Friday 28 September 2012

Session 26: The Poisoned Shadows 24/10/1479 DR

The day after Esmerelda becomes Queen of Llorkh, most of the bandits are sleeping off the effects of the Great Feast. Esme has dispatched 12 men east to kill Boris, while sending Kitana and the most fanatical Banites south against the Severed Eye Orcs.

Two followers of Bahamut, the Cleric Dardalion and the Paladin Callaway, have arrived in Llorkh from Waterdeep searching for the remnants of the Poisoned Shadows, a group of Shadar-Kai assassins who had slain the Vice-Patriarch of Bahamut. They are spotted by Lirael and brought to the Palace via a rear entrance. After consultation with Arya and Karvol, they agree to help in investigating the theft of the Ammarindar dwarven rune-plates from the tower of the deceased Transmuter Olaris Vlakos.

Investigating the abandoned Old Curiousity Shoppe on the north-west side of Llorkh, the group find three Shadar-Kai in the cellar, including a vicious Witch who clouds Lirael's vision.  In a fierce fight another Shadar-Kai arrives from the sewers below, and a fifth attacks Arya from behind, but eventually all five Shadar-Kai are dispatched. One falls, spilling the contents of a chest - treasure, assassination contracts, and recent notes from Oro Loroth, the evil dwarf Mountain King, addressed to "Nightshade, Mistress of the Poisoned Shadows" commanding the theft of Olaris' plates (600gp) and preferably the killing of Olaris (2000gp). Old contracts from Waterdeep indicate that the murder of the Vice-Patriarch of Bahamut - and desired murder of the Patriarch - were commanded by the Ashmadai, devil cultists serving Asmodeus.

The group enter the sewers, where they swiftly encounter an Oni disguised as Olaris, and two more Shadar-Kai. Battle rages, and Callaway tries to cross a slippery sewer-pipe, only to fall into the water, and the submerged Gelatinous Cube waiting there...

Photos by Kimberly Pauley:

XP: 1,700/5=340 each.  
Total: 16,607+340= 16,947. 
Need: 20,500 for 10th.

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