Saturday 18 March 2023

Exacalus School of Conjuration and Wizardry, Valls

 8/11/60, Valls: Strohm notices that the blue sapphire of Celia's mage staff glows with elemental energy - an Elemental Gem?

Okonios Exacalus
Valls, 18/9/61. For once things seem quiet at the Exacalus School of Conjuration and Wizardry. A skimpily clad maidservant escorts Kevan to the wood-panelled office of Master Exacalus. The greybeard wizard nods affably. "Welcome! Please sit. How may I assist?"

Miss Celia Faversham


Miss Grunhilda

Kevan follows her finger and registers each of the students to his mind. “Fortunately, I have recently completed a course in sheep husbandry, so black sheep should be no problem.” He winks and gives a reassuring grin.
“Is it just that she doesn’t apply herself, or does she not have the desired aptitude to the wizardly ways?”
Miss Faversham nods. "A very good question! I'm quite sure she has the aptitude - Master Exacalus tests each applicant quite thoroughly. But she just won't apply herself! 'Too cool for school', I think the expression is?" She grins.
"Her family is quite wealthy. They wanted her to do this - paid all her fees up front. Most of our students are eager to prove themselves - but not her."
Kevan: “Oh really?” Kevan’s curiosity piques. “So a spoiled rich girl who’s here because her parents told her to? Really leaning into the stereotype.” He stifles a snigger. “Would I have heard of this family?”
Celia: "The Caravagios?  I don't know. They have extensive mine holdings in western Arcata, and a stake in the Silver Standard. Sort of Valls' answer to the Mercellins, perhaps." She smiles. From what Kevan has seen, Valls seems to have a bit of an inferiority complex concerning Ravensburg, her larger city rival.

Stacy Caravagio 1361 DR

Stacy Caravagio 1362 DR

Mary, Exacalus Student

Grigor, Exacalus Student

Johannes, Exacalus Graduate

Evey, Maid

Keri, Maid

Linda, Chief Maid

female student

male student

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