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Session 23: (23/10/79) "To sleep, to dream, to rise again..." - Olaris Vlakos the Transmuter, M10 1479 DR

Thousands of years ago, the Ammarindar Dwarves defeated Stonefang, the Primordial Titan, vanquished his armies, and carved out a mountain realm that would last for millenia.
But not all of Stonefang's forces perished in that war. Some, it is said, retreated into the earth, to sleep,  to wait, until Stonefang should rise again...
Boris' Hall
Time-Travelling Orcs and Ogres face Gray Vale's finest heroes.
Karvol of Orlbar delivers a smackdown to some unfortunate Ogre Savages.
Hill Giant Hulk fells Esme and Ardan.

In the Chamber of the Necro-Energy Monolith, the undead Ogre King Koptila faces Esmerelda of the Burning Hand. Poor Koptila!
Chamber of the Energy Monolith.

23/10/79: Arya has returned to Orlbar to report to the Light of the Sun. Llorkh's old coot of a Transmuter Olaris Vlakos is telling anyone who will listen that the rumblings from Stonefang Mountain presage the Return of Stonefang, and that time-travelling ogres will soon descend on Llorkh! King Boris is sceptical, but Esme, Lirael and Karvol decide to check it out (Esme warning Boris' daughter Kitana to prepare the Banites for war) - as does the elven Ranger Ardan, who knows Olaris and has more faith in the prophecies than most.
Descending into the deep catacombs beneath northwest Llorkh, orcs and ogres suddenly pop into existence! These apparent time travellers are soon defeated; further on two ogre women and a fierce hill giant also meet their end. At the end of the catacombs stands a blue necrotic energy monolith guarded by ogre zombies - the thing that is bringing the ogres forward through time? Here the party face the undead Ogre King, Koptila... 

XP 13,884+766=14,650
 XP for 9th level: 16,500.

Esmerelda's Missives
A letter carried by Arya, back to Queen Valeris:

"Dear Sister,

I find myself in the vipers den with Boris, I beleive it is time that we rid your borders of a threat. I beleive that I can get Borris's forces to betray him, or at least a good portion, in the name of Illmater.

If we can gather Borris's forces with yours on the northern Border to the Mountain king. I beleive we could destroy Borris's reign quickly and efficiently. I could become the queen to the East of you, reigning in Llorkh.


Your eternally trusted Ally.

PS, I have enclosed a lock of hair, please forward onto Marsh in Loudwater."

A letter sent to the Pig Lords (Timbervale - Lord Sevrym, Sir Galtos etc):

"Dear Brave Sirs, I know you have been gathering swords and men in preperation for a great battle.

Myself and Borris have great need of your services. Please start to bring your forces to Llorkh to join with the kings men. 

For we are to move against our greatest enemy.

Hugs and Kisses,


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