Monday, 19 November 2012

Session 30: Blood on the Snow 27-28/1/1480 DR

27/1/1480 DR
Lirael & Halvath arrive back at the dell at dusk, and discuss taking the Ring to Treona the Wise-Woman. They have not been there long when an Ettin attacks the camp from the cliffs above. Jareth of Orlbar hurries back to assist the others, and they defeat it after a fierce fight.
With the temperature falling, the group decides to head north to Brownstone, using sunrods for illumination as they travel through the night. On the way through the woods, passing a ring of standing-stones they are ambushed by a group of five fire-breathing dragonborn warriors - skilled combatants, but they prove no match for the heroes. Four are slain, the last surrenders - Jareth wants to slay him, but he promises to leave the service of the 'Emerald Dawn', his green dragon mistress, and is granted quarter. He leaves, heading south.

28/1/1480 DR
The group reaches Brownstone before dawn; Halvath has the guards open the palisade gates and they repair to the shrine of Mielikki for a well-earned rest, waking that afternoon.

Gulthog the Ettin 2500
5 Dragonborn Warriors 2500
Total: 5000/6=833
Need: 20,500 for 10th.

1. Lirael Sirocco, Half-Elf Archer Ranger
2. Jareth of Orlbar, Human Slayer Fighter
3. Dunstan Ironforge, Dwarf Knight Fighter
4. Halvath, Human Cleric War-Priest of Mielikki
5. Palias, Elf Archer Ranger
6. Tassan, Elf Monk

7. Not present: Arya, Human Mage Wizard

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