Tuesday 19 April 2016

Session 96 RL 27 6/4/1485 Guardians at the Gate

Lirael meets Mielikki in the forest. Back in Loudwater, a rather tired looking Lady Moonfire discusses making her ruler of the Gray Vale - or the Shining Vale once more. Hallomak Stromm summons her to Waterdeep, where she is sent to join the others in the Gloomdeep Caverns on their quest for the Tomb of Sartine and a secret backdoor to the Pillars of Night, where Shar is held captive by Orcus in Thakorsil's Seat.

The party trek through the caverns to the doors of Sartine's Tomb, guarded by powerful golems, gargoyles, and a gibbering abomination. Much fighting ensues... At last the victorious band open the gates, seeing a short corridor beyond, and discuss making camp.

Lirael Conversation with Moonfire 11,000
2 Golems Level 27 Elite 44,000
2 Nabassu Gargoyles Level 28 26,000
Gibbering Abomination Level 28 13,000
Floor Trap etc Level 27 Obstacle 11,000
Enter Sartine's Tomb 11,000
Total 116000/4=29000

550,000 for Level 27
675,000 for Level 28

Monday 18 April 2016

4e Cannons

Black-Powder Cannon
Ball Shot: Attack Ref +0
Damage: 10 (15) per lb weight of ball, eg 4 lb cannon ball does 40 hp damage (crit 60 damage)
Grape Shot: Attack Ref +10, Area Burst 1 (3x3) (short range) or Burst 2 (5x5) (long range)
Short Range: 1d6 per (nominal) lb weight of ball, eg 4 lb does 4d6 (crit 24) Miss: Half Damage.
Long Range: 1d6 per (nominal) 2 lb weight of ball, eg 4 lb cannon does 2d6 (crit 12).  

Monday 4 April 2016

Session 95 3-6/4/1485 DR Against the Carrion God

After six months of searching, Paelias locates the Shadovar Emissary Gerin Legatus in the Netherese city of Oreme. Paelias rescues Gerin Legatus & 4 Netherese soldiers from rampaging Thaluud Tomb Tappers - Gerin & Paelias destroying one each; most of the soldiers are squashed but Paelias leads the survivors out by the Shadow Roads.
In Waterdeep, the group meets Hallomak Stromm - and Selune. Selune blesses them and their gear; the priests supply Potions of Vitality.
Transported by Paelias to the Gloomdeep Caverns north-east of Oreme, they battle Cyclops and their Carrion God, seeking the Tomb of Sartine and Gerin's promised secret approach to the Pillars of Night, where Orcus holds Shar in Thakorsil's Seat. Gerin is horribly wounded by the Carrion God but survives, to be tended by the two soldiers with him.

XP (each)
Gerin Legatus rescued 6750
Crawler Nest 1625
Cyclops Storm Shaman 2750
3 Cyclops hewers (2 fled) 6750
Enormous Carrion Crawler 5500
23375+502,734= 525109
Roleplay & Exploration, Gerin kept alive +2000
Total: 527,109
550,000 for Level 27