Monday 20 April 2015

Session 83 RL23 23/8/1484 Smashing the Eye of Terra Terror

Earthquake Dragon

After much debate, the group proceed to the Inner Sanctum of the Roots of the Earth, where the face the Eye of Terror and its defenders... after a fierce battle in which Dunstan, leading the advance up the steps, is badly battered, they kill the remaining two Stoneshaper high priests of the stone cult, and Jareth smashes the Eye of Terror, rendering Stonefang mortal - but also free and supercharged...

2 Level 22 earth elementals 4150x2=8300
2 Level 24 Stoneshapers (priests) 6050x2=12100
1 Elite 24 Earthquake Dragon 12100
5 minion 24 Stone Thralls 7500
Eye of Terror 6050
+ bonus 5000 for interrogation of hill giant apostle & extra elemental AC

Total 51050/5=10,210 each

10210+250189=260,399 XP

Need 255,000 XP for Level 23
Need 310,000 for Level 24