Tuesday 17 September 2013

Session 51 28/6/1480 - Ulrvrain & Myuni

9.15pm Meet the Drow in the Spider Temple, negotiate their way in and speak with Matron Ulrvrain.  Ulrvrain wants them to go kill the drow wizard Jhaelant. Mentions that Myuni arrived just before the Cyst breached.
9.45pm Quinn does a Sending to Myuni, he is stuck in the old Red Wizard embassy and asks for help.
10pm Pealias sees dragonborn looters in the north-east commercial district, sends them an arrow message.
10.15pm Group leaves Fane of Lolth.
10.20pm Reach Red Wizard embassy, defeat drow-wights, meet with 'Lord' Myuni. Myuni suggests that Jhaelant is not the source of the incursion, and suggests an Orcus-worshipping drow vampire lord, Zirithian, said to be native to Phaervorul, is a likely suspect given Orcus' recent alliance with Thay.
10.50pm Rest and get ready to leave the embassy to check out the west side of the city.

Last extended rest ended 5pm 28/6. Can extended rest again from 5am-11am 29/6.

Matron Urlvrain, ruler of Phaervorul
Entering Drow Temple, Dealing with Ulrvrain: 500 each
Battle with Drow Wights (EL 13)
Battle Wight Commander: 800
4 Drow Battle Wights: 2800
Cave Widow Spider: 1000
Total: 4600/6x1.5= 1150 each
Rescuing Myuni: 200 each
Total: 1850+58,457=60,307
Need 69,000 for 16th level


Tuesday 10 September 2013

Session 50: Reach Level 15 - And a Vrock Fell On Them 28/6/1480

8.30pm - Dunstan & Pealias meet the Mindflayers -  200 XP each
8.45pm - Crossing the Great Bridge, passing the Demonweb Terror spider - 250 XP each
9.00pm - Battle in Commoners' District:
Combat XP - 12 horde ghouls, ghoul eyebiter, 2 Vrock demons, Abyssal Breach, Balthrad the Abyssal Ghoul - 8,900x1.5= 13350/7.5=1780
Total XP: 2,230+56,227=58,457
Need 57,000 for 15th level 
Need 69,000 for 16th level