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Courana Family

 Courana Farm

"Well you'd have to ask them. I believe the Courana sisters have several brothers and cousins. I'm sure with the right offer, they'd be happy to help. Oh, and Courana Farm is mostly sheep, but the dell there is one of the few places in these parts sheltered enough to make growing wheat worthwhile, so they'll have the expertise you need." - Barbara D'Ashe to Goltho Bearchaser, 1360 DR

The D'Ashe region is mostly sheep farming, but there is some barley farming, plus turnips and other root vegetables, mostly for diet variety. 
Debek, Courana Patriarch, Rgr 4
Nestled in the sheltered woods four miles or so south of D'Ashe Manor, four miles from Dwarfstead, lie a small collection of farms surrounded by a rough palisade - the beginnings of a hamlet. Younger women and girls tend flocks of sheep, while sturdy men and boys bring in the last of the harvest.  Most of the people here are Couranas by birth or marriage, with the distinctive red hair of the family.  

M10 1360 DR (end): Draft Horse strawberry roan mare from Meryem 'Strawberry'. 
M5 1361 DR: Beverly Courana has a child by Prince Strohm (RIP). She calls him Strohm after his father.
1/9/1361 DR: Tirie Courana finds and gives Meryem a wounded puppy - 'Chaos'.
T1/M9 1361 DR: Patricia Pullen recruits Geradile & Lesley Courana for the new Gnomestead Festhall. 

Korin Courana, nephew of Debek, Rgr 1
Maddis Courana, wife of Korin. Drd 1

Gathil Courana, Rgr 3
Henrietta, Mother of Tirie

Tirie Courana, daughter of Henrietta & Anson, grand daughter of Debek

Beverly Courana of Solanna Bael, herbalist
Geradile Courana, ex of Solanna Bael, ex shepherdess, Gnomestead

Lesley Courana, daughter of Debek, Gnomestead

ca M10 1360 DR
A younger man with a half-elven look comes over. "Hail there!" Debek: "This is Gathil, one of my boys. He's a fine thresher." Debek: "Oh, and before you say it - his mother was a half-elf, bless her soul."
Tirie takes the flower, beaming. "Wow! Magic flower!" She looks up. "I want to be a Druid when I grow up - just like you!"
Bearchaser: "Oh, I'm afraid I am not a druid. That is about the extent of my magics, unfortunately. As for faith, that is a difficult question."
Debek's smile fades a little. "Ah. We're followers of the Old Faith here. Always have been, since my ancestors came up from the south, hundreds of years ago."
Gathil: "I reckon I'll go check in on Beverly and Geradile while we're up there - though I heard they moved to an Elf tower?"
Debek to Goltho: "You know my nieces?"
Korin: Say, let me introduce my wife, Maddis..." He calls over a dark-haired young woman, who nods in greeting. "She's from down Malthlyn way... terrible trouble down there - her family had to flee north, which is how I met her. I heard Ranger Queale sorted it, though."

1/9/1361 DR
On a patrol visit to Courana Farm south of D'Ashe Manor, Meryem finds young Tirie Courana holding an injured puppy. "Look what I found, Miss Meryem!"   
Meryem: "Oh poor thing. It has been hurt. Where did you find it Tirie?"
Tirie: "In the woods! I was following one of the sheep, Mavis - she's not very bright... The poor thing seems injured. Can you help, Miss Meryem?" Tirie gives Meryem a trusting look.
Meryem: "Here give it to me. He is a war dog breed. Someone has abandoned him. I will take him home and nurse him back. You are welcome to visit anytime to see how he is doing."
Tirie nods, and hands the puppy up to Meryem. "I gotta get back to the sheep! Grand'da will be cross if Mavis falls down a hole again!" She nods happily to Meryem and turns to run off.

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