Area NPCs 

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Quinn Background

Quinn Eventide was born in a nameless fishing village on the southern shores of the sword coast (in a tiny barony along the cliffs between the Duchy of Daggerford and the Troll Hills ). Music and art claimed her interests and stories and songs of ship wrecks and treasure filled her ears. It was not long before she was able to withstand the wanderlust no more and at the age of 18 she left her home and traveled up the coast in search of adventure.

Danger and adventure found her often, usually due to her awful sense of direction, but her wits and almost fantastical voice always saw her through. At the age of 20 she wandered through the town of Waterdeep and found herself involved in a barroom brawl that she halted when she jumped onto a table and sang for all those gathered, making them forget about their differences. 

As fate would have it the wizard Hallomak Stromm witnessed the scene and recognized the magical potential behind the young ladies voice. An offer she could not refuse and many years of training and exploration followed as she learned much about her gifts the arcane world. Now at the age of 27 she has struck out again with the intention of proving her ability to her master before he teaches his final lesson.
Quinn and her Hat.

From Tim:
I feel the need to describe Quinn's hat. It is something I have always had in my head but never actually explained anywhere. If you check out Quinn's photo on the blog you will see that she is wearing a red hat. I picture it as almost like the talking hat in Harry potter. It doesn't talk or have any practivcal benefit but it does move around slightly and will growl at anyone other than Quinn who tries to touch it. I kinda picture it as a gift from Hallomak when she left on her journey. 

Quinn is very attached to the hat and will go to great lengths to protect it. 

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Minion Damage Thresholds

This is the minimum amount of damage to kill or bloody a minion in 1 Turn of attacks. Coordinated attacks on the same initiative count may be stacked vs the DT. Eg: 8 L1 kobolds doing 4 damage together attack a L16 ogre DT 18/9. If 3 hit (dam 12) the ogre is bloodied. If 5 hit (dam 20) the ogre is killed.

DT Level+2, half that to Bloody.
Level  DT Kill/Bloody
1    3/1
2    4/2
3    5/2
4    6/3
5     7/3
6     8/4
7     9/4
8     10/5
9     11/5
10   12/6

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Session 33 Wyrmscrag Castle 3/2/1480 DR

After resting overnight at the Green Tankard, Pelias and Halvath chat over breakfast with two other patrons of the Inn - Curuvar the Brazen, the resident Wizard of Loudwater, and Galion of the Dragon Coast, a newly arrived mercenary adventurer. There is much chat in the tavern of yesterday's demonic incursion, driven back by 'Ashara the Fire Wizard, Lirael Sirocco and her companions'.
Leaving Lirael to recover from yesterday's exertions, the group saddle up and ride for the High Moor (having loudly declared they're going hunting Goblins in the Southwood). Arya uses ice magic to freeze the Highflow River, allowing the group to cross, and they reach the Wyrmscrag Ruins towards evening, finding them infested with lurking Yuan-Ti. A running battle drives the surviving Yuan-Ti back through sorcerous chambers beneath the fortress. After a lengthy battle the enemy seal themselves behind a wall of living corpses, leaving the party to catch their breath in a chamber dominated by an eerie statue of the dead dragon 'god', Emerald Dawn...

3 Yuan-Ti Malison Sharp-Eyes: 2400
2 Yuan-Ti Abominations: 2000
Total: 4400/6 = 733
+67 XP each Roleplay Bonus= 800 XP each.
26,000 for Level 11 (Paragon Tier)

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Cormyr & Darkhold

Zhentarim Captain Arkos
Zhentarim Drinking Hall
Darkhold, Fortress of the Zhentarim

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Loudwater PCs 1480 DR

Halvath of Mielikki - Human Cleric
Halvath is priest of Mielikki for the village of Brownstone. A big, well-muscled man clad in furs and steel, his brown beard is now greying. He is 42 years old. Halvath's family, the Cormarrin, were once a well-regarded family of Zelbross, and provided many men as temple guards at the Temple of Tyr there. When the World-Ash trembled at the Spellplague and Tyr fell in battle with the Hell-Hound Garmr, the fortunes of the Cormarrin and Zelbross declined. Eventually, around forty years ago (1440 DR) the dying town was abandoned, and Halvath's father Joachim Cormarrin sought his fortune to the east, in Loudwater demesne, taking his wife Vira and infant sons. Joachim became Ranger of Brownstone. In time his elder son Raltar became Master of Hounds to Sir Halvard Brooke, also marrying and having several children, while Halvath became the village Priest, serving Mielikki and the spirits of the Vale. Fifteen years ago, (1465 DR) Joachim made the mistake of following a stray cow into the Southwood, and not returning before nightfall. He never came back. Vira died in the hard winter of 1477 DR. Meanwhile Halvath has been growing a little bored with his comfortable life...

Dunstan Ironforge - Dwarf Knight
The Ironforge clan were once famous smiths and armourers in the ancient Shield Dwarf kingdom of Ammarindar, which ruled the Graypeak Mountains for millenia until swept aside by the Tanarukk Demon Orcs of Hellgate Keep, six hundred years ago (880 DR). Many Ironforge Defenders perished in the great battles against the Tanarukk - at Adakmi, the last citadel of dying Eaerlann, and then at Yaunaroth, guarding the Retreat of the Dwarves through Bleached Bones Pass. According to family legend, the Ironforge banner was the last dwarven standard seen upon the walls of Citadel Yaunaroth before it fell. The survivors fled south with the other clans, skirting the Marsh of Chelimber. They received some aid from Evereska in their bitter trek, eventually reaching Scornubel where they scattered to seek what fortune they could. The Ironforge moved east to the Kingdom of Cormyr, resuming their trade of smithcraft, but never forgetting the glories of Ammarindar...
Five years ago in Suzail, Cormyr's capital, young Dunstan Ironforge completed his fiftieth year and was accounted a trained Knight of the Ironforge. Second son to Thane Valgrim Ironforge, Dunstan had no prospect of inheritance and so determined to seek his fortune in the north-west, adventuring across Elturgard to the Sword Coast. More recently he heard rumours that the Glintshield Dwarves have retaken Citadel Yaunaroth: the Dwarves of Amarrindar are gathering to reclaim their ancient home! And so he travelled east, to the Gray Vale, to see what might be done...

Pealias- Eladrin Ranger
Pealias' family were killed in attacks by a pack of werewolves , in the forests around balldurs gate, he joined the militia and learnt his "ranger" skills neutralising the threat, on one of these missions he was gravely injured, a nearby family nursed him back to health, but it turned out that this family were in fact the werewolves who had injured. The intervention of a priestess of Selune, stopped him killing the family, from this point he dedicated him self to the service of selune, and traveled all along the sword coast on missions for the church of selune, his last mission for the church before meeting Lirael and her companions was, to track down, the murderer of a high priest of selune, the trail took him to the netheril were he found to donation that pointed towards the church of shar, after spending some time with the bedine, he left and was on his way back to water deep when he met Lirael.



Ruler: Boris, the 'Lord Baldhead', Baron of Secomber, Shadoweir of the Green Regent, Warden of the West, Knight of Loudwater. Vassal to Lady Moonfire the High Lord of Loudwater.
pop. 1090 in 1483 DR; previously ca 1500.
Dominion Confidence Level: Healthy (+4%)
The small, palisaded town of Secomber lies on the north bank of the Grayflow some 65 miles downriver from Loudwater as the crow flies, a long day's journey by river downstream, or three days upriver by boat. Secomber lies just west of the Unicorn Run river where it flows into the Grayflow. The Unicorn Run is crossed here by the Old Bridge & New Bridge that join the land to a small river island, 'The Tear'. Directly south across the Grayflow lies the northwestern extremity of the High Moor. To the north, along the Secomber Trail is the ruined village of Uluvin.
In recent years Secomber has suffered greatly from the raids and extortions of savage High Moor hobgoblins, the Urshani 'worg brothers'. Adventurer bands who have entered the High Moor to deal with the Urshani have not returned. However, on New Year's day 1480 DR a band of twenty warriors, the 'Baldheads' arrived in Secomber, promising to deal with the Urshani threat, and had the people withhold their monthly tribute. Ten days later, when the Urshani horde crossed the Grayflow on their rafts, they were ambushed by the Baldheads and Secomber militia. There was a great slaughter, forty hobgoblins and three worgs slain at a cost of three 'Baldheads' - less than a score escaped back across the river with tails between their legs. The grateful people of Secomber have proclaimed the leader of the Baldheads their new Lord, and he has promised to protect them from all threats.
In late M6 1480 DR Boris aided the Graywood elven ranger Ardan to defeat a vampire lord infesting the ruins of Uluvin, north of Secomber.
In M1 1483 DR Lady Moonfire appointed Lord Boris the General of Loudwater, and he commanded a 500-strong force in victory over the frost giants of Clenderi at Llorkh, aided by the Tigerclaws under Prince Konn. Boris exploited a brilliant pincer movement to trap the giants between his army and that of Llorkh commanded by his daughter, Ser Kitana. In the aftermath there was some reconciliation between the pair. 21/M6 1483 DR at the Midsummer Ball following various heroic endeavours Lord Boris was named by Lady Moonfire as Baron of Secomber and Warden of the West.

Secomber NPCs
Shera, Forestarm of the Green Regent
Boris, the Lord Baldhead of Secomber
Lord Boris (1435-), bald. The bombastic and ambitious Baron of Secomber and Warden of the West under Lady Moonfire, the High Lord of Loudwater. In M4 1480 DR he engaged to Priestess Shera, wedding 21/7. Former bandit warlord king of Llorkh, expelled by the usurper Esme and his own daughter Kitana. He is now a Shadoweir (Forest Knight) of the Green Regent. Boris' first child by Lady Shera, a daughter born 1482 DR, was named Lirael after Lirael, Baron Warden of the North.
Lady Shera (f) (1442-), auburn hair. Devout Forestarm (Priestess) of the Green Regent, also Mielikki & Silvanus. Lonely since her first love died many years ago, Shera's life was changed when Lord Boris converted to the Faith of Mielikki under the influence of the Green Regent and Shera spent many long hours tutoring him in the Faith. She fell in love, and became Boris' fiancee M4 1480 DR, married by the Regent 21/7/1480 on the banks of the Unicorn Run, the day the Heroes of Loudwater returned to Faerun after closing the Death Cyst. Shera wears a tiara gifted by the Green Regent - new sapling and leafy growth from the grove of Milekki forms a small, demure tiara, with a small gemstone in the rough likeness of a unicorn. Since becoming Boris' fiancee, then wife, and a Forestarm of the Regent, Shera has embraced a minimalist approach to clothing. 

Valtar (1445-), shaven head. Boris' tall, black-clad long-time loyal lieutenant. A skilled scout and spy. In early 1480 DR he uncovered the Najaran wereserpent spy Lyath in Loudwater. Was Lord Boris' 'Best Man' at his wedding to Priestess Shera.
Crox - white bearded, money-loving dwarf master
Martha of the Secomber Inn
Old Jake (1408-), Secomber's Alchemist-Apothecary.
Martha Ilsharen (1440-) the Innkeeper (f), sturdy blonde owner of the Secomber Inn. Shera's 'Bridesmaid' at her wedding. Martha's husband Jhirim Ilsharen husband died years ago (1470). She has a teenage son, Varis (1465-), fair haired.
Niria (f), (1455-), brunette. Boris' ex (as of M4 1480) girlfriend, a former maid at the Lord's Hall, now a serving wench at the Secomber Inn. Not very happy.

Fiercehorn the Dusk Unicorn: This large, bearded male unicorn guards the banks of the Unicorn Run, assisting loyal followers of Mielikki and smiting evil. He is a leader among his kind.
Lord Boris and Shaedra of Elturgard lead adventurers in battle against Hell Hounds of the Fire Dragon near Secomber, M6 1483 DR