Monday, 5 September 2016


With the defeat of Orcus and Szass Tam, cosmic balance is restored and peace returns to Faerun. In the east, the Shade Lords are destroyed, Gerin Legatus of the Shadovar rises to prominence in a much weakened Netheril. Far to the east in Thay, the power of Undeath has greatly weakened with the fall of Orcus. The Red Wizards under Lord Myuni soon re-establish rule of the shattered realm, and Myuni is acclaimed as Prime Archon.
In Loudwater, Lirael Widdershins is acclaimed Queen of the Shining Vale, and in time the Legendary Sovereign founds a dynasty of mighty Ranger Monarchs, aided by the doughty Dunstan Ironforge who with his lady Serka also founds a long line of Ironforge dwarven warrior-smiths.
His work on Faerun done after a final battle with a great demonic spider that attempts to make off with the body of the Queen-Consort Sir Jorah Blackthorn (subsequently resurrected by the Green Regent Halvath), Jareth the Invincible Vanguard sets off in search of new worlds to conquer.
In Ched Nasad, Matriarch Dhaunayane Nasadra long enjoys the Favour of Lolth, re-establishing House Nasadra with an iron grip over the city. In time Dhaunayane and her many daughters rebuild Ched Nasad as a city to rival even Menzoberranzan.
Of Paelias the Eladrin, believed lost in battle with the cyclops army at the Tomb of Sartine, there is no sign.



  1. Does this mean that the epic Loudwater adventures are now over? I remember when they started, some 5ish years ago... I miss you guys! I hope that Ashara's legacy at the Fiery Spire continued...? ;)

    1. Hi Catherine! Yes the game ended in August. The Fiery Spire was instrumental in channelling the Life EnEnrgy of the Green Regent to preserve Loudwater from Orcas. Ashara enjoys a long and fruitfull academic career. :)