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Faerun Adventures - 5e D&D Game (1359-60 DR)

A D&D open campaign online on Roll20 using text-chat & on D&D Beyond.

Game Tone
For this game I'll be going for a relatively old school, sandbox, low power tone overall, with a good deal of magical and mundane loot to be found in dungeons and ruins. Player and player group choice is a priority - this won't be a railroady or linear game. If you don't know what any of that means, don't worry about it - welcome to Dungeons & Dragons! :)
Content rating should be at PG/12 to 15+ sort of level.

Note: The PHB Feat & Multiclass rules modules are not used in this campaign.
Permitted Player Sources: Player's Handbook, Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Nothing from Tasha's. Some Volo's PC races are permitted.

Dungeon Master's Guide Variant Rules in Effect
1 Week Long Rest - Page 267. Overnight rest restores 1 hp/level & 1 Exhaustion level.
Training to Level - Page 131 - see below.

Major Changes to PHB Rules
Standing from prone provokes Opportunity Attack. 
Picking up an object from the ground counts as standing from prone - half move & provokes opp att.
Berserker Barbarian may recover 1 level of Rage exhaustion with a Short Rest.
Eldritch Knight Fighter may Attune to a magic Bonded weapon, and use it as their Spell Focus.
Beastmaster Ranger: a Beast Companion may roll initiative and act on its own turn. It may also use its Reaction to follow orders given by the Beastmaster on his/her turn. It does not always stay and fight - if feeling outmatched it might Disengage and flee, or even Dash away.
Maximum AC & Save DC is 30. Skill DCs are not capped (but DC 30 is 'nearly impossible').

PC Start Level
Highest Level PC: New PC Start Level

1-4: 1
5-6: 3
7-8: 4
9-10: 5
11-12: 6
13-14: 8
15-16: 10
17-18: 12
19-20: 14

Faerun Adventures Timeline (1e & 5e) from 14/3/1359 DR.

Damaran-Impilturan Calendar
Each month is 30 days, made up of three Tendays, with 5 festival days between the months.
Month Common Name
 1 (January) Deepwinter
 2 (February) Latewinter or Claw of Winter. Last month of Winter.
 3 (March) Sunrise. First month of Spring.
Annual holiday: Greengrass. Sunrise 6am/Sunset 6pm
 4 (April) Stormsend
 5 (May) Melting. The mountain passes typically become navigable in this month.
 6 (June) Flowers. First month of summer.
Annual holiday: Midsummer. Sunrise 4am/Sunset 8pm
 7 (July) Flamerule. Usually the hottest month of the year.
 8 (August) Highsun
 9 (September) Fading. The beginning of Autumn.
Annual holiday: Highharvestide. Sunrise 6am/Sunset 6pm
10 (October) Leaffall
11 (November) Rotting
Annual holiday: The Feast of the Moon. Sunrise 7.20am/Sunset 4.40pm
12 (December) Nightfall. The beginning of Winter.
Annual holiday: Midwinter. Sunrise 8am/Sunset 4pm

PCs Group 1 'Norrin's Band' (Saturdays) 
1359 DR
3/11/59: Defeat at Mistwood Mine, Erasmus & Quillax lost.
17/11: Encounter with Rot-Tusk's orcs (12 total) in forest, Ted slain & Gentle Reposed, Jyrdani leaves. Acquire insect repellent. Travel to Dwarfstead.
24/11: News - Carrion Moths attacking Malthlyn cause havoc with their droning, but are driven off by the defenders. Fraener raises Ted.
25/11: Group travels to Helix, talks with Hendon the Miller, overnight at the Brazen Strumpet.
26/11: West into Moonfog Hills in heavy rain, battle 2 trolls and 7 worgs, overnight at Barnaby Farm.
27/11: i. Sunny day. North into woods, find ransacked Arcatan camp, Queale gets fur slippers. ii. Find sinister cave, & battle Carrion Moths, destroy a sinister obelisk then defeat its mind-bending Mind Flayer guardian in a terrible battle. Flee aberrant hordes, and return to Malthlyn for long rest and training (30 days).
27/12: resume - party meets up at Malthlyn, Fraener makes rope ladders. The orc insect repellent seems to be protecting the village from the carrion moths.
28/12: i. North to the Carrion Moth caves, in a great battle kill 9 carrion moths & 12 carrion crawlers. A second obelisk proves to be an illusion created by an Aboleth, which takes control of Shivers the Rogue, then Norrin. ii. Group escape the aboleth, returning to find it seemingly absent. Discover the mindflayer's lair and much treasure, including the ethereal diadem. Defeat an ambush by 6 carrion crawlers. iii. With great difficulty, a sanity-blasted Queale uses the ethereal diadem to close down the Heteroclite Portal, ending the Moonfog and destroying remaining carrion moths. The Crawler egg sacs and grubs are destroyed. 
1360 DR
M1/T1: Queale is taken to the High Druid of Leth for healing & recuperation. Ted experiments with Leth pipeweed (just say no to pipeweed, kids).
M1/T3: Ted leads the party in slaying the giant vultures of Dead Man's Hill and recovering Manu's legendary dwarven thrower, along with some remains. The group returns to D'Ashe Manor to plan an expedition to the Fallen Halls of Khundrakar. Fraener IDs the hammer as the Hammer of Cirdan Man-friend.
19/2: Rebecca Ramvira is brought by Sister Bronda to D'Ashe Manor.
20/2: Dara & Viola arrive at D'Ashe Manor.
21/2: Fraener leads expedition to reclaim the Fallen Halls of Khundrakar. They rest overnight in the Mountain Door, then 22/2 destroy a succubus, before descending to the Black Lake where they kill the dragon Nightscale and seize the riches of Khundrakar.


Norrin's Band PCs:
Norrin Son of Thorin (Geoff) Human male Fighter-6 (Champion) PB+3 XP 22,169/23,000 AC 23 (plate +1 & shield +2) HP 58 (13+9/level) P-PER 15 P-INV 12 P-INS 15 MI: +1 Nar 'hero sword' longsword, +1 plate armour, +2 Durgeddin shield
Strohm of Leth (Muiz) Sun Elf male Fighter-6 (Eldritch Knight) XP 21,100/23,000 AC 19 (orog plate, defence style) HP 58 (13+9/lvl) P-PER 12 P-INV 12 P-INS 9. MI: +2 Greatsword - Excruciator, the Sword of Amaul, aka the Sword of the Sorcerer (sheds light as per spell on command)
Malied Edicast (James) Half-Elf male Wizard-6 XP 20,251/23,000 AC 13/16 mage armour HP 26 (6+4/lvl) P-PER 14 P-INV 18 P-INS 11. Blessing: +2 INT from Gina the Gynosphinx
Fraener ap Durgeddin (Chris) Mountain Dwarf male Forge Cleric-6 XP 16,680/23,000 AC 23 (AC 19 plate armour +1, +3 for shield blessed to +1, +1 soul of the forge) HP 57 (12+9/lvl), fire resistance P-PER 12 P-INV 10 P-INS 15. MI: Durgeddin's own +1 full plate armour (+0/+1 at 5th level), the Hammer of Cirdan Man-friend +3 dwarven thrower. MI with his Huscarls: +1 Duergar warhammer, +1 battle axe, +1 hand axe
Queale (Keelia) Half-Elf female Horizon Walker Ranger-5 XP 10,529/14,000 AC 17 (mithril half plate) HP 49 (13+9/level) P-PER 16 P-INV 13 P-INS 16 MI: cute rabbit fur slippers of elvenkind, 13 +1 arrows, ethereal diadem (in pack)
Meryem Bloodletter (Roxy) Human female Berserker Barbarian-3>4 XP 3,133/2,700>6500 AC 18 (13 unarmoured +2 DEX +3 shield +1) HP 35 (15+10/level) P-PER 10 P-INV 10 P-INS 10. MI: +1 Duergar greatsword, +3 battleaxe of Durgeddin, +1 shield

Meryem Bloodletter of the Reghedmen

Dara Huntinghawk of Elven Court
Allied PCs:
Ted (Matt) Half-Orc male Assassin Rogue-5 XP 9,590/14,000 AC 15 (studded) HP 38 (10+7/lvl) P-PER 17 P-INV 9 P-INS 11 MI: Ostrikka's/Jack's gauntlets of ogre power STR 19, +1 Durgeddin Rapier from Tenho, Barbara's Rope of Climbing, wand of magic missiles
Shivers of the Shadow Hand (Rich), Human male Assassin Rogue-4 XP 4,699/6,500 AC 16 (+1 elfin chain) HP 29 (9+6/lvl, rolled 8 hp for 4th) P-PER 13 P-INV 13 P-INS 11, MI:  +0 crossbow, +1 elven chain shirt

Secondary PCs
Dara Huntinghawk of Elven Court (Roxy) Wood Elf female Beastmaster Ranger 4 XP 3,027 (max) AC 17 HP 40 (13+9/lvl) P-PER 15 MI: elven light chain as +1 studded leather, +2 Mace
Sir Glendor (Rich) Human male Paladin-4 (Vengeance) XP 2,700 (max) AC 22 HP 34 P-PER 12 P-INV 10 P-INS 12 MI: +2 Flail, a gift from Queale. +2 Spellguard Shield
Gundred (Chris) Human female Fighter-3 (Champion) XP 946/2,700 AC 19 (banded & shield) HP 28 P-PER 12 P-INV 10 P-INS 10

Allied NPCs
Dara's Ly-am: Grey Wolf male
AC 15 HP 16
P-PER 15 I+2 ATT +6/2d4+4 & STR sv DC 13 or prone.
Dara's Ly-am
Kade, the Wandering Druid (Roxy/quasi-PC) Human Druid PB+2 STR 14 DEX 12 CON 12 INT 12 WIS 16  CHA 15  AC 18 (ankheg chitin coat of plates, as half plate, +1 DEX, shield) HP 25 (8+3d8+4); weapon: spear +1 ATT +5 dam 1d6+3. Spell Save DC 13 Cantrips (4): Fire bolt (ATT+5/d10), Poison Spray, Ray of Frost, Light. 1st level Spells (4 slots): entangle, longstrider, speak with animals, thunderwave

2nd level (3 slots): animal messenger lesser restoration.

Lady Barbara D'Ashe Human female Rogue-2 XP 575/900 AC 12 HP 13 STR 6 (-2) INT 14 (+2) WIS 9 (-1) CON 11 (+0) DEX 12 (+1) CHA 18 (+4) P-PER 9 P-INV 14 P-INS 11

Vili Vilison, Mountain Dwarf male Fighter, retainer of Fraener. Fighter-2 XP 300/900 AC 18 (chain & shield) HP 22 P-PER 12

Viola Chaney, apprentice to Kade the Druid, Human female Fighter-1/Rogue-1 XP 300/900 AC 13/15 (20 in plate & shield, then no Druid abilities) HP 17 P-PER 14

Rebecca Ramvira Human female Wizard-5 XP 6,500/14,000 AC 12/15 HP 22 P-PER 11. Penitent to end M6 1360 DR.

Ilyria, Nar Human female Beastmaster Ranger-4 XP 2,700 (max) AC 15 HP 36 P-PER 14
Rebecca Ramvira
Swift, Ilyria's male Panther AC 14 HP 16 P-PER 16

Tenho Isotalo Human male Rogue-4 (Assassin) XP 2,700 (max) AC 14 HP 31 P-PER  15 P-INV 12 P-INS 15 

Barbara D'Ashe

Viola Chaney
Ilyria, Soravian Ranger

Tenho Isotalo
Mind Flayer of the Carrion Moth Caves

PCs Group 2 'Faerun Seven (or Eight)' (Mondays>Saturdays) 
Faerun Seven Players Blog (by Kimberly Pauley)

Schedule autumn 2021
16/10 Saturday 1pm-4pm online
30/10 Saturday 1pm-8.30pm live - Simon's
13/11 Saturday 5pm-8.30pm online
27/11 Saturday 1pm-8.30pm live - Simon's
11/12 Saturday 1pm-7.30pm live Kimberly game 'Shambles' - Coventry
25/12 Xmas - no game

1359 DR
M12/T3: Defeat at Feycircle Carrion Shrine of Qorgeth. Errol Deepcut and Princess Nevamira lost, slain by the Malakbel Demon.
1360 DR
21/2: Heroes face the Sons of the Dragon at Rough Run. Their soldiers are killed, but the Walaki twins chase off the heroes; Trystan is killed by the tower defences.
2/3: Nathia completes training with Arnor.
4/3: Group uncovers slaver ring at Sanguine Inn; the Sorokins flee.
19/3: Marriage of Sirondar & Elia at Ironwolf Manor.

Greeba of Soravia (Jelena) Half-Orc female Barbarian-5 (Berserker) XP 12,216/14,000 AC 18 (scale, shield, DEX+2) HP 50 (14+9/level) P-PER 10 P-INV 9 P-INS 13 +1 warhammer; flametongue longsword
Gorlock the Warlock (Tony) Half-Elf male Celestial Warlock-5 XP 12,216/14,000 AC 15 HP 43 (11+8/level) P-PER 11 P-INV 11 P-INS 11. 
Wisteria of Skullspire (Jelly) Moon Elf female Grave Cleric-5 XP 11,632/14,000 AC 17 HP 38 (10+7/lvl) P-PER 16 P-INV 12 P-INS 16. MI: +1 longbow
Eamon of the Yellow Rose (Bill) Human male Monk-5 (Kensai) XP 11,162/14,000 AC 16/18 HP 33 (9+6/lvl) P-PER 12 P-INV 10  P-INS 15 MI: +1 longsword
Nathia Truefist (Kim) Goliath female Fighter-5 (Champion) XP 7,390/14,000 AC 16 HP 49 (13+9/lvl) P-PER 13 P-INV 9 P-INS 10 MI: +1 Shadowfey Guardian Pike (2d8), +1 war pick 
Joell Elderberry (Max) Aasimar male Companion of the Noble Heart Paladin-4 (Oath of Conquest) XP 4,990/6500 AC 21 (plate & shield) HP 32 (11+7/lvl) P-PER 11 P-INV 9 P-INS 11 MI: +1 longsword
Mac (Matt) Half Elf male Companion of the Noble Heart Paladin-3>4 (Oath of Vengeance) XP 3,097/2,700>6500 AC 19 HP 28 (12+8/lvl) P-PER 13 P-INV 10 P-INS 11. MI: +1 longsword of poison resistance
Blurb (Phil) Firbolg male Shepherd Druid-3>4 XP 2,741/2700>6500 AC 16 HP 24 P-PER 13 P-INV 9 P-INS 13

Adventuring NPCs
Tiffany (Gorlock's Familiar), Angelic Sprite AC 15 HP 2 (re-forms on SR) P-PER 13
Arnor, Shadow Fey Guardian AC 15 HP 110 P-PER 14

NPCs At Castle
Sirondar Altur Banacath, Lord of Ft Skulnar Human male Fighter-3 (Cavalier) XP 2,016/2700 AC 18 HP 31 P-PER 13 P-INV 9 P-INS 11. 
Elia Chatzoudis Human female Shadow Sorcerer-3 XP 2,539/2700 AC 11 HP 20 P-PER 12 P-INV 12 P-INS 12. 
Lyssa Brown Half-Elf female Druid-1 XP 0/300 AC 12 HP 9 P-PER 15. Retainer of Arian
Shaggy (Wolf) AC 13 HP 11 P-PER 13/18 for Hearing or Smell. Retainer of Arian
Frank (Thug) AC 16 HP 32 P-PER 10. Retainer of Thibault
 Thibault's former servants (Human Commoner AC 10 HP 4 P-PER 10) - now serve Sirondar
1. Estie Longossip: Charming, connected, agony aunt to the people in the know. "From the castle to the gutter, no rumour escapes her".
2. Will the Quill: Scribe, Chronicler, messenger, fluent in too many languages to count (actually it's four).
3. Dove Tailjoint: She has golden hands. She can craft any object as long as it's made of wood.

NPC Adventurer Group
Braltak Human male Barbarian 3 XP 900 AC 18 HP 32 (14+9/lvl) P-PER 13
Andrea Human female Fighter 3 XP 900 AC 17 HP 28 (12+8/lvl) P-PER 13
Timo Human male Rogue 3 XP 900 AC 15 HP 24 (10+7/lv) P-PER 15

Group 0
Einar human male Wizard (Invoker) 4 XP 4758/6500 AC 13/16 HP 26
Rondus human male Cleric (Light) 3 XP 974/2700 AC 18 HP 24

Group 0 (PBP) NPCs 
Raknar human male Fighter (Champion) 3 AC 18 HP 31
Jane Poole human female Fighter (Champion) 3 AC 17 HP 28
Shukura of Rauthil human female Cleric (Life) 3 AC 17 HP 18
Fulnok of Ferd human male Rogue (Thief) 3 AC 16 HP 24
Jilla Kallent human female Cleric (Light) 2 AC 15 HP 19

Retired N/PCs
Sgt Jyrdani of Jiyyd (NPC) Human female Barbarian-5 (Eagle Totem) XP 11,998/14,000 AC 21 (16 half plate +1, +2 DEX, +3 shield +1) HP 50 STR 18 CON 14; P-PER 13 P-INV 10 P-INS 11 MI: +1 longsword 'Ironwolf' ATT+8 dam 1d8+5 (+7), +1 Darkwood shield, Jack's +1 half plate. Retired from adventuring, she takes a position as palace guard sergeant in Ravensburg, and has a son, Erasmus, 1/6/1360 DR.
Syrus (Kenny), Half-Elf male Bard-5 (LoreXP: 9,934/14,000 AC 15 (studded & DEX+3) HP 38 (10+7/lvl) P-PER 14 P-INV 13 P-INS 14. MI: +1 shortsword 'Victrix', rope of climbingGurzun's +1 greatsword, lantern of revealing, Cloak of Billowing

NPCs - Ravensburg

Sergeant Jyrdani of Jiyyd
A Nar of the eastern plains, Jyrdani grew up on a smallholding near the Narfell trade town of Jiyyd. When she was sixteen, bandit raiders attacked the farm, raped her and killed her family. As she lay dying, the Eagle Spirit appeared to her and promised her revenge. She awoke healed, empowered, and determined.
M12 1359 DR: 4 months pregnant, Jyrdani turns to her friend Tenho Isotalo (as well as to Syrus) for support; Tenho has the ear of Duchess Malla Devlin of Carmathan, and he gets Jyrdani a safe sinecure as a Sergeant in Ravensburg's palace guard.
1/6/1360 DR: Retired from adventuring, Sgt Jyrdani gives birth to a son, Erasmus - named after his heroic lost father. 

Tenho Isotalo, 'Merchant Extraordinaire'
Mysterious Tenho Isotalo is known to have studied under the Sage Hardby of Praka, and to have a great interest in historical relics, especially of the magical variety. He also seems to know a lot of different people, including the Duchess Malla of Carmathan. And he's very handy in a fight.

Sirondar Altur Banacath

Elia Chatzoudis
Sirondar Altur Banacath

From Morovar. A first cousin to Dimian Ree Banacath (he is the son of Dimian's aunt Elphina), the Prince-Baron of Morov & King of Damara, who despises Sirondar's adherence to Law & Righteousness. More distantly related to Tarkos Ree, the Guildmaster of Thieves. The third son of Lady Elphina Ree Banacath by Sir Corum Altur, a fat and jovial old knight, Sirondar is determined to prove there is still honour in the Banacath name. He fought alongside Thibault of Brandiar during the Vaasan War. Hearing that Thibault had established an adventuring party at the Cumin Inn and was beginning to make a name for himself in the region, Sirondar decided to seek out his old battle comrade with a view to joining up. Following Thibault's death, Sirondar swore to rebuild Fort Skulnar in his memory.

Engaged to Elia M12 1359 DR

Elia Chatzoudis

Elia claims to be a Shadow Sorcerer from a world overrun by a zombie plague. Apparently Death talks to her. And wants her to protect Wisteria.

Engaged to Sirondar M12 1359 DR


Gorlock: "So Elia, where do you get your adventuring gear...?"

Elia :"Got this in a little place on Long Island, Gorlock. Right before the zombies burst in the store..."


Rumours - rumours with obvious extreme danger (Challenge 5+) are marked in red.

Rumours M2 1360 DR.
1. Frost giants have been raiding into Arcata from the White Wyrm Glacier, emerging from the winter storms to wreak havoc.
2. Knights of Arcata sent to deal with Stormcaller Tor have not returned.

Rumours M12 1359 DR
1. Grey Orc raiders from Glen Orcy have attacked Helix's Brazen Strumpet, but were defeated by the heroic defenders, led by Manu the Stable Boy. Manu & his companions next day ventured onto the Barrowmoor in Hendon the Miller's boat, but did not return. Update M1 1360 DR: Manu's brother Ted has led an expedition that recovered Manu's remains from the giant vultures of Dead Man's Hill.
2. Disaster at Spurs' Edge! Worm-Things from Feycircle Tor have destroyed the village, and devoured or carried off her defenders, including Thane Rufus & Mage Burne of Hommlet, and the Snow Elf warrior princess Nevamira. Survivors have fled north to Hommlet and Valls. A band of heroes from Carmarthan, led by handsome Gorlock the Warlock and his trusty sidekick Greeba, have answered the call to save the land from the Worms of Qorgeth. Update M12 1359 DR: The assault on the Carrion Shrine below Feycircle Tor failed, though one prisoner, Klegg, was rescued. The Tower has now collapsed, burying dozens of Goblins. Worm-things have been spotted among the ruins.
3. Malthlyn village remains hard pressed by aberrant monsters descending from the Moonfog Hills, but at least the burning of a strange repellent concoction seems to be deterring the Carrion Moths and their Carrion Crawler brood. Brave Sir Norrin of D'Ashe Manor leads the defence, aided by a band of heroes including the elven prince Strohm, the wizard Malied, and Fraener the dwarven forge-priest. Update M1 1360 DR: Ranger Queale has closed the Aberrant Portal, saving the land from the hideous monsters.

Rumours M10 1359 DR
1. Dust Goblins from Feycircle Tor have been stealing livestock from Spurs' Edge. Update: Children too have been taken.
2. Raiding giants and orcs have made the Moonfog Hills a dangerous place. Many farms around Malthlyn have been abandoned. Update: The evil seemed centred on the abandoned mine, ruled by a mad Sorceress. 
3. Prospectors in Hiddenglen report that the wizard's tower known as Raganni's Redoubt appears abandoned. Update: Adventurers destroyed Raganni's undead corpse & slew his crazed lover.
4. The Priests of Talos at Stormcaller Tor have been sending fierce autumn storms across central Arcata. Update M2 1360: Knights of Arcata sent to deal with Stormcaller Tor have not returned.
5. A powerful band of veteran mercenaries, the Sons of the Dragon, have taken up residence at Rough Run tower. They have been demanding tribute from the local villages. Some say their leaders are in fact dragons! Update T3/M2/1360: An attack on Rough Run led by Greeba & Gorlock of Ironwolf Manor has failed; the Bard Trystan was lost. T1/M3 The Carmathan emissary Tenho Isotalo has persuaded the half dragons to leave Rough Run. They were last seen flying NW towards Valls.

Rumours, M9 1359 DR
1. Egilmont offers 300 gold for anyone who will slay the troll of Egilmarsh. Update 16/9/59: Troll slain by Norrin's Band after killing Sir Rodney Carlin.
2. Bandits are again preying on travellers along the road east of Fulscarp Manor. Lady Aryn in Fulscarp offers 200 gold for their elimination; the Baron Solkar of Grimstead offers to match this with 200 gold of his own. Update 2/10/59: The Bandits have been captured by Sir Thibault, the new lord of Fort Skulnar, and pressed into service.
3. A white dragon has claimed the territory between D'Ashe Manor and the mountains for his own - this includes the vital mining trail to Hiddenglen.

Rumours, M8 1359 DR
1. Ogre & Orc raiders have attacked a Mercellin mine caravan near William's Claim, kidnapping Summata Mercellin. Geradil Mercellin offers 1000 gold for his sister's safe return, 500 for her corpse. Update: Sumata has been rescued by Brave Sir Norrin, who slew the Great Ulfe!

Rumours, M7 1359 DR
1. Crimson-robed Monks have tried to recruit Patrick of the Roadhouse Inn, former Monk of the Yellow Rose. A martial-arts fight broke out, and he sent them away battered and swearing vengeance.
2. Den's Cave silver mine is infested with kobolds, led by a poison-tailed demon imp. Attempts to reclaim the mine have failed.
3. A flight of dragons from Castle Perilous attacked Bloodstone Pass, forcing many folk to flee for shelter in the Bloodstone Mines. They were driven off by the combined efforts of the Heroes of Bloodstone & their companions led by the Dragonsbane, though Celedon Kierney was killed by a green dragon's breath and had to be Revivifed by Friar Dugald. The Heroes are now preparing for a quest to find and defeat the controlling intelligence behind the dragons; the Wizard Emelyn the Gray suspects one of Tiamat's consorts.

Rumours, M6 1359 DR
1. Several young women of marriageable age have vanished in the region of Darkwood - no doubt the Cult of Chaos is responsible! Update M7 1359: Heroes have vanquished the Chaos cult. The Paladin Victoria fell in the battle, and was buried at St Cecilia's Abbey.
2. Two shepherdesses have gone missing from Chaney Manor on separate occasions - Lina Smith, the niece of Chaney Manor's Smith Brocas (3/6), and now (14/6) Jenny Jenson of North Farm. Fathers now keep their daughters locked up tight. Update 17/6: Jenny has been rescued from undead Sir Lorgas Chaney at Chaney Tor. Update M7: Lina Smith has returned to Chaney Manor.
3. The aggressive new Duchess of Camarthan, Malla I Devlin, has laid claim to Arcatan teritory! Shall war result?

Rumours, M5 1359 DR
1. A hideous Troll has taken up residence in the Egilmarsh and has eaten several peasants. Sir Rodney Carlin of Egilmont offers two hundred gold for its demise. Update: Troll slain after killing Sir Rodney.
2. The Shrine of Chaos in the Darkwood, long ago cast down by Amaul the King's Champion wielding the Sword of the Sorcerer, has again become active (ca 1/5). Cultists have been seen abroad - how long until travellers are again being abducted for horrible sacrifice? Worse, some say the temple has a new Master, a renegade Moravin Friar who now serves the dark gods! Update M7 1359: The Shrine has been cast down and the dark priest Odric slain. Strohm, elven hero of Leth, has claimed the Sorcerer's Sword.
3. Something evil dwells within the old Chaney Tor, sacked by Bullywugs years ago. Locals wisely avoid the place. Update 17/6: The Undead Skeleton of Sir Lorgas Chaney has been returned to rest.
4. Drow - dark elves - have been seen abroad, near Hommlet. It's suspected they come from the Whistling Cave, infested with vile Ettercaps.
5. The Crimson Monks of Loviatar, long thought destroyed by the Monks of the Yellow Rose, have returned! Scarlet-robed figures have been seen near Roadhouse Inn, likely heading for their ruined monastery, now held by the Bullywugs of the Frogmarsh. 
6. The ruined dwarf-fast known as the Fallen Halls holds an enchanted dwarf-forge, and many magical weapons crafted by the great dwarven smiths.


Avery of Al-Amo, Deva & Celestial Patron to Gorlock the Warlock


Trystan, the Bard of Leth (Jelly) Half-Elf male Bard-4 XP 2,700/2,700 AC 15 HP 31 P-PER 10 P-INV  11 P-INS 10
Errol Deepcut (Phil) Halfling male Rogue-4 (Swashbuckler) XP 4,772/6,500 AC 15 HP 31 (10+7/lvl) P-PER 13 P-INV 10 P-INS 9 MI: +1 Dagger of Double Venom (4d10 poison)
Xarius Janeuss (Max) Half-Elf male Wild Sorcerer-4 XP 5,926/6,500 AC 12 HP 26 (8+6/level) P-PER 10 P-INV 10 P-INS 12 
Erasmus Bos (Tim), Human male Monk-5 (Open Hand) XP: 13,325/14000  AC 16 (WIS+3 DEX+3) HP 38 (10+7/lvl) P-PER 15 P-INV 14 P-INS 15 MI: +1 Darkwood quarterstaff
Qiviel (Keelia) Human female Paladin-5 (Oath of DevotionXP 11,527/14000 AC 22 (plate, shield +1ring of protection HP 44 (12+8/lvl) P-PER 11 P-INV 11 P-INS 14. MI: ruby ring of protection attuned, knight's shield +1, Jack's +1 longsword.  Retainers 1/7 (Rocco the Hench-horse) 
Thibault of Brandiar (Philippe) Half-Elf male, Knight of the Golden Cup. Paladin-4 XP 5726/6500 AC 18 (chain, shield) HP 36 (12+8/level), +1 longsword P-PER 12 P-INV 9 P-INS 10 Retainers 1/8 (Frank)
Arian (Kimberly) Moon Elf female Moon Druid-4 XP 5042/6500 AC 16 HP 31 (10+7/lvl) P-PER 14 P-INV 11 P-INS 12. Retainers 2/3 (Shaggy, Lyssa Brown)
Jack o’Thorns (Chris) Sir Jacklyne Blackthorn of Fulscarp Manor, Human male Ranger-4 (Gloomstalker) XP 3475/6500 AC 18/20 (+1 half plate, defence style, +1 DEX, shield HP 36 (CON 14) P-PER 16 P-INV 12 P-INS 14 MI: Gauntlets of Ogre Power, +1 half plate, +1 longsword. Killed by one of Gurzun's men on the heath east of Gurzun's Hall.
Eldred (Matt) Half-Elf male Fighter-1 XP 310>900/300 AC 15 chain shirt HP 12 P-PER 13 P-INV 13 P-INS 11 killed by the last Orc at the Mountain Door.
Bryn (Kimberly) High Elf female, formerly of Leth. Rogue-2 XP 456/900 AC 14 HP 13 P-PER 15 P-INV 14 P-INS 13 killed by ghast under Cumin Inn 14/8/1359.
Rip Tear (James) Half Orc male Barbarian-1 XP 150/300 AC 14 HP 15 P-PER 13 P-INV 9 P-INS 11 killed by demon Imp 29/6/1359 DR

Victoria (NPC) Human female Paladin-4 XP 2700/2700 (capped) AC 20 HP 36 P-PER 12 P-INV 10 P-INS 12 Killed at Shrine of Chaos 2/7/1359 DR
Dawn Wintersmorn (NPC) killed by demon imp T3/M5/1359 DR. Dawn had family in Ravensburg (artisan class, her father Johorin Wintersmorn a successful cutlery maker) and was training in magic under the Ravensburg  'hedge mage' Hagra.
Lothrin of the Golden Thorn (NPC) killed by goblins T2/M5/1359 DR Lothrin was 
a younger son of the 12th Baron of Trollmarsh, Uther Torgrim.

Group 2 'Faerun Seven' (Eamon & co) formed at Cumin Inn, 3/8/1359 DR
Group 1 (Erasmus Syrus & co) formed at Silver Spoon, Fulscarp, 11/5/1359 DR
Group 0 PBP (Norrin & co) formed at Inn of the Welcome Wench, Hommlet 23/3/1359 DR

Inactive/Retired PCs - Hall of Fame
Quagg Wenders (Chris) Forest Gnome male Rogue-2>3 XP 305>1205/2700 AC 14 HP 17 (10+7/lvl) MI Quaal's Feather Token - Fan (1/LR) Gear: 2 Thayan cigars!
Torgin of Hillsafar (Matt) Mountain (Shield) Dwarf male Fighter-3 (Battle Master) XP 1486/2700 AC 18 HP 31 P-PER 13 P-INV 9 P-INS 11
Mistle Thorngage (Jelly) Halfling female, Cumin Inn wench. Ranger-2 XP 684/900 AC 14 HP 20 P-PER 14 P-INV 10 P-INS 12
Percy Hollowwood (Christian) Halfling male Rogue-2 XP 689/900 AC 14 HP 15 P-PER 16 P-INV 9 P-INS 12
Sergor Ivorskof (Jake) Human male Rogue-1 XP: 158/300 HD: 1/1 AC 16* HP 8 PP 10
MI: *Glamoured +1 Studded Leather armour


Playing on Roll20
1. To make any kind of check, roll a d20. Type  /roll d20 or tap the d20 icon. To roll with advantage or disadvantage, /roll 2d20. To roll weapon or spell damage /roll the indicated type and number of dice, eg /roll d8+5 or /roll 3d6.
2. Outside of combat, players may move their character on the Virtual Tabletop a distance up to the PC's Speed, at any time. Wait for the GM to post before moving again.

Speed #Squares Distance
25'         5
30'         6
35'         7
40'         8

3. Text chat gaming: type your words and actions to speak and act. Use "" for spoken words. Use OOC for out of character speech. In the presence of NPCs please avoid using OOC speech to prevent the NPCs hearing you make plans! :)

D&D 5E Basic Rules: https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/DnD_BasicRules_2018.pdf
Basic Rules HTML Version
5e Starter Set Characters - background descriptions will need adapting to the Damara 1359 setting - see notes below. Other official pregenerated characters.

Characters: Start Level 3 (as of 1/7/2021) with 900 XP, created using 5e Player's Handbook or Basic Rules, no Feats or Multiclassing.
Attributes: 15 13 12 10 8 assign as desired to STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA. Alternatively a player may use Point Buy as per the 5e Player's Handbook.

Permitted Races: all 5e PHB races except Dragonborn are permitted. There are no Dragonborn in Faerun at this time (1359 DR, ca 140 years before the official 5e time period).
Human: The most common race. 
Dwarf: Many Dwarves hail from Hillsafar Hall under Lord Garumbelly Hillsafar. Some Dwarves, descended from refugees fleeing the fall of Carak Nur (now Goblin Town), dwell in scattered mining and steading communities by the western mountains.
Half-Elf: Half-Elves are not too rare in human society.
Gnome: The reclusive Wenders gnome clan dwell by the Gnomarsh, near Hommlet.
Elf: The Wood Elves of Leth dwell deep in the Rawlinswood, ruled by a small Sun Elf nobility led by the Elf-Queen, Rylintara. The evil Drow are believed to dwell in the Lands of Deepearth, beneath south-western Damara. They are likely to be attacked on sight.
Halfling: Most Damaran Halflings hail from the Shire of Halfling Downs, in Carmathan.
Half-Orc: There are several Half-Orc dominated settlements around Damara, such as goodly Palischuk, and evil Goblin Town.
Tiefling. Tieflings have the blood of the ancient demon-haunted Empire of Narfell, and are much feared and hated by the common folk. They appear human, with one unusual or eye-catching feature such as mis-matched eye colours, an oddly coloured streak of hair, a cloven hoof, taloned fingernails, or even a small tail.

Classes: Any PHB class is permitted.
Barbarian - Most Damaran Barbarians are Nars from the wild forests and tundra of Soravia, or from the green depths of the Rawlinswood.
Bard - Bards are relatively common, and their entertainments are popular throughout Damara. Many goodly Bards are members of Spysong, a spy network in service to the Paladin-Duke Gareth Dragonsbane of Bloodstone. Evil Bards may be members of the Thieves' Guild, or even spy for the Citadel of Assassins.
Cleric - Most Clerics in Damara revere Ilmater, god of suffering and endurance, and one of His patron saints, such as St Sollars (protection), St Dionysus (wine, roistering) or St Cecilia (redemption).
Druid - While the Old Faith of the Druids still lingers across rural Damara, its great centre of worship is the Druids' Grove under Jaroo Ashstaff in the north-western Rawlinswood, near Tellerth.
Fighter - Many Damaran Fighters are soldiers, veterans of the long wars with Zhengyi the Witch King. With the wars finally at an end, some have turned to freelance adventuring. Other Fighters are noble knights determined to restore peace and order to their beleaguered land.
Monk - Monks are moderately common in Damara. They almost exclusively trained at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose dedicated to St Sollars, high in the Earthspur mountains.
Paladin - Most Damaran Paladins revere Ilmater, and belong to the chivalrous Order of the Golden Cup. Duke Dragonsbane of Bloodstone is a famous Knight of the Order.
Ranger - The Rangers of Damara divide into loose-knit followers of the Old Faith, and the Knights of the Golden Thorn, dedicated to Ilmater.
Rogue - Most Damaran Rogues are members of the Thieves' Guild of Heliogabalus. The new King Dimian is said to have close relations with the Guild. Some evil Rogue Assassins are agents of the Citadel of Assassins.
Sorcerer - Sorcerers are very rare in Damara, and often confused with Warlocks. Most claim draconic ancestry.
Warlock - Most Warlocks in Damara continue the dark traditions of ancient Narfell, dealing with the Demon Lords of the fell Abyss. Popular Warlock patrons include Graz'zt, Prince of Desire, and Fraz-Urb'luu, Prince of Deception. Warlocks, if they are wise keep their nature secret, often claiming to be Wizards or Clerics.
Wizard - Wizards in Damara are for the most part reclusive loners, who have studied for long years under a single master to master their craft. Powerful wizards include Sylvia the Baroness of Ostel, Myrddin Viligoth the Twilight Rider, and Emelyn the Gray, one of the famed Heroes of Bloodstone.


Battle Sister of St Cecilia (Cleric) 
Life Domain, but replace Heavy Armour Proficiency with Martial Weapon Proficiency. Replace level 1 Domain Spells Bless & Cure Wounds with Shield of Faith & Healing Word.
Starting Equipment
a Halberd
a Chain Shirt
(a) 4 Javelins & a quiver or (b) any Simple weapon or (c) a Light Crossbow & 20 bolts or (d) 2 Shortswords
a Priest's Pack
a holy Symbol

Experience: Experience is awarded to surviving PCs at end of session. Initial campaign Scope is Tier I, Levels 1-4. PCs start with 900 XP (as of July 2021) and can reach 4th level with 2700 XP (+1800). Training is needed for advancement - see below.
Low Level (Tier 1) XP awards (per PC)
Easy Achievement: 10 XP (Challenge 0)
Minor Achievement: 25 XP (Challenge 1/8)
Moderate Achievement: 50 XP (Challenge 1/4)
Major Achievement: 100 XP (Challenge 1/2)
Very Hard Achievement: 200 XP (Challenge 1)
Exceptional Achievement: 450 XP (Challenge 2)

Mid Level (Tier 2) XP awards (per PC)
Easy 50 XP (Challenge 1/4)
Minor 100 XP (Challenge 1/2)
Moderate 200 XP (Challenge 1)
Major 450 XP (Challenge 2)
Very Hard 700 XP (Challenge 3)
Exceptional 1100 XP (Challenge 4)

High Level (Tier 3) XP awards (per PC)
Easy 200 XP (Challenge 1)
Minor 450 XP (Challenge 2)
Moderate 700 XP (Challenge 3)
Major 1100 XP (Challenge 4)
Very Hard 1800 XP (Challenge 5)
Exceptional 2300 XP (Challenge 6)

Epic Level (Tier 4) XP awards (per PC)
Easy 700 XP (Challenge 3)
Minor 1100 XP (Challenge 4)
Moderate 1800 XP (Challenge 5)
Major 2300 XP (Challenge 6)
Very Hard 2900 XP (Challenge 7)
Exceptional 5000 XP (Challenge 8)

XP awards tend to increase over time, as the scale of achievements increase.
Acquiring significant Treasure is usually worth some XP, as is rescuing prisoners, infiltrating a guarded keep, exploring a cavern network, etc. A typical major session award for non-combat achievements might be 25 XP per PC at level 1, rising to ca 100 XP per PC at level 4.

PC Level - Typical Non-Combat Session Award (for extensive non-combat activities)
1 - 25
2 - 50
3 - 75
4 - 100
5 - 150
6 - 200
7 - 250
8 - 300
9 - 350
10 - 400
11 - 400
12 - 400
13 - 400
14 - 500
15 - 600
16 - 600
17 - 800
18 - 800
19 - 1000

Session Account awards by Average Party Level
For a full session account; partial and vignettes get fractional.
Tier I
1 - 25
2 - 50
3 - 75
4 - 100
Tier II
5 - 100
6 -  150
7 -  150
8 -   200
9 -   200
10 - 200
Tier III 
11 - 400
12 - 400
13 - 400
14 - 600
15 - 600
16 - 600
Tier IV 
17 - 800
18 - 800
19 - 800

Monster XP
XP for defeating monsters is divided between all characters who took part. 
Example: 4 PCs defeat an Ogre, a powerful foe (Challenge 2, 450 XP). Each PC receives 450/4=112 XP. If a single PC had defeated the Ogre, this would be an exceptional achievement, worth 450 XP.
XP awards for level 11+ PCs (Tier 3 & 4) are halved.

XP for high level monsters - these normally take a team of experienced adventurers to defeat.
CR 3 700 XP - eg Manticore, Hook Horror, Yeti, Minotaur, Wight
CR 4 1,100 XP - eg Ettin, Red Dragon Wyrmling, Shadow Demon
CR 5 1,800 - eg Troll, Hill Giant, Wraith, Gorgon, Flesh Golem, Elemental
CR 6 2,300 - eg Chimera, Wyvern, Young White Dragon, Vrock Demon
CR 7 2,900 - eg Stone Giant, Young Black Dragon
CR 8 3,900 - eg Frost Giant, Hezrou Demon, Young Green Dragon
CR 9 5,000 - eg Fire Giant, Glabrezu Demon, Young Blue Dragon
CR 10 5,900 - eg Stone Golem, Young Red Dragon


Level Tiers
1-4: I: Low Level - Novice or Local Hero
5-10: II: Mid Level - Hero
11-16: III: High Level - Paragon Hero
17-20: IV: Very High Level - Epic Hero

Level   XP Needed
1                   0 - PC start level August 2020
2               300 (+300)
3               900 (+600) - PC Start Level July 2021
4             2,700 (+1,800) Maximum level for most PC-class NPCs.
5             6,500 (+3,800)
         14,000 (+7,500) 
7           23,000 (+9,000)
8           34,000 (+11,000)
9           48,000 (+14,000)  'Lord'
10         64,000 (+16,000) Maximum level for most exceptional NPCs.
11*         85,000 (+21,000)

The maximum level for Player Characters (and rare exceptional NPCs) is 20. 
Player Characters of Tier I & Tier II (Level 1-10) normally earn full adventuring XP. 
*Level 11 ('Name Level') in Faerun Adventures is a soft cap; characters of Tier III & Tier IV (Level 11-20) earn reduced (normally half) XP, and most such paragons retire or semi-retire from active adventuring to engage in territory development, rulership, politics, warfare, and other high level pursuits. Level 20 is a hard cap; such characters have reached the summit of mortal endeavour, and normally retire from adventuring, perhaps to oversee the birth of a new generation of heroes.

Multiple Characters
It is permitted to have multiple Player Characters. This is useful when one character is unavailable, or to take part in a lower Tier adventure than suited to the player's highest level PC. Characters start at 3rd level (exception: PC-class NPC henchmen converted to PCs may begin at higher level).  Players should normally play only one PC at any one time.

NPC Characters
Most NPCs are unclassed. Most NPCs with a PC class (including classed NPC Followers) cap at Level 4 (top of Tier I), with 2700 XP. These characters may 'evolve' over time into a senior NPC type, eg a Cleric-4 may eventually become a Priest, a Fighter-4 may become a Veteran or Knight. Around 10% may progress on to Tier II (level 5-10), and even fewer on to Tiers III & IV.

House Rules

Long Rest:  a full Long Rest normally takes 1 week, and restores all Hit Dice. Typical adventurer upkeep/subsistence cost is 1gp/day, 7gp/week. Resting overnight for at least 8 hours may restore some hit points, typically 1 hp per level. Salubrious resting in quarters such as a comfortable private room for at least 12 hours may add +1 to this recovery rate, to 2 hp/level.
Typically, adventurers go on a 'delve' of up to 6-8 encounters in one day, then return to their base to rest and recuperate for about a week, before setting out again.

Short Rests take 1 hour, but any one short rest ability recovery (eg Second Wind or Ki points) is capped at 3 times per day.

Each player (not PC) can hand Inspiration out once each session to one other player, normally for some cool bit of roleplay. Characters may have multiple Inspiration. It may be used before the roll to cancel Disadvantage or to grant Advantage. It cannot affect a roll that already has Advantage.

Training to Gain Levels - as per DMG page 131.
Level Attained - Training Time  (with mentor) - Training Cost
2-4   - 10 (5) days - 20gp
5-10 - 20 (10) days - 40gp
11-16 - 30 (15) days - 60gp
17-20 - 40 (20) days - 80gp
Characters must pay their normal upkeep costs in addition to training costs. Training with a mentor takes half as long, but typically costs the same total amount.

Retraining on Level Up
When training to advance a level, a PC may change one element, eg:
Swap one class skill for another class skill
Change one known spell for a different permitted spell
Move up to 2 attribute points from one attribute to another. An attribute may be raised to a maximum of 13 plus any racial modifiers, eg maximum for a human for any attribute is 13+1 = 14, and a half-elf may increase Charisma to 13+2=15.

Proficiency, Language & Skill Training (adapted from XGTE).
This requires a mentor proficient in the relevant skill or proficiency, with at least a +6 bonus (attack bonus for weapons). Minimum training cost is 1gp/day or 5gp/work week; many mentors charge more, typically 5gp/day or 25gp/work week for high demand training.
Tool, single Weapon, or Language Proficiency training takes (10-INT bonus) work weeks. 
Acquiring a new skill proficiency takes 5 times as long, (10-INT bonus) x5 work weeks.
INT penalties do apply, so eg an INT 8 character takes 11 weeks to learn a new tool proficiency. 55 weeks to learn a new skill proficiency.
To acquire a new Skill proficiency a character must have at least a 13 in the relevant attribute.
A character must have at least STR 9 to acquire new STR simple weapon proficiencies, and DEX 9 to acquire new DEX simple weapon proficiencies. 
A character must have at least STR 13 to acquire new STR martial weapon proficiencies, and DEX 13 to acquire new DEX martial weapon proficiencies.
PC Trainers: A PC with at least +6 in that Proficiency (or for Language proficiency, their INT bonus+PB) may offer training to others. They can train a number of characters at once equal to their skill or attack bonus (for language, INT bonus + PB) minus 4.

Initiative & Turns:  One side (or some members of one side) may automatically go first depending on circumstances, eg they succeeded at a Deception, Stealth or Sleight of Hand check, or opponents are initially Surprised

Quickdraw Weapons: Two blades (eg dagger, scimitar, shortsword) in scabbards, or javelins or darts in a quiver (maximum 4), may be drawn as a single object interaction. Fighters of Level 11+ may draw any number of such weapons as a single object interaction. 

Falling Damage
For firm, level ground such as a stone floor. Damage for soft ground such as a typical grass field is typically halved (1/2), or quartered (1/4) for muddy ground, or for falling through light tree branches. A very extreme case, such as falling into a deep snow drift, can reduce damage to 1/100 listed.
Tiny: 1/2 damage. Large: x2 damage. Huge: x4 damage. Gargantuan: x8 damage.

Distance Damage
10'      1d6   (3)
20'      3d6  (10)
30'      6d6  (20)
40'      10d6  (35)
50'      50 damage
+10'     +10 damage
1500'+    1500 damage (terminal velocity)

The Damaran Long Pike (21 lb, 6gp) is a Martial Heavy Two Handed weapon with 15' reach that does 1d10 damage, and has Disadvantage against adjacent opponents. Changing Facing with a Long Pike may only be done on the user's turn, and uses half the character's movement.

Mounted Combat - rules 

You gain the mount's movement speed (horse 60'). Mounting or Dismounting uses half your own movement.

Using Different Speeds - rules
If you have more than one speed, such as your walking speed and a flying speed, you can switch back and forth between your speeds during your move. Whenever you switch, subtract the distance you've already moved from the new speed. The result determines how much farther you can move. Ifthe result is 0 or less, you can't use the new speed during the current move.

Mounting Example: A Speed 30' character moves 10' then mounts (uses 15') a horse with Speed 60' . The mount can still move 60'-25' = 35'.

Dismounting Example: A Speed 30' character on a Speed 60' mount moves 40'. Dismounting would use 15' of their move, but the character has already moved more than half their own speed (more than 15') so they must use a Dash action if they wish to dismount this turn (using 15' to dismount, 15' left). 

As an action you can make the mount & yourself together Dash, Disengage, or Dodge. If you have a Warhorse you can use an action to have the mount make an Attack action.


Damaran Factions
Church of Ilmater & His Saints, notably St Sollars - Lawful/Good. Clerics, Paladins  of the Golden Cup. Rangers (Thorn Knights).
Followers of the Old Faith - Neutral/Good. Druids, Rangers, Barbarians.
Thieves' Guild of Heliogabalus - Neutral/Evil. Rogues.
Evil Factions
Cult of Loviatar - Evil. Crimson Monks, Half-Orcs of Goblin Town.
Demon Cults - Chaotic Evil. Warlocks of Vaasa.

Social status Income & Expenditure
Lower Class
Subsistence      1sp/day, 3gp/month Maid, Scullion, Slave
Poor                  2sp/day, 6gp/month Labourer, Cook, Infantry Soldier, Barmaid
Unassuming     3sp/day, 9gp/month Yeoman farmer, Corporal, Longbowman, Cavalry, Sailor
Decent             5sp/day  15gp/month Sergeant, Heavy cavalry, Tailor, Festhall Wench
Middle Class
Modest             1gp/day, 30gp/month Adventurer, Lieutenant, Innkeep, Reeve
Comfortable     2gp/day  60gp/month Armourer, Master Smith, wealthy Innkeep, Captain
Upper Class
Wealthy            4gp/day 120gp/month wealthy Merchant, Colonel, Manor Lord/Lady
Aristocratic      10gp/day 300gp/month High Priest, Baron, General
Noble               20gp/day 600gp/month Count, Duke
Royal               40gp/day 1200gp/month King
Imperial           80gp/day 2400gp/month Emperor

Shopping in Downtime

During Long Rests in civilised areas you can assume you can  meet with travelling merchants and exchange coinage into gold pieces up to 500gp without penalty. You can also sell treasure of listed values up to 500gp for list value, likewise. Higher value treasures may require a trip to a city like Ravensburg the capital of Camarthan Duchy to sell for value, this can usually be done during a downtime Long Rest likewise but let me know.
Likewise you can normally acquire non-magical equipment of value up to 500gp during the course of a long rest. Some Common magic items like potions of healing may also be available, but in restricted amounts, and may cost more than the list price. Non-magical equipment of value over 500gp (eg full plate armour) can generally be acquired in a city like Ravensburg.

Making Magic Items - eg level 1 Scroll 25gp & 1 day, level 2 scroll 250gp & 3 days
Crafting Magic Weapons - eg +1 warhammer 250gp & 10 days
Crafting Magic Armour - a +1 shield costs 400gp & 10 days

Mundane Crafting Rates
PB+2: 10gp per work day, 50gp per week
PB+3: ", 50gp per work day for item worth 100gp+, 250gp per week
PB+4: " ", 100gp per work day for item worth 200gp+, 500gp per week
PB+5: " " ", 200gp per work day for item worth 400gp+, 1000gp per week
PB+6: " " " ", 400gp per work day for item worth 800gp+, 2000gp per week

Druids' Herb Garden
A 15'x15' (9 square yard) garden will take 50 gp of medicinal herbs to get started, then after a month could produce up to 5gp of herbs/day while being actively tended by Arian or another Druid with Nature skill.


A typical character may potentially recruit and retain a number of loyal retainers/henchmen equal to their CHA bonus+4 (eg 3 at CHA 8).  These Retainers must have no more hit dice than the recruiting character.
Some character classes may recruit additional retainers of a particular type, eg: 
A Beastmaster Ranger may recruit a number of animal retainers equal to their CHA Bonus+4 in addition to their standard Retainers. 
A Champion Fighter may recruit a number of warrior-type retainers of their own race/species equal to their CHA Bonus+4 in addition to their standard Retainers. 

Territory Development

When characters clear and rule territory around a stronghold (at least 10 miles radius in wilderness), they may receive a tax income of typically 3d3 or 6 silver pieces per inhabitant per month, including Resource income. High level Fighters, and some other classes, may also have a body of Followers come to serve them. A typical initial domain has 2-8 (2d4) hamlets, each with 101-400 (1d3x100 + 1d100) people. Politically this is, or is equivalent to, a minor Barony.

Typical Followers for PC Level 9+ ("Lord")

Warlord's Followers (roll d4 or choose)
(1). 20 light cavalry (9gp/m), ringmail & shield AC 16, longsword, hand axe, 3 javelins.
      100 heavy infantry (6gp/m), scale AC 15, halberd, club.
(2) 20 heavy infantry (6p/m), splint & shield AC 19, morningstar, hand axe.
      60 pike infantry (6gp/m), padded AC 12, long pike, short sword.
(3) 40 heavy crossbowmen (6gp/m), chain AC 16, heavy crossbow, shortsword
      20 light crossbowmen (6gp/m), chain AC 16, light crossbow, shortsword  
(4) 10 heavy cavalry (15gp/m), splint & shield AC 19, lance longsword & mace
      20 medium cavalry (12gp/m), scale & shield AC 17, lance longsword & mace
      30 light cavalry (9gp/m), studded & shield AC 15, lance & flail
Troops typically are veterans and use Mercenary stats (hp 16, ST+2 DE+1 CO+1), with adjustments for equipment as above.

Troop Commander (d4):
(1) Veteran, plate armour & shield AC 20, +2 longsword or +2 battle-axe
(2) Knight, plate armour & +1 shield AC 21, +1 longsword & +1 lance
(3) Veteran, +1 plate armour & shield AC 21, +1 longbow & +1 longsword
(4) Knight, +1 plate & +1 shield AC 22, +2 longsword or +2 battle-axe, barded heavy warhorse with horseshoes of speed.
Commander Upkeep: 60gp/month

Troop Lieutenant (d4)
(1)-(2) Fighter-2, splint & shield AC 19 
(3) Fighter-3, plate & shield AC 20
(4) Fighter-4, plate & shield AC 20, +1 longsword
The Lieutenant can advance to Fighter-4 in play. They may eventually become a Veteran or Knight.
Lieutenant Upkeep: 30gp/month
The Troop Lieutenant may be created by the Player or DM, using Standard Array attributes.

Alternate Followers
Rogue's Guild: 1d3 MM Spy, 2d3 MM Thug, 1d3 Rogue-1 (hp 10 DEX+3)
Wizard's Tower: 1d3 Wizard-1, 2d6 Mercenary (hp 16 ST+2)
Priest's Temple: 1 MM Priest, 2d3 MM Acolyte, 2d6 Mercenary (hp 16 ST+2), 1d3 Cleric-1 (hp 9 WIS+2)
Druid's Grove: 1d2 MM Druid sc4, 1d3 Druid-1 (hp 9 WIS+2)
Bard's Company: 1d2 VGTM Bard sc4, 1d3 MM Spy, 1d3 Bard-1 (hp 9  CHA+2)
Barbarian's Holdfast: 1d3 MM Berserker, 20d6 MM Tribal Warrior, 1d3 Barbarian-1 (hp 14 ST+3)
Other classes typically acquire 1d3 1st level followers of the character's own class, eg a Fighter Lord may acquire 1d3 Fighter-1 (hp 12 ST+3).

PC-class Followers may be created by the Player or DM, using Standard Array attributes.

Most strongholds will also attract an appropriate number of Commoners to serve the PC. A Wizard's Tower might have only 1d6, where a Warlord's fortress has 10d6 or more.
Losses of non-classed followers may typically be replaced at a rate of 5% of initial total per month, eg a force of 120 can replace 6/month.

Classed Followers
Classed followers may use a generic template as above, or may be created by the player using the standard PC rules (and may be played as a PC in lower level adventures). Classed followers are not replaced if lost, but every month there is a 10% chance to acquire one additional such follower. 
Charisma Limit: No character may ever have more classed followers (aka Henchmen) at once than their Charisma bonus +4 ; eg CHA 8 (-1) enables 3 such followers, while CHA 20 (+5) enables 9 such followers.

Realm Improvements

Magic Resources
Shrine (1 Acolyte sc1): 1,500gp & 5 weeks. Requires: Thorpe pop. 20
Church (1 Priest sc3, 1 Acolyte sc1): 4,500gp & 7 weeks. Requires: Hamlet pop.100 
Temple (1 Priest sc5, 2 Priest sc3, 4 Acolyte sc1): 15,000gp & 11 weeks. Requires: Village pop. 500 
Abbey (1 Abbott/Abbess sc5, 2 Senior Brother/Sister sc 3, 4 Monk/Nun sc 2, 8 Monk/Nun sc1): 50,000gp & 57 weeks. Requires: -
Cathedral (1 Bishop sc7, 2 Priest sc4, 4 Priest sc2, 8 Acolyte sc1):  42,000gp & 20 weeks. Requires: Small City pop. 6,000
Arcane Tower (1 Wizard sc3, 1 Apprentice Wizard sc1): 4,500gp & 8 weeks. Requires: -
Arcane Guild Hall (1 Wizard sc5, 2 Wizard sc3, 4 Apprentice Wizard sc1): 15,000gp & 14 weeks. Requires: Small Town pop. 1,500 
Arcane University (1 Mage sc9, 2 Wizard sc5, 4 Wizard sc3, 8 Apprentice Wizard sc1): 54,000gp & 31 weeks. Requires: Small City pop. 6,000

Mercantile & Administrative
Trading post (improves all Resource income by +10% in a 2 hex/20 mile radius): 5,000gp & 8 weeks. Requires: -
Guildhall (improves 1 Resource income by +20% in a 2 hex/20 mile radius): 5,000gp & 12 weeks. Requires Large Town pop. 3,000. 
Noble Estate with Manor, luxurious (improves Tax income by +10% in a 2 hex/20 mile radius): 25,000gp & 21 weeks. Requires: -
Imperial Palace (improves Tax income by +10% across entire dominion): 500,000gp & 3 years. Requires: -

Tower/Broch: 10,000gp & 12 weeks. Can hold 30 infantry.
Motte & Bailey: 20,000gp & 18 weeks. Can hold 60 infantry.
Small Castle: 40,000gp & 30 weeks. Can hold 125 infantry.
Large Castle: 80,000gp & 45 weeks. Can hold 250 infantry.
Fortress: 160,000gp & 60 weeks. Can hold 500 infantry.
Citadel: 320,000gp & 90 weeks. Can hold 1,000 infantry.
One light cavalry = 3 infantry. One medium or heavy cavalry = 4 infantry.

Castle Build Elements - Construction Cost
20' stone wall, 10' thick, per 20' section: 1000gp. 
30' stone wall, as above: 2000gp
40' stone wall, as above: 4000gp
Round Tower, 5' thick walls, 20' diameter, 30' high: 5000gp
Round Tower, 5' thick walls, 30' diameter, 40' high: 12000gp
Square Keep, 10' thick walls, 60'x60', 40' high: 40,000gp
Moat/Ditch, 20' wide, 10' deep, per 20' section: 80gp
Gatehouse 30'x20', 20' high, with portcullis: 6500gp
Dungeon Corridor, 10'x10', flagstone: 50gp
Stone building (2 story & attic, 30' peak, 120' of outer wall (typically 40'x20'), wooden doors, stairs, floors, roof, 1'-2' walls): 3000gp
Wooden Building (as above): 1000gp
Minimum time to build is 1 day per 500gp cost.

Manor Resource Improvements
At Manor Scale, 1 hex = 2 miles. For Baronial Scale (1 hex = 10 miles) multiply costs & incomes by x10.
25gp/month = 300gp/year. 50gp/month =600gp/year.
Mine (requires valuable minerals): cost 2d4x100gp, income +1d6x100gp/month. Population +2d4
Smelter (requires Mine): cost 1,000gp, income +2d4x10gp/month. Population +2d4
Logging Camp (requires Forest**): cost 1,000gp, income +1d4x10gp/month. Population +4d4
Sawmill (requires Logging Camp): cost 2,000gp, income +2d4x10gp/month. Population +2d4
Improved Farmland (requires Plains***): cost 2,000gp, income +2d4x10gp/m. Population +4d4
Fishing Ship (requires Sea): cost 2,000gp, income +2d4x10gp/m. Population +2d4

*Typically a 1 in 6 chance there is a mining resource per two mile hex. With one surveyor a survey takes 1 month (& a typical 30gp hireling cost) per 2 mile hex, requires a character with Miner's Tools Proficiency or equivalent and a successful proficiency (INT) check at a DC of 5+1d10 (1e: 4 in 6 chance of success).
If a resource is discovered, the GM rolls 1d6, or selects:
1: clay or stone quarry 100gp/m
2: lead or coal mine 200gp/m
3: copper or oil/tar mine 300gp/m
4: silver or tin mine 400gp/m
5: gold mine or marble quarry 500gp/m
6: platinum or gemstone mine 600gp/m

**One two mile hex, approx 3.5 sq m of forest.
***One square mile of arable land.

Baronial Domains

Resources per hex (Baronial Scale, 1 hex = 10 miles across, approx 85 sq m)
1: 1 resource
2-7: 2 resources
8-9: 3 resources
10: 4 resources

Resource Type
1-3 Animal (eg dairy, fish, fowl, furs, bees, horses, ivory, beef, pork)
4-8 Vegetable (eg farm produce, foodstuffs, oil, fodder, wood & timber, paper, wine)
9-10 Mineral (as above)

Baronial Income per 10 mile (85 sq mile) hex, a domain has 1+ hexes.
Animal Resource: 10 sp/person/month, max 1d4x1,000 (2,500) gp/month per hex.
Vegetable Resource: 5 sp/person/month, max 1d6x1,000 (3,500) gp/month per hex.
Mineral Resource: 15 sp/person/month, max 1d8x1,000gp (4,500) gp/month per hex.

The maximum resource income for a 10-mile domain hex thus varies from 1,000gp/month, to 32,000gp/month!

Towns & Cities: These generate 5 sp per person per month in taxes and tolls. 
Theocratic Domains generate an additional 2 sp per person per month in tithes.

10-mile Hex Population & Rate of Increase
Population will naturally increase through immigration and birth up to the limit of available resources. Eg an intensively farmed domain with 4 vegetable resources generating up to 140000gp total could have a population of 28,000.
1-100: +25%/month
101-200: +20%/month
201-300: +15%/month
301-400: +10%/month
401-500: +5%/month
501-1000: +2%/month
1001-2000: +1%/month
2001-4000: +1%/2 months
40001-8000: +1%/4 months
8001-16000: +1%/6 months
16001+: +1%/year

Population centres begin to emerge when a hex population reaches 10,000. At this point 10% of the population may be considered urban, generating an additional 5sp/month per urban inhabitant. 

D'Ashe Manor from M8 1359 DR


Sir Randal Chaney
Chaney Manor
Between Grimstead and the King's Road lies 
Chaney Shire, a largely wild region near the Arcatan border notable for Chaney Manor and the four mile expanse of Froggy Lake. Chaney Shire is home to St Cecilia's Abbey under the half-elven Sister Superior Mara Aloitius. Chaney Manor is the only village in the Shire. Ruled by dour Sir Randal Chaney; he acknowledges as superiors only the Duke in Ravensburg and the King in Heliogabalus. Chaney Tower on Froggy Lake was built by the Chaneys in an effort to claim Baronial status, but was sacked 
by Bullywugs years ago, and today is an abandoned shell. Sir Randal's three sons by Lady Lanis fell in the Vaasan War, as did Lanis herself (in 1354), his only daughter Viola Chaney was said to be very beautiful, but was sad in heart, for Randal kept her under close watch and has forbidden her to wed. In 1359 DR Viola fled the manor following a beating, she had been caught kissing a boy from the village. Rumour has it she now follows the Druid Kade.

Fulscarp Manor
This wealthy manor is ruled by strong-willed Lady Aryn Blackthorn. She is a widow with three two adult sons, rarely home these days; her eldest son Sir Jorah Blackthorn is himself a capable Ranger of the Golden Thorns, presently with the Paladins of the Golden Cup at the Vaasan Gate. He survived the terrible Dragonraid on Bloodstone Village in mid 1359, acquitting himself honourably. Her youngest son Sir Jacklyn (PC) was also a Ranger of the Golden Thorn, he fell in battle against Gurzun's men east of D'Ashe Manor, M8 1359 DR. The Order buried him in their crypts at Ravensburg, and returned his effects to Fulscarp.
There is occasional conflict with the grasping Baron Solkar of Grimstead. The jagged tower of the hag Aretha is visible on a ridgeline east of the manor; the villagers prefer to ignore it, but it's said that sometimes a villager in dire need will visit Aretha to seek a boon - for a price. Some even say that once, years ago, Lady Aryn did so herself.  Aryn's guards are commanded by Corporal Vendle (Guard Corporal)
Fulscarp has one tavern, the Silver Spoon, with only common boarding available in the taproom. The Silver Spoon is run by young Rosana Irkell since both her father & brother, Manlius & Verden Irkell, disappeared recently on a provisioning trip to Ravensburg; victims of the evil emanating from within Fort Skulnar, former hold of the Ironwolf family, now often known as the Shadowed Keep.
Rosana Irkell of the Silver Spoon

Lady Aryn Blackthorn
Sir Jorah Blackthorn
Aretha, the Hag of Jagged Tower

Firaen the 'Bandit Queen', deceased.

Fort Skulnar - The Shadowed Keep
The name itself dates back more than 300 years, to when the men of Raven Rock first built a fort here against demon-following barbarians - the Skull-Nar. Most recently Fort Skulnar was held and rebuilt by the adventurer Valentin Ironwolf and his family, but has now lain in ruin for more than forty years. 
In recent weeks (M5 1359 DR)  travellers in the region have been disappearing. Local  rumour blames bandits, in service to the renegade outlaw knight Firean - or worse things. But all agree that the ruins of Fort Skulnar are the centre of the growing threat.
Fort Skulnar - the Shadowed Keep

Mary, Serving Wench

Cumin Inn

A large coaching inn and surrounding hamlet on the King's Road, paying fealty to Cumin Manor. The Inn is run by Ostler Canton, aided by his niece Lina. Ostler is unmarried, but has quite an eye for the ladies.

Ostler Canton
Rosey, Serving Wench

Lina Canton

Joriun Whitefeather, Blade Bard of the King's Road
Margrethe, Glamour Bard of the King's Road

Cumin Inn

Cumin Manor

A little under two miles south of Cumin Inn, Cumin Manor stands atop a small hill, surrounded by the associated hamlet. The Cumins are an old family of gentry. Since the death of her husband Marechal at the Ford of Goliad disaster in 1357, following the loss of her only son Gilbert the previous year (1356) Lady Vera Cumin has become increasingly withdrawn and infirm, the Manor is now largely run by her eldest daughter Angelica. Angelica's siblings, the twins Louisa and Pruella, don't help very much - although they do like to gossip. Angelica's youngest sister Mirabelle (PC) is something of a wild child, even having been sent to St Cecilia's at one point.
The small force of Cumin men-at-arms (currently seven men) are commanded by the competent but cautious Serjeant Stahlen, an old family retainer and survivor of the Goliad. 

Mirabelle Cumin (PC)

Angelica Cumin

Sergeant Stahlen

Pruella Cumin

Louisa Cumin

Everflame Crypt

Sammael Cumin was a crusader of Ilmater who came to serve the King of Damara in the year 1215 DR, 144 years ago. While he fought with distinction against the Soravian Nar, he soon realized that he wanted more from life and left the military to find his fortune elsewhere. His travels took him all over the region, and he decided to settle down in 1222 after a very profitable adventure. Using a sizable portion of his fortune, he set out to tame a small area east of the Darkwood. For the next 10 years, the manor, which was then known as Cumin’s Hold, grew and prospered. All that changed in 1233 DR when Asar Kessell came to Cumin’s Hold with a host of mercenaries under his command. Asar was an old companion of Sammael, and the two had traveled together for some time before splitting up just after Sammael’s last adventure. Over the years, Asar became sure that Sammael had cheated him after that adventure. Promising great wealth to his mercenaries, Asar raided the manor relentlessly for 2 months. Finally, the local folk managed to locate Asar’s camp in an ancient crypt deep in the Darkwood, and Sammael himself went out to deal with his old companion. The battle was terribly bloody, with only a few of Cumin's folk coming back to tell the tale to his grieving widow. In the end, Asar was slain and his mercenaries scattered, but Sammael suffered a mortal wound. In honor of their beloved leader, the survivors buried Sammael Cumin in the ancient crypt, interring his bones in a place of honor, above the simple sarcophagi used to inter Asar, his mercenaries, and the folk that lost their lives in the bitter struggle. His widow Cecilia Cumin - known after her death as St Cecilia the Redeemer - placed a miraculous Eternal Flame above Sammael’s final resting place, so that all who visited might find warmth in the wilderness. Over the years, the Crypt of the Everflame has become an important part of the history of Cumin Manor and the Cumin family. Sammael’s descendants view the crypt as a memorial to those difficult first years of their noble history. Every year the descendants of Sammael Cumin make a pilgrimage to the crypt to light a torch from the Flame and bring it back home, where it it shines in the Manor Hall all year, a symbol of hope and resilience.

A village on the King's Road, on the border of Ravenshire.  Kingspike is the manor of Sir Brillum 'Greywolf' Verkaes, a doughty Knight and a hero of both the first and second Battles of Goliad. On the Night of Long Knives in 1357 DR he slew an assassin sent to murder him - his half-elven wife Ashara Verkaes (nee Aloitius), sister of St Cecilia's Abbess Mara (born Lavive) Aloitius, did not survive the encounter.  
Sir Brillum's only daughter Cristina is in training as an Armiger Paladin of the Golden Cup at the Vaasan Gate, and only occasionally visits Kingspike. His elder son Jonathan did not survive First Goliad. His younger son Pirior is 10 years old (1359 DR), and a pageboy at the Ducal Castle in Ravensburg.

Sir Brillum Verkaes 
Pirior Verkaes

Cristina Verkaes

The Darkwood
Darkwood Ogre
The Darkwood has a sinister reputation, site of the ancient Temple of Chaos cast down by Amaul, the King's Champion, more than a century ago. Ogres and other evil things lurk in the depths. 
However the woods are watched over by Fiorina, the benevolent and seemingly ageless Lady of the Woods, who commands the animals of the forest, and is said to guard against the return of evil to the ruins. Some say she must be a dryad, nymph, or similar such woods spirit.

Fiorina, Lady of the Woods

Monastery of the Crimson Monks (ruin) (Chaney Shire)
Crimson Monk of Loviatar
That's a Crimson Monk of Loviatar. We thought them extinct these past fifty years, since the Monks of the Yellow Rose defeated them and sacked their dark Monastery. It seems they have returned. - Jilla Kallent 

Decades ago the Crimson Monks of Loviatar warred against the Monks of the Yellow Rose dedicated to Ilmater and St Sollars. The Crimson Monks were decisively defeated when the Yellow Rose under Grand Master Poke & Master Teminische finally assaulted the Crimson Monastery, killed their Grand Master, and slew or scattered the Crimson Monks. For decades the Monastery has been an abandoned ruin, infested with Bullywugs, and slowly sinking into Froggy Marsh. However it is rumoured that the magically sealed chambers beneath the Monastery still hold dark secrets - and much treasure. Recently, mysterious crimson-robed figures have been seen in the area once more...

The Roadhouse Inn, King's Road (Carmath Shire)

Patrick of the Roadhouse Inn, Monk
This renowned Inn on the King's Road is perhaps the most famous Festhall in all Damara. Its proprietor, Patrick, was once Patrick of the Yellow Rose, a Master of Dragons. Always something of a loose trebuchet, he left the Order under a cloud following a clash with Master Kane, but he retains all the fighting skills of a Monk. His festhall girls are said to be the comeliest, and the elf-girl Tiria the finest dancer in Carmathan, if not all Damara.

Tiria the Elven Dancer

Sir Thomas Blackraven

They say he has killed every man he ever fought. 
Blackraven is a large fortified hamlet & manor of some 400 souls, ruled by Sir Thomas Blackraven, a powerful knight . The son of Sir Malby Blackraven who fell at Goliad, Sir Thomas is unmarried; a lustful and ambitious fellow, he is determined to tame the Lady Rebecca of Ramvira Tower, and bring Ramvira Manor into his demesne - and the Duchy of Camarthan. He is known to be supported in this ambition by his immediate liege, the Baron of Grimstead.
Sir Edmund Blackraven is Sir Thomas' younger brother, and less-than-competent Magist to Solkar the Baron Grimstead.
Zuzanna Blackraven is Sir Thomas' sister, though it's rumoured she is in truth a bastard, born to a kitchen wench. A known Thief and Spy, she often acts as her half (?) brother's emissary and agent. With Einar (PC) of Ramvira from M5 1359 DR.

Chaney Manor
Randal Chaney

Chaney Manor is the only village in the Chaney Shire. Ruled by dour 
Sir Randal Chaney (lesser knight); he acknowledges as superiors only the Duke in Ravensburg and the King in Heliogabalus. Chaney Tower on Froggy Lake was built by the Chaneys in an effort to claim Baronial status, but was sacked by Bullywugs years ago, and today is an abandoned shell. Sir Randal's three sons by the adventurer & Druid-friend Lady Lanis fell in the Vaasan War, as did Lanis herself (in 1354). His only daughter Viola Chaney was trained by Lanis as a warrior but is said to be a runaway who has since (M5 1359) taken up with the wandering Druid Kade.
Chaney Manor has one Inn, the Frogsmouth Inn, owned by the Abbey of St Cecilia and run by hired staff. Sir Randal is known to dislike the name, a reminder of his family's misfortune. The Frogsmouth is run by Kelli & Rolf, a brother and sister team, both unmarried. They share a stablemaster with the Chaney Manor House across the street.

Abbess Mara


A nunnery for the matron saint of 'Fallen Women Redeemed', many middle and upper class Damarans send their wayward daughters here to experience hard discipline and learn virtue. The most talented Sisters become Clerics of St Cecilia, receiving miraculous power through the blessing of Ilmater.
Most Sisters are Sisters Penitent, but Sister Superior the Abbess Mara (formerly Lavive Aloitius) is a powerful Priestess.

Battle Sister Praetoria, a Carlin
Battle Sister Bronda


Prior Mordrin

Leader: Prior Mordrin
This Priory is the home of the Moravin Friars, a male religious order dedicated to St Sollars the Twice-Martyred. Once a fierce warrior knight of Camarthan, their leader Prior Mordrin retired before the Vaasan Wars to a religious vocation, eventually rising to head the Order.

Sir Rodney Carlin
Lady Daetha Carlin

Egilmont Manor

Leader: Sir Rodney Carlin (lesser knight)
The lost Paladin Dagny Carlin was the eldest daughter of Sir Rodney Carlin, the Lord of Egilmont Manor, now aging, but still a bluff and vigorous old knight.The Carlins have no love for their immediate liege, the Baron Grimstead. Dagny had a serious rift with her sister Samantha, Baron Skolnar's new bride, and did not attend the wedding ceremony at Castle Grimstead.
Sir Rodney is married to Lady Daetha, a sensible woman originally from Ostel. Sir Rodney's once-wayward youngest daughter Laverne Carlin is now Battle Sister Praetoria at St Cecilia's Abbey. 
Update late 1359 DR: Sir Rodney was slain by the Troll of Egilmarsh. His widow Daetha now rules the manor.

Fraener swiftly receives back an invitation from Mirna Norsdottir to visit Dwarfstead.
Arriving with his men, Fraener finds it to be a rough and ready farming village of 200 or so, with a ditch and wood palisade atop square-cut stone. Mirna's longhouse is a humble hall by dwarf standards, the axe of Moradin surmounted by the silver rings of Berronar Truesilver above the entryway.
After a substantial feast of lamb, rabbit and deer with turnip mash, Mirna gets down to business.
"Son of Durgeddin, who wears Durgeddin's steel. Know that my people are those who fled Carak Nur when it fell. Who would not follow Durgeddin the Black into the mountains once more. What we have we hold - but we are done with holy wars."

Castle Grimstead

Baron Solkar Grimstead

The corpulent and grasping Baron Solkar Grimstead is known as a cruel and vicious ruler, like many such who survived the purges of Zhengyi's assassins, inheriting from his murdered brother, Baron Jonas Grimstead. He professes loyalty to the Duchess of Camarthan, but rules his personal demesne as a private kingdom. He is rumoured to have some sinister dealing with the Hag, Aretha. Baron Solkar is recently (M2 1359 DR) married to the Lady Samantha (nee Carlin) of Egilmont, the younger sister of the lost paladin Lady Dagny Carlin. Samantha is beautiful, but regarded as something of a black sheep of the noble Carlin family. They have no offspring as yet.

Samantha Grimstead (nee Carlin)

Samantha, the Lady Grimstead

Grimstead Village:
A village of several hundred lies beneath the castle walls. There is a traveller's Inn, the Slaughtered Lamb.
It is owned and run by the tattooed dwarf Dilgar and his human wife Monika.
Dilgar, Dwarf Landlord of the Slaughtered Lamb

Monika Dilgar's-wife

Old Tul the Healer

Old Tul
Tul the Healer lives in a hut by the south bank of the Stone Stream, across the river from Moravin Priory. There he tends his herb garden, fishes in the Stream, and feuds with his old rival Argyn upriver. A crochety old fellow, he is undoubtedly a master of the herbal arts, and will train others (albeit under protest). Some say he was once a Moravin Friar himself; in any case he has long since given up the travelling life. Tul denies having any great powers of magic, but certainly nothing seems to threaten his peaceful abode.


Dimian I Banacath, King of Damara, Prince-Baron of Morov
Ruler: Dimian I Ree Banacath, King of Damara, Prince-Baron of Morov. From 18/4/1359 DR; coronation 21/6/1359.
pop. 734,000 (estimated, 1359 DR) + Duchy of Vaasa (unincorporated, ca  250,000 including humanoids) = 984,000
Modern civilisation in Damara dates back only to the 11th century DR. However ancient ruins are occasionally unearthed believed to date back more than two thousand years, to the time of Ancient Narfell, from the founding of Dun-Tharos by Thargaun in -970 DR through to its destruction in -150 DR by Raumathar, the ancestor of Rashemen and Thay. These demon-haunted relics of a past best forgotten are avoided by all sensible folk.

In the early 9th century DR the climate warmed, and southern colonists moving up from then-kingless Impiltur began to wrest what is now Damara from the western Nar barbarians. The original Damaran capital was Ravensberg (now Ravensburg), founded by the semi-legendary Impilturan warlord Damar Banacath as a fortress against the Skul-Nar, around 850 DR.  

Over the next two centuries Ravensburg grew into a powerful frontier city, capital of a rapidly expanding realm, and her rulers claimed the title 'King of Damara'. Following a great victory over the Bloodfeathers Nar tribe in 1075 DR, Damara's new capital Heliogabalus was founded by Heldrin Banacath - he took the name 'Bloodfeathers', even marrying a native princess of the defeated tribe - the first acknowledged 'King of All Damara'. 

For almost 300 years Damara had a long line of Banacath monarchs, continuing a slower expansion north and north-east into Brandiar and Soravia, until the death of King Virdin Banacath in M6 1357 DR at the Ford of Goliad was followed by the brief accession of the Thayan Lich Zhengyi, the Witch-King of Vaasa. With Zhengyi's destruction in late 1358 DR, the ancient line was restored with the accession of King Dimian Ree Banacath in M4 1359 DR.

Damara thrives on foreign trade, particularly through caravans to Ilmwatch in Impiltur and to the settlements on the Moonsea, through the gap between Rawlinswood and the Earthspur Mountains known as Merchants' Run. Shipments of bloodstone are made throughout Traders Bay, and in Sarshel. In more peaceful times trade is also made through the Bloodstone Pass in the Galena Mountains, through sparsely populated Vaasa, and through Garumn's Climb and the Ride to Zhentil Keep and the Moonsea.

Realms of Damara 
Excludes the minor baronies within the Duchies, eg Grimstead in Camarthan.
Damara's national colours are black & red (sable & crimson), descending from the coat of arms of Heldrin Bloodfeathers, first King of Damara.

Ruler: Duke William 'the Lazy' of House Hogarth, 8th Duke of Arcata
Ruling House: Hogarth
Family Crest: Diving Dagger and Mountains Three
Province Sigil: Pick & Hammer 
William is rumoured virtual captive of the Ducal Guard under Commander Mykros. Vizier Severus Slytherin. Bishop Gilpin at the Cathedral of St Sollars in Valls. Knight Lieutenant Palador deVir. Princess Renee Hogarth. Renee's companion Lady Susan Valls. Renee's Chaplain Aedina.
Population: 150,000
Capital: Valls (6,300)
Towns: Ostrav (2000), Tomrav (1450), Sudrav (1600)
Arcata includes the mineral-rich northern Earthspur mountains, and such famed resorts as D'Ashe Manor and the Inn of the Welcome Wench at Hommlet. Despite her wealth, much of the territory is not very tactically defensible from Valls, and the local manors and townships must often look to their own defences.
Perhaps Arcata is most famous for the Monastery of the Yellow Rose high in the northern Earthspur mountains overlooking the White Worm Glacier. More than a thousand years ago around 320 DR, when the White Worm was still part of the Great Glacier, extending south across Vaasa and the Galenas Mountains to the shores of the Moonsea, the Monks of St Sollars crossed the ice to found their remote monastery devoted to the Twice-Martyred.
In northern Arcata lies the Barony duLac under Baron Brandis DuLac, father of Arifia DuLac and uncle of Barbara d'Ashe. The DuLac are allied with the DuCaris family across the river in Brandiar.

Lord Brandis DuLac - Brandis's estate lies at Ostra; ca M4 1359 DR his daughter Arifia travelled to visit her cousin Barbara d'Ashe (nee DuLac) in the south. During the war much of northern Arcata was occupied by the Witch-King, who raised soldiery from the territory. Lord Brandis DuLac shielded his family by permitting this levy and giving tribute, though he never took the field against King Virdin himself, or allowed Vaasan inhuman forces within Ostra's stout stone walls. Consequently the DuLac are not in good favour with some - but Duke William Hogarth of Arcata is himself known as a quisling following the Battle of Goliad, and prefers such men stay in power.

Monastery of the Yellow Rose

Ruler: Duchess Malla Devlin, was Duke Helmont Devlin (impostor, fled start of M5 1359 DR)
Devlin Crest: Bloodied Scythe
Provincial Sigil: Wheat Sheaf gold on Field green
Population: 200,000
Capital: Ravensburg (12,500) sigil: Raven scarlet on Field black.
Ducal Income ca 15,000 gp/month (at 20% of 6 sp/person).
Often called the Breadbasket of Damara, Carmathan is poor in mineral wealth but rich in arable lands, especially towards the east of the Duchy. The Monks of the Yellow Rose recently made a shocking discovery as to the identity of the true Heir to Carmathan, a humble Festhall wench - bringing her to Ravensburg and installing her as Duchess.
Political Divisions of Carmathan.
1. The Raven Shire - Territory in the personal hold of the Duke of Carmathan, directly administered from Ravensburg by the Steward of Ravensburg, currently Sir Arthur Dahnim 
2. South Moors - wild, unincorporated territory presently inhabited only by a few hardy farmsteaders and prospectors, some dwarven.
3. Grimstead Barony under corpulent Baron Solkar , which itself holds the Priory of the Moravin Friars under Prior Mordrin. Settlements:
i.  Castle Grimstead pop. 843 - Baron Solkar Grimstead
ii. Moravin Priory pop. 294 - Prior Mordrin 
iii. Blackraven Manor pop. 395 - Sir Thomas Blackraven 
iv. Fulscarp Manor pop. 239 - Lady Aryn Blackthorn 
v. Egilmont Manor pop. 324 - Sir Rodney Carlin 
vi. Southmoor Manor pop. 368 - Sir Leofrey Gallant 
vii. Helix Manor pop. 632 - Sir Kell Ironguard, a well known warrior knight, a matrilineal cousin of Baron Solkar Grimstead
Total 3,095 in manors.
The independent manor of Ramvira (pop. ca 200) lies just west of Grimstead on the Arcatan border.
4. In far northern Carmathan lies the Barony of Beaumaris. Though Castle Beaumaris itself never fell to Zhengyi, none of the Beaumaris menfolk survived Goliad and the Night of Long Knives. Today the Baroness Beaumaris is Lady Liria Beaumaris, a young and rather naive Cleric of the Yellow Rose fresh from the Seminary (Church School) in Heliogabalus. The Beaumaris of Carmathan are cousins to House Belmaris of Polten.
5. Bucolic Greenfields Barony under Lord Simon of Calloway, a veteran warrior knight and survivor of the Battle of Goliad. Sinister Castle Ostel is a looming presence on the Greenfields border with Ostel.
6. The wealthy halfling farming Shire of Halfling Downs, under Sheriff Samwise Tallfellow.
7. The Carmath Shire north of the King's Road around Castle Carmath, under the Sheriff Sir Robert Fitzlion. A skilled warrior and survivor of the Battle of Goliad, Robert is said to be competent but arrogant, with little regard for his nominal overlord the Duke (now Duchess) in Ravensburg. Since Goliad in 1357 and the murder of his liege Duke Helmont XIII & almost the entire Devlin family, Robert runs the Shire almost as an independent fiefdom.
8. Between Grimstead and the King's Road lies Chaney Shire, a largely wild region near the Arcatan border notable for Chaney Manor and the four mile expanse of Froggy Lake. Chaney Shire is home to St Cecilia's Abbey under the half-elven Sister Superior Mara Aloitius. Chaney Manor is the only village in the Shire. Ruled by dour Sir Randal Chaney; he acknowledges as superiors only the Duke in Ravensburg and the King in Heliogabalus. Chaney Tower on Froggy Lake was built by the Chaneys in an effort to claim Baronial status, but was sacked by Bullywugs years ago, and today is an abandoned shell. Sir Randal's three sons by Lady Lanis fell in the Vaasan War, as did Lanis herself (in 1354). His one daughter Viola is said to be a runaway.
9. North of Halfling Downs lies the small Barony of Trollmarsh under Baron Uther Torgrim, 11th Baron Trollmarsh.

The Order of the Golden Thorn is an all-male order of Ranger Knights dedicated to Saint Sollars, and no female servants live at the House of the Golden Thorn in Ravensburg. There has been some debate about admitting female members, since the Monks of the Yellow Rose began doing so a couple decades ago. The Order is very closely affiliated with the Paladin Order the Companions of the Noble Heart, who have a national chapter house at Heliogabolus, to the extent that some consider it a sub-order.

Knights of Damara

Barony of Bloodstone & the Duchy of Vaasa
Ruler: Duke Gareth Dragonsbane, Steward Tranth of Bloodstone, Lady Christine Dragonsbane.
Sigil: Cup Or on field Ver with tears Scarlet
Population: 12,000 + (Bloodstone Barony); est. 250,000 (Duchy of Vaasa) - ca 140,000 human & demi-human, ca 110,000 humanoid (Orc, Goblin Hobgoblin, Bugbear, Gnoll etc).
Capital: Bloodstone Town (7,500)
Bloodstone is Duke Gareth Dragonsbane's capital, and his personal demesne. He is charged by King Dimian I Banacath with bringing the wild taiga forests, boglands and tundra of Vaasa under Damaran Law.
The Wild Men of Vaasa are believed to descend directly from the Nars of Old Narfell, by way of migration from Damara, then West Narfell, during the "Retreat of the Ice" in the 6th-11th centuries DR. Unlike their eastern kin, most Vaasan Nar have not abandoned their old allegiance to the Demon Lords of the Great Abyss, including Orcus, Lolth, Kostchtchie, Fraz-Urb'luu, Yeenoghu, Zuggtmoy, and Graz'zt. The sinister Warlock Knights of Vaasa are all powerful Demonists, each with a patron Demon Prince or Lord - Kostchtchie is particularly popular among those tribes bordering the Great Glacier, while southern Demonists tend to favour Graz'zt or Fraz'Urb'luu. Even their tribal Shamans combine Clerical & Demonic magics. 
Vaasans do of course acknowledge more benevolent deities also, such as the Great Mother (Chauntea) and her daughter Sune, Goddess of Love, who is wed to Tempus, Lord of Battle. Fair-fortuned Tymora, Auril the Frostmaiden and Loviatar, Goddess of Pain, are also popular goddesses. Loviatar's husband Bane is revered by the chiefs of the less Chaotic Vaasan tribes, and some Banite clerics from Zhentil Keep proselytise here, with mixed results.
South Vaasan Noble
Many southern Vaasan nobles dwell in timber long houses, ride small tough horses into battle, carry lances, and garb in iron mail or plate. The bulk of their warriors, though, are the Bearsarks (Berserkers), the Hunters (shortbow archers), and other tribal light infantry. Vaasan culture often makes little distinction between Human, Humanoid, and even Ogre or Giant clans - all are Vaasan, equally fierce, cruel and proud.
The taiga, bog and tundra of Vaasa is too poor for much agriculture; when not raiding or marching to war the Vaasans typically herd goats, reindeer, and shaggy long-horned cattle. Barley is grown in sheltered spots in the southern woods. Vaasan animals and crops are usually tended by miserable thralls (slaves). But many Vaasan clans, especially in the tundra bordering the Great Glacier, retain the nomadic ways of their ancestors, following the semi-wild reindeer herds across the barren wastes.

Lady Jane, Baroness Ducaris, with bracers.
Duchy of Brandiar
Ruler: None/Steward Dormythyrr 
Sigil: Destrier Argent on field Ver
Population: 80,000 (pre-war 160,000+)
Capital: Goliad (4,900)
Brandiar includes the new Cathedral of St Dionysus the Sozzled at Goliad, under the famed Friar-Patriarch Dugald, a Hero of Bloodstone. 
Once a powerful realm known for its heavy cavalry formations, the birthplace and home to Gareth Dragonsbane, Brandiar has been much devastated by the recent wars. The old noble line of Brandiar was entirely extinguished during the 1347-57 DR Vaasan War. It is rumoured that Duke Dragonsbane of Bloodstone & Vaasa and Duke Olwen of Soravia both favour the appointment of their friend Friar-Patriarch Dugald as the new Duke of Brandiar. 
The Friars of St Dionysus are not forbidden the pleasures of the flesh. In recent months (1359 DR) it's rumoured that Friar Dugald has been courting Jane Ducaris (Noble), a noble Lady of Goliad town & now Baroness Ducaris (though the Barony Ducaris itself is largely in ruins), with a view to marriage. While unrelated to the old Dukes of Brandiar, the Ducaris lineage is impeccable - Jane Ducaris is a distant cousin of Duke Gareth Dragonsbane himself! The Ducaris are also related to the noble Dulac family of Ostrav in Arcata.

The Crownland
Ruler: Sir Lucan Vernithrax, Steward for King Dimian I Banacath
Province Crest: Stones and Scales (the standard of House Banacath & the Kingdom of Damara)
Population: 25,000
Unincorporated but strategically important territory between Morov, Brandiar and Ostel, this territory is traditionally the personal demesne of whichever monarch sits on the Damaran throne. In M4 1359 DR King Dimian I appointed Sir Lucan Vernithrax, a senior knight of Morov, as Steward to govern the Crownland and repair its defences. The Vernithrax are a famous old Morovian family. Two centuries ago their progenitor Sir Halstan Vernithrax took the name when he slew a mighty green dragon in the Rawlinswood.

Barony of Morov
Ruling House: Banacath
Family Crest: Stones and Scales (the standard of the Kingdom of Damara)
Ruler: KinDimian I Ree of House Banacath, King of Damara, 27th Prince-Baron of Morov, Mayor of Heliogabalus, Presider of the Market, Overlord of the King's Road
Province Sigil: Feather scarlet on field gold
Population: 88,000+
Capital: Heliogabalus (25,000)
The seat of royal power in Damara, founded by Heldrin Bloodfeathers almost 300 years ago. Heliogabalus is a true citadel, the royal castle rock towering over the city below. Even Zhengyi the Witch King feared to assault Heliogabalus. The city's only real defensive weakness is the open docks looking onto the lakeside. The Barony of Morov expanded greatly when King Dimian granted himself the former Soravian territories between Morov and the Galenas, at the same time as naming Olwen Forest-Friend Duke of Soravia, in his first proclamations, M4 1359 DR. North Morov even extends to claim formerly independent mining holds in the northern Galenas.

Sylvia of Praka, the Baroness Ostel
Barony of Ostel 
Ruler: Baroness Sylvia of House Praka
Sigil: Ship Or on field Azure
Population: 106,000
Capital: Praka (16,000)
Ostel is a rich lakeshore Barony with an important strategic location.  Castle Ostel is a strong fortress on the Praka-Carmathan border. The beautiful but sinister sorceress ruler of Ostel, the Baroness Sylvia, resides there, when not at the royal court in Heliogabalus, or her palace in Praka city. Castle Ostel is a good place to conduct her more questionable affairs, with little fear of prying eyes from Spysong and the like. Sylvia is accounted perhaps the third most mighty Magic-User in all Damara, after Emelyn the Gray, and Knellict of the Assassins. She is widely considered to have great influence over King Dimian, having been instrumental in placing him upon the Damaran throne despite widespread preference for Gareth Dragonsbane among the smallfolk.

Hernic, Knight Commander of Ostel
Among Sylvia's greatest knights is her Champion, the feared Knight Commander Sir Hernic of Zarich (half-elf), said to have slain a hundred foes during the Vaasan Wars - not all of them Vaasan.

Barony of Polten
Ruler: Donlevy the Young of House BelMaris
Symbol: Tears Scarlet on field Or
Population: 174,000
Capital: Trailsend (12,000)
Closer to a Duchy than a traditional Barony, Polten bestrides the Merchants' Run to Impiltur, and is the oldest and possibly richest territory in all Damara. Damara normally maintains neutral to friendly relations with Impiltur, but the wild Nar - and worse things - dwelling in the Rawlinswood provide challenge enough for any Polten Baron. The far-travelled Belmaris hail originally from Impilitur and are related to the Beaumaris of northern Carmathan, and to the Belmaris nobles of Lyrabar.

Duchy of Soravia (created by Zhengyi)
Nar Shield-Maid of Soravia
Ruler: Duke Olwen Forest-Friend of the Heroes of Bloodstone.
Symbol: Bear Bruin on field Argent
Population: 44,000+
Capital: Kinbrace (4,500)
Taiga pine forest gives way to cold plains and (in the far north) frozen tundra, on Damara's northern frontier. Soravia's population includes Damaran settlers alongside many nomadic Nar tribes. Olwen Forest Friend is working to bring all together in his new realm. However the Soravian forest still holds fragments of Zhengyi's defeated army, including Orcs and worse.

Elf Queen Rylintara
The Leth
The Rawlinswood Nar are divided into evil human tribes ruled by half-demons that still serve the Nentyarch, and more neutral tribes led by the Druids of Leth, including their High Druid and Jaroo Ashstaff the famous 'Druid of the Grove'. The Leth Druids occupied Dun-Tharos itself for a time during the absence of Rheligaun, only to be driven out again by the Nentyarch & his demonic legion the Scaled Horde upon his return in 725 DR. The Leth Druids maintain some contact with the wood elves of Lethyr, to the south across the Great Dale. A few reclusive wood elf clans (the Elves of Leth) remain in the northwestern Rawlinswood, where it rises to meet the Giantspire Mountains. These are ruled wisely by the Elf Queen Rylintara, a powerful Enchantress.

The High Druid of Leth

Jaroo Ashstaff, the Druid of the Grove

The Snow Elves

A single isolated snow elf clan dwell in the mountains bordering the White Worm Glacier. They are allies of the powerful half-elf(?) 'white witch' Tanwen Whitefire, whose tower of ice rises from the western edge of the glacier, and enemies of the terrible frost and fire giants. Some say Tanwen is actually an immortal spirit, a Lady of the Fey. The Snow Elf leader Prince Loftar is father of the famous archer, Princess Nevamira (RIP M12 1359 - Carrion Shrine of Qorgeth).

Tanwen likes her elven liquers.

IMPILTUR & Damara recent history

1347 DRZhengyi of Vaasa attacks Damara. Impiltur's Council the Lords of Imphras II are divided on whether to respond. The country remains neutral, but some of the Lords are thought to secretly aid Damara.
1351 DR: 14 year old King Soarimbrar of Impiltur and his retinue are slain by unknown Assassins (some suspect Zhengyi of Vaasa, or even the Nentyarch of Dun-Tharos) outside Lyrabar. His infant nephew is crowned Imphras V, the widowed 30-year-old Queen Sambryl remaining as Queen-Regent until Imphras shall come of age. She vows to maintain Impiltur's neutrality.
1357 DR: The Vaasan-Damaran war ends with Vaasa's victory at the Ford of Goliad, with the death of King Virdin Banacath at the hands of Felix the Traitor, and the subsequent Night of Long Knives as Zhengyi's Assassins decapitate the remaining Damaran leadership.
1358 DRThe Bloodstone Wars. Zhengyi is overthrown by the hero Gareth Dragonsbane, Baron of Bloodstone and later Duke of Vaasa. 21/12/58 The White Tree is planted in Bloodstone Pass.
1359 DR 18/4: Dimian I Ree Banacath proclaimed King of Damara, with coronation 21/6. 1/5: Duke Helmont XIII Devlin of Carmathan is exposed as an impostor, later replaced by Duchess Malla Devlin, a former festhall wench and a grandchild of Duke Devlin XII. 26/5: In Impiltur the Queen-Regent Sambryl celebrates her 39th birthday.

Queen Sambryl, Queen Regent of Impiltur

The Heroes of Bloodstone
Duke Gareth Dragonsbane of Bloodstone & Vaasa, Paladin 18 of the Golden Cup
Friar Dugald of St Dionysus, Bishop of Goliad & Hero of Bloodstone, Cleric 17 (Life) of St Dionysus
Kane, Hero of Bloodstone, Grandmaster Emiritus of the Yellow Rose, Monk 16
Celedon Kierney of Spysong, Half-Elf Rogue 17 (Arcane Trickster), Hero of Bloodstone
Riordan Parnell, Half-Elf Bard 17, Hero of Bloodstone & leader of Spysong
Emelyn the Gray Wizard 17, leader of the Twilight Riders
Duke Olwen Forest-Friend, Ranger 17 (Hunter), Duke of Soravia

Local elites include

Joriun Whitefeather (m), Blade Bard (sc4) of the King's Road
Margrethe (f), Glamour Bard (sc5) of the King's Road

Bishop Gilpin (m) of Valls, sc5 Priest of St Sollars
Prior Mordrin (m) of Moravin Friary sc5
Abbess Mara (f) of St Cecilia's Abbey, Priest sc5 of St Cecilia
Shukura (f), Cleric-3 (below)
Jaroo Ashstaff (m), the Druid of the Grove, sc7 Fire Druid (POTA)
Lady Christine Dragonsbane (f) of Bloodstone, sc4 MM Druid 
The High Druid of Leth (m), sc10
Rheligaun the Horned (m), sc18 Arch Druid & Lich

Hiriuf (m), Weapon Master of the Ravensburg Mercenaries' Guild, MM Gladiator (15)
Sir Rodney Carlin of Egilmont; Lesser Knight (4)
Sir Robert Fitzlion (m), Sheriff of Carmath Shire, MM Knight (8)
Sir Hernic LeFay (m), Champion of Ostel, VGTM Champion (22)

Temminische (m), Master Monk (12) (POTA), venerable Master of Spring of the Yellow Rose
Afrafa (f), VGTM Martial Arts Adept (11), Mistress of the South Wind of the Yellow Rose, advisor to Duchess Malla in Ravensburg
Patrick (m), VGTM Martial Arts Adept (11), former Monk (Master of Dragons) of the Yellow Rose, owner of Roadhouse Inn
Cantoule (m), the Grand Master of Flowers, Master Monk (12) (POTA)


Sir Veritas (m) of the Golden Thorn, Ravensburg (below)
Elmo (m), the Ranger of Hommlet, Ranger-4 (below)

Fulnok of Ferd (m), Rogue-3 (below)
Tarkos Ree (m), Thief, Heliogabolus Guildmaster of Thieves, CC Thief Lord   

Wizard & Sorcerer
Aretha (f), the Hag of Jagged Tower, Green Hag, sc4 
Rebecca Ramvira (f), Wizard 5
Burne, the Mage of Hommlet, human male CC Battle Mage sc7
Okonios Exacalus (m), the Conjurer of Valls, human male VGTM Conjurer sc9
Sylvia of Praka (f), the Baroness Ostel, human female VGTM Enchanter sc9
Rylintara (f), Elf Queen of Leth,  Sun Elf female CC Elf Enchanter sc 13
Tanwen Whitefire (f), half-elf female MM Archmage sc18

Damaran Coinage

Gold Bar: This is a large 10 lb bar of pure gold (24 karat), worth 1000 gold sovereigns (gp). Normally a unit of account and storage, also used for tax payments.

Gold Pound: This is a large 1 lb coin or ingot of pure gold (24 karat), worth 100 gold sovereigns. Normally a unit of account, also used for tax payments.

Silver Pound: This is a 1lb ingot of pure silver worth 10 gold sovereigns or 100 silver shillings. Mostly used in trade.

Gold Piece (Sovereign): weight 1/50 lb. Purity 50% gold (12 karat), alloyed with copper & zinc. The standard coin of wealthy merchants, successful adventurers and nobles, one Sovereign is worth 10 Silver Shillings & 100 Copper Pennies.

Silver Piece (Shilling): weight 1/50 lb. Purity 50% silver (12 karat), alloyed with copper & zinc. The standard middle class coin, and the one most often found in general circulation, one shilling can buy a day's poor food in most areas. Two silver shillings is a typical basic wage. 10 silvers are worth 1 gold.

Copper Piece (Penny): weight 1/50 lb. Purity N/A. The 'copper' penny is actually Brass (Copper/Zinc alloy), at a value of ten to the silver shilling. The standard commoners' coin, although most nominal 'copper' transactions are actually via barter. The ancient Nar did not use copper coinage, so these are rarely found in old treasure hoards.

Copper Farthing: Coppers are sometimes divided into four Farthings (1/200 lb). When issued as separate coins the farthing weighs 1/200 lb.

Selling Goods
PHB prices reflect the sums typically paid by adventurers, and reflect a near-maximum.
PHB goods may typically be sold by adventurers at 1/5 listed price, eg plate armour 300gp.
Merchants typically purchase at 1/5 to 1/2 listed price, and sell at 1/2 to full listed price.
Producers typically sell at 1/3 (wholesale to merchant) to full (special commission) listed price.

Sir Veritas of the Golden Thorn, Ravensburg
Armor Class 18 (+1 breastplate, defense style)/AC 20 with a shield
Hit Points 75 (10d8+30)
Speed 30 ft.
16 (+3)16 (+3)16 (+3)11 (0)14 (+2)14 (+2)
Saves: STR +6 DEX +6
Skills Athletics +6, Perception +5* Stealth +5* Survival +4*
*Advantage in Forest.
Passive Perception 15/20
Languages Common
PB +3 XPV 1100 (CR 4)

Magic Gear: 3 potions of healing 2d4+2, +2 longsword 'Truth', +1 longbow, +1 breastplate.

Hommlet & Ramvira NPCs, 5e Rules

Companion NPCs
Fulnok (NPC) Rogue-3 
Shukura (NPC) Cleric-3 
Elmo (NPC) Ranger-4 (max)

Fulnok 'the Gambler', of Ferd human male, Damaran (from Barony of Ostel). Steward of Ramvira (from M8 1359 DR). 
Rogue-3 (Thief). XP 1965/2700
AC 16 (12 studded leather, +4 DEX) HP: 24 (10+7x2) ST 8 (-1) IN 15 (+2) WI 11 (+0) DE 19 (+4) CO 15 (+2) CH 14 (+2)  E: studded leather armour, scroll of protection from magicPick of Ineffable Escape +10 to open locks, short sword, +1 dagger wpn #1: +1 dagger ATT +7 dam 1d4+5 wpn #2: shortsword ATT +6 dam 1d6+2 Sneak Attack +2d6 Wealth: 37 10gp gems total value 370gp, 38.3 gp, vial of holy water. loaded knucklebones (win advtg), cards *Shukura reaches in to Narcissa's right inner thigh, down the stocking-top, and draws forth an ivory lockpick, inscribed with tiny Nar runes. She hands it to Fulnok. SA: Sneak Attack, Thieves' Cant, Cunning Action - Bonus action to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action. Roguish Archetype (Thief) - Fast Hands, Second Storey Work.


Shukura of Nephtys, goddess of luck and wealth, guardian of the dead. human female, Mulhorandi (from city of Rauthil) 

Cleric-3 (Life) PB +2 
XP: 1170/2700
AC 17 (banded mail) > 19 SoF HP: 18 (8+5x2)
STR 8 (-1) DEX 15 (+2) CON 11 (+0) INT 13 (+1) WIS 16 (+3) CHA 15 (+2). Saves WIS +5 CHA +4
Proficient Skills: Insight +5, Religion +3, Medicine +5, Arcana +3
wpn: Ankh Staff-Sling melee ATT +1 dam 1d8-1, sling bullet (10) ATT +4 dam 1d8+2 minimum range 30', range 60'/180', loading. 
Spell Save DC 13 Spell Attack +5 
Spells Prepared: 6 + Domain Spells:
1stBlessCure Wounds (1d8+6 or 2d8+7)
3rdLesser RestorationSpiritual Weapon
Default Spell Selection: (1) Command, Healing Word (BA rng 60' heal 1d4+6 or 2d4+7), Shield of Faith +2 AC (2) Hold Person WIS DC 13, Aid +5 hp to 3 people for 8 hours, Zone of Truth
Cantrips: 3 (light, sacred flame DEX DC 13/1d8 radiant, thaumaturgy)
Spell slots: lvl 1: 4 lvl 2: 2
SA: Channel Divinity 1/SR (Turn Undead, Preserve Life +15hp, no creature to over half max hp)
Wealth: 403 gp, vial of holy water
With a slight shock, Kam recognises her - the Priestess Shukura, who was banished from the Temple of Nephtys, Goddess of Luck and Guardian of the Dead, in Rauthil city, less than a year ago. The official story is she was caught embezzling funds intended for the paupers' burials, but Kam's brother is a temple guard there, and passed on a rumour that her true crime was to resist the amorous advances of Ethnestus Horvus, the obese Precept (appointed ruler) of Rauthil, a Priest of Horus-Re.
Disciple of Life: Whenever you use a spell of 1st level or higher to Restore Hit Points to a creature, the creature regains additional Hit Points equal to 2 + the spell’s level (so level 1 +3 hp, level 2 +4 hp).
Channel Divinity: Preserve Life  You can use your Channel Divinity to heal the badly injured. As an action, you present your holy Symbol and evoke Healing energy that can restore a number of Hit Points equal to five times your Cleric level (15 hp). Choose any creatures within 30 feet of you, and divide those Hit Points among them. This feature can restore a creature to no more than half of its hit point maximum. You can’t use this feature on an Undead or a Construct.

Elmo, the Ranger of Hommlet: Ranger-4 PB +2 XP 2700 (max) h-m  

AC 20 (14 chain shirt +1, +2 DEX +4 shield +2), AC 16 without shield      
Speed 30' HD 4 (d10+3) 
HP 44 (14+10x3)
ST 18 (+4) IN 15 (+2) WI 16 (+3) DE 16 (+3) CO 18 (+4) CH 12 (+1). 
Prof Saves STR +6 DEX +5
Prof Skills: Stealth +5 Perception +5 Survival +5 Nature +4
SA: Favoured Enemy (Orcs, Bugbears) - advtg on tracking & knowledge, speaks Orc
Natural Explorer - Forest. Fighting Style: Dueling, +2 dmg 1hw. Archetype - Hunter
Primeval Awareness
Spells Known: 3 1st (cure wounds, detect magic, hunter's mark) Spell Slots: 3 1st
Gear: Explorer's pack, +1 chain shirt +2 dwarven shield, 
+1 Battleaxe (rh) ATT +7 dam 1d8+7 
Longbow ATT +5 dam 1d8+3   
+2 Dagger (rh) ATT +8 dam 1d4+8
Treasure: 6 100gp gems 10 pp 81 gp 200 sp. vial of holy water, emerald ring v 700gp. 
Elmo is clearly a highly experienced Ranger; he turns out in gleaming mail armour, a dwarf-crafted shield, longbow, carrying a gleaming battle axe, and with a deadly-looking dirk at his belt.
Elmo grins at the surprised looks.
"Ah? Yeah, my gear's all magic - 'cept for the bow. Found the shield years ago in the ruins of an old dwarf hold, up in the mountains - the Fallen Halls, they call it. Nasty things up there. Ogres, and worse."
Rumours: Elmo knows about the Orc Tunnel in the Fallen Halls (Khundrakar) that leads into the caves of the Glitterhame (area 21), avoiding the Ogre clan that holds the Mountain Door. He & his party used it to enter the Glitterhame and the lower halls many years ago, where he found his enchanted dwarven shield - the former owner had no further use for it. The party wizard, Idanus, insisted on staying when the others left, to continue his researches. "He was always a bit mad, that one."

The old party, ca 1337 DR: Elmo (Ranger), Jaroo Ashstaff (Druid), Idanus (Wizard, remained at Khundrakar 1337), Lanis (Fighter, RIP 1354 DR as Lady Lanis Chaney, mother of Viola Chaney).