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Faerun North-West & Sword Coast

From the north down, the indicated territories along the coast are:
Ten Town Confederation in Icewind Dale - Good/Unaligned, pop. 15,000, Council of Ten.
Viklund, Ruathym Norse coastal Jarldoms - Unaligned, pop. 40,000, Seven Jarls.
City of Waterdeep, including Neverwinter - Unaligned, pop. 800,000, Open Lord Dagult Neverember, Masked Lords. Known Portals: Grove of Silvanus Portal east of City. Moon Portal in Temple of Selune. Blackstaff Tower portal.
Duchy of Daggerford - Unaligned, pop. 55,000, Duke Haskar Tyndal, Guild Council. The new Duke's Castle is sited south of the river, with the Akanul Portal lying west of south Daggerford. Magister Ilyrio governs old Daggerford, called Northdock, aided by Customs Officer Sathira, a black woman of Chultan ancestry.
City of Baldur's Gate - Unaligned/Good, pop. 975,000, Grand Duke Portyr Balduran, Parliament.

The major inland territories are:
Kingdom of Luruar (Silver Marches) - Good, pop. ca 375,000, High Lord Methrammar Aerasumé
Shield Dwarf Holds (various) - Lawful Good, pop. ca. 50,000 total, Lord Battlehammer et al
Empire of Netheril - Evil/Unaligned, pop. ca 3.5 million, High Prince Gerin Legatus (from 1485), was  Telamunt Tanthul, Most High of the Twelve Princes of Shade (RIP 1485 DR)
Serpent Realm of Najara - Evil, pop. unknown, the Dark Naga Najant 'King of Snakes'
Zhentarim Darkhold (east of Najara) - Evil, pop. 100,000, "The High Commander"
Kingdom of Elturgard - Lawful Good, pop. 560,000, King Pyvim I Kyatt (1480-)
Kingdom of Cormyr - Lawful Good, pop. 1.45 million, King Foril Obarskyr (b. 1409)

Dominions of the Gray Vale Region:

Graywood Elves pop. 600 - Elf-King Cirallon Swan-cloak
Tigerclaw Uthgardt/Direwood pop. 3,000
Halfling Shires of the Heartblood pop. 1,200 - Upwater & Downwater Sheriffs
Loudwater pop. 12,000 - Lady Moonfire, High Lord of the Vale. Amarindar Portal in Southwood. Includes
Secomber pop. 1000+ - 'Lord Baldhead'
Southwood Goblins/Korzzbad pop. 15,000 goblins ("five thousand blades") - vassal to Llorkh
Orlbar pop. 3,000 - Queen Valeris Mistress Emesha, leader of the Light of the Sun Order
Llorkh pop. 8,00? inc Timbervale, Irondawn - Queen Esmerelda. 'Zhent Portal' (locked) in Temple of Bane.
inc Loagrann pop. 2,000? - The Mountain King, Oro Loroth 
Frost Giants of the Graypeaks - north of Loagrann, number unknown, raid Loagrann
Adakmi pop. 400 - Citadel Council
Vale of Naurogloth/Glintshield Dwarves pop. 850?
Vale of Naurogloth/Severed Eye Orcs pop. 2,000+? (dec'd M9 1480 DR)

Following the ravages of the Hand of Naarash 1474-1479 DR, the valley of the Upper Delimbyr along the Black March was almost entirely abandoned by civilised folk.

Gerin Legatus, High Prince of Netheril fr 1485

Knight Old photo KnightOld.jpg
Pyvim I Kyatt, King of Elturgard fr 1481, Duke of the Westmarch

Lord Myuni, Primarch of Thay fr 1485 DR

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