Sunday, 19 September 2021

5e Carrion Shrine of Qorgeth (T3/M12/1359 DR) & Rough Run (T3/M2/1360 DR)

Carrion Shrine - Heart of Qorgeth - trying to stop the Summoning 

Errol & Nevamira perish in the Infernal Radiance of the Malakbel Demon, Herald of Qorgeth.

Two months later at Ft Skulnar. 'Sirondar' briefs the Brave Adventurers


The Great Hall at Fort Skulnar, Ironwolf Manor

Approaching Rough Run's Hall of Spears

Fighting the Sons of the Dragon in the crossbow slit corridors

Eamon leads the attack, followed by Greeba, Gorlock & Nathia coming up.

Tower Level Two - the Hall of Whirly Spikey Things

Assaulting the Stairs to Level Three

Phil & Jelena

Bill & Jelly

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