Monday, 5 November 2012

Session 29: The Ring of Nemeia 26-27/1/1480 DR

26/1/1480 DR
Descending the steps, the heroes battle a zombie hulk, flame braziers, reanimating skeleton archers, and their Draconian Necromancer master, a sort of Lizardman/Dragon crossbreed. Victorious, on the dead Draconian is a silver ring with the symbol of Asmodeus, Arch-Devil of Hell. They recognise the Signet Ring as the Ring of Nemeia, 'Demon Empress of Netheril' said to be buried deeper in the cairn.
The party return across the High Moor to the forested dell where they left their horses; the horses have been scattered and need rounding up - Lirael finds the tracks of a large Ettin. The Ring speaks in a silvery female voice to the mind of each hero who holds it, tempting them with promises of power, and punishing them with green Necrotic energy when they refuse. It tells them that  "The Scaly Ones are Coming" which proves true a few hours after nightfall, as two Yuan-Ti hunters find the camp, but are spotted by the elven Ranger Palias. Despite their speed and power, both are slain.

27/1/1480 DR
Next morning Lirael leaves the others in the dell with the ring and heads north alone to Brownstone, where she recruits Halvath, the local priest of Mielikki, and brings him back south to the dell to examine the ring. 

Draconian Necromancer, Zombie Hulk & skels: 1650/5=330 each
Yuan-Ti Abomination & Malison: 2300/5=460 each
Environment, Interaction with Ring of Nemeia etc: 200 each
Total: 990+18,302=19,292
Need: 20,500 for 10th.

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