Monday, 4 March 2013

Session 37 The Temple of Mephistopheles 11-12/2/1480 DR

The group delve into the infernal temple, defeating the diabolical forces of the Arch-devil Mephistopheles, Lord of the Eighth Hell. A bold strike by Paelias disrupts the summoning ritual before an Ice Devil can be unleashed; all foes are defeated.
Half an hour later, the Northdock guard officer Sathira turns up with a squad sent by Magister Ilyrio. She offers to escort the party back to Northdock, but they ride on north, reaching Waterdeep next day.
Quinn Eventide flirts briefly with the gate guards and escorts the group north through the bustling city streets to the salubrious North Ward and the tower of her mentor, the Savant Sage Hallomak Stromm. With a little apprehension, Quinn pulls the chain of the door-bell, and waits...

Photographs by Tim
Frost Hounds
The Ritual
Succubus tries to kiss Halvath
5 Frost Hounds 1500
2 Tiefling Deceivers 700
Ice Cell Trap 200
2 Chain Devils 1200
2 Bearded Devils 1600
4 Human cultists 300
Succubus 400
Stop summoning of the Ice Devil 3,000
Total: 8900/6=1483.
Prevent return of Demon Empress Nemeia +400 each, total 1883 each.
Need 32,000 for 12th level.

1. Arya, Human Spellstorm Mage Wizard
2. Jareth of Orlbar, Human Slayer Fighter
3. Dunstan Ironforge, Dwarf Knight Fighter
4. Halvath, Human Cleric War-Priest of Mielikki, Green Regent
5. Paelias, Eladrin Archer Ranger
6. Quinn, Half-Elf Bard

7. Minding the Horses: Lirael Widdershins-Sirocco, Half-Elf Archer Ranger 

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