Tuesday 25 June 2013

Session 45: Chimeric 7/3-13/4/1480 DR

13/3/1480 DR: Lady Moonfire speaks with Quinn about aid with matchmaking at the Midsummer Ball. Sir Brandini Covere of Hartsfont seeks to marry off some of his daughters to eligible bachelors such as Sir Joran Amainas of Sunstone. Quinn suggests Jareth, if they wipe some of the gore off first.
Prisoner exchange with Najara east of the High Moor - Lyath the wereserpent for Lady Eclara Travys. Agree that humans will not enter Najara (including the High Moor) and Najarans will not enter the Gray Vale.
14/3/180: Agreed with Edmund, Lady Moonfire's factotum, that Lirael will buy out Eclara Travys' position as Warden (3000gp+200gp/year for 15 years). Eclara will retire to Waterdeep.
20/3/180 DR: Lady Eclara is sent off on a boat west to Waterdeep.
21/3/1480 DR: At the Spring Equinox, a day sacred to Mielikki, Lirael Widdershins is made a Knight of the Vale and invested as Warden of the North, lord of Tavysburg and Elfstree and protector of the lands beyond the Grayflow, from the Unicorn Run in the west to the Fiery Spire in the east. Sir Jorah Blackthorn will resume his position as Steward to the Warden, while his mother Dame Aryn is Reeve, in charge of the tax collection.
Lirael redistributes this year's taxes as alms to the needy, including the widows of the troll attack on Tavysburg. There is much rejoicing.
12/4/1480 DR: After three weeks, the repairs to the Travys Manor are coming along well. Lirael has recruited six of her extended family to staff the manor, while Jareth has recruited thirteen strapping young men to serve as a guard force. Lirael finds four who are not hopeless with the bow. Rumour from the east is that Queen Esmerelda of Llorkh is with child. Under the influence of the Green Regent, spring has come warm and flower-bedecked to most of the Gray Vale. However within the Dire Wood an unnatural winter lingers.
13/4/1480 DR: On a sunny spring day, Captain Harrowleaf of the Loudwater Patrol visits with worrying news from the Graywood elves - elven rangers visiting Grimnoshtasdrano, the famous Riddling Dragon of the Endless Caverns, who has guarded the caverns for two centuries since the fall of the great wyrm Grax Rekax, have found him dead, ripped apart by a powerful beast or beasts. Lirael & co leave Jorah at the manor and head west with Harrowleaf to consult with his brother Quen, commander of the Rangers of the Nine. But just west of the Unicorn Run river, as night falls the party are attacked by two three-headed Chimerae, and a terrible battle ensues. Soon the party are on the brink of defeat...  

Level 13 Major Quest - recover Lady Eclara from Najara: 800
Level 13 minor Quest - Lirael becomes Warden: 200
Level 13 minor Quest - secure the Trayvs Manor: 200
Level 13 minor Quest - Jareth recruits guard force: 200
Total: 1400+ 42507=43907
Need 47000 for 14th level

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