Saturday 21 September 2019

21/6-7/7/1491 DR session 9 Defeat of Efreet XP 53+7=60 Lvl 7>8

21/6: Meet Oscar the Azer. Dagny discovers many secrets in Ignan, left among Vanifer's notes. Late night bluff/escape from the Fire Temple at Tyar-Besil with Tinderstrike.
28/6: Rainy weather. An angry Efreet & 2 Salamanders attack Swinging Sword Inn, seeking Tinderstrike. Salamanders are killed and the Efreet Sharmazam is forced to flee back to the City of Brass and resume his position as a street tough & drinking buddy of Lord Shieldbiter.
29/6+: With their Prophet Vanifer dead and Tinderstrike lost, the Fire Cult collapses. Most of those recruited from the Cult of Tiamat either rejoin Tiamat, or flee. Sharatu gains a sidekick.
Hallomak Stromm is the new Open Lord of Waterdeep.
5/7: Visit Feathergale Spire, Dagny & Kasumi join the Feathergale Knights; Rhenya is offered an advisory position by Thurl Merosska.
7/7: Dagny & Kasumi bond with their new Hippogriff mounts in the Sighing Valley. Sir Elian tries to kiss Dagny, but only gets a cheek-peck. With the Feathergale Knights now back at full strength (12, including Dagny & Kasumi); Thurl plans an attack on the Black Earth Cult in an attempt to rescue any survivors among the Mirabar delegation.

Likely attack group: 14 total.
9 knights - Thurl Merosska, Dagny Glintshield,  Elian, Sabra Belantra, & 5 other knights, carrying 5 more - Rhenya Alani Ralf Sharatu & Seraphus. Total: 14, with 9 mounts.
3 knights - Kasumi, 2 more knights, & their mounts - will remain to protect Feathergale.

Postscript: While Dagny Glintshield is engaged in her nightly study of Vanifer's notes, this time in her bunk at the Feathergale Spire, she comes across reference to something called a 'Devastation Orb', harvesting Primordial Fire. Apparently Vanifer was planning to test it within the current month of Flamerule by destroying a local village - most likely Red Larch.