Monday, 20 August 2012

Session 24: Fall of Koptila (23/10/1479 DR)

Esme is attacked by Koptila and his zombies and KO'd inside the Necro-Monolith; Arya has returned from Orlbar with news of Valeris' refusal to send troops, and is taken down to the catacombs by Kitana, where they encounter and battle more time-travelling ogres.
In a fierce fight Koptila kills old Olaris Vlakos the Transmuter, but Lirael and Karvol save Esme and the undead ogre king and his minions are defeated; 2 of the time-travelling ogre women escape Llorkh. Karvol throws the Blue Sun Disk into the Monolith and destroys both, then evades the stasis chamber. The group return to the surface, where Esme confronts Boris and initiates rebellion in the name of Bane...

Chamber of Koptila (Koptila, 2 Zombies, Necro-energy Monolith): 3550
5 Time-Travelling Ogres: 350x5 = 1750
Total: 5300/7 - 5 PCs (Lirael Esme Ardan Arya Karvol), 2 NPCs (Olaris Vlakos, Kitana)
= 757 XP
Level 7 Major Quest: Incite Rebellion Against Boris: 300 XP per PC
Total: 1057 +14650 = 15707
Need 16500 for 9th Level

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