Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Session 75 RL21 EPIC TIER 21/1/1483 - Clenderi Melts.

The PCs go to Timbervale to meet Dunstan, rest and plan. Next morning they fly towards Llorkh, where they meet Nightshade the black dragon as she takes down a couple of Clenderi's frost wyverns. They arrange to rendezvous with Nightshade at nightfall and together fly to Clenderi's tower of ice, which rises from the ruins of Ogremouth. In the portal chamber atop the spire they defeat Clenderi in a titanic battle. As the tower begins to collapse, Arya says farewell and ascends to the status of Primordial in the Elemental Chaos (aka Scotland)... >:)

Combat in the Ice Tower XP
Clenderi, Level 23 Solo - 25,500
3 Frost Giant Ice Masters -  4150x3
3 Frost Giant Warriors - 2800x3
3 Stone Cult Frost Dwarf Elite - 1275x3
Level 23 Major Quest - Defeat Clenderi, close the Ice Portal, save the Vale - 25,500
Total: 75,675/5.5=13,759 each
13,759+  165548 = 179,307
175,000 XP for Level 21 
210,000 XP for Level 22

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  1. Clenderi's scythe is a Chaotic weapon and is mutable to a longsword with the Enchant Item ritual. You can use these Compendium stats:
    Sword of Black Ice Level 27 Uncommon
    Carved from a sliver of black ice from the abyss, this deadly sword never melts.
    Lvl 27 +6 1,625,000 gp
    Weapon: Longsword
    Enhancement Bonus: attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical: +1d10 cold damage per plus and the target is dazed.
    (Poison): Whenever an attack with this weapon hits, the target takes 2d8 poison damage.
    Power Daily (Free Action)
    Trigger: When you hit a creature dazed by this weapon.
    Effect: The creature is stunned (save ends).
    Published in Dungeon Magazine 162, page(s) 61, Dungeon Magazine Annual, page(s) 59.