Sunday, 3 July 2016

Session 100 8/4/1485 Nalfeshnee Tyrant

Group battle and defeat the Larva Mage Magrathar, a Nalfeshnee Tyrant & 2 Vrock Warwings. Crossing the bridge from Magrathar's Teeth to the Pillars of Night, Jareth almost falls into a crevasse, but is saved by a web spell from Dhaunayane. They see a gargantuan dracolich afar off, flying towards them, and more circling vrocks. Approaching the Pillar, the Balor Glyphimor and two Glabrezu step out to confront them.

Magrathar level 31 elite - 46,000
2 Vrock Warwings level 27 - 11,000x2=22,000
Nalfeshnee Tyrant  level 29 elite - 30,000
Cross the Bridge level 30 - 19,000
Total 117,000/4= 29250

Level 30 Quest Award - Enter the Pillars of Night +19,000 each

29250+19000= 48250

PCs: Dhaunayane, Jareth, Lirael, Dunstan.

825,000 XP for Level 29

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