Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Session 44: Travys Manor Trollocaust 28/2-6/3/1480 DR

28/2/1480: PCs head north from Loudwater, Lirael & Paelias scout, evade trolls. Talk with Lady Aryn Blackthorn.
29/2/1480: PCs assault Travys Manor, wipe out group of six trolls including a Fomor-troll and a plaguechanged two headed hopping troll. Lirael hires her relatives to clean up the manor.
6/3/1480: Word from Lady Moonfire: prisoner exchange with Najara to be held east of the Empress Cairn in 1 week (13/3/1480).

Roleplay/Lady Aryn: 150
Trolls: 5000/8=625x1.5=937
Level 11 quest - regain Travys Manor: 600
Total: 1687+40820=42507
Need 47000 for 14th level.

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