Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Session 54 29-30/6/1480 Lareen

12.30pm-1.30pm: In the Drow Barracks, the PCs spend a long time debating what to do next, and whether to kill Matron Mother Urlvrain, visit the drow wizard Jhaelant, attack the Death Cyst portal, etc. Eventually they decide to return to the Drow Temple and rest, so that Pealias can recover from his exertions. Matron Urlvrain offers to send her assassin Maarth to aid Quinn & co.
12.30am: Most of the party has just fallen asleep, when they are roused by a commotion as vulture demons and horde ghouls break into the Temple from the direction of the Templar Chapel. The attack is quickly repulsed, with the ghouls retreating, but at the cost of Urlvrain's runescribed Eidolon. The Templar Chapel has been overrun, the Templars dead - Maarth is missing, presumed dead.
7am: Party complete their interrupted rest, rise and breakfast, then head over to Lareen's villa, reaching it without incident. Inside they cut through drow vampire spawn minions and find Zirithian's lover Lareen, a pool of blood, and a glowing red Portal to Deadhold, Jareth is dominated by the vampire Lareen and drained by her wraiths, but overcomes the domination and cuts down Lareen before she can flee through the portal, though her wailing ghosts do escape back to Deadhold.
8am: A search of the villa uncovers a nice ruby-encrusted chalice in the pleasure den, worth ca 750gp.

Temple Battle: 320 XP each
Lareen's Villa: 6500/5=1,300 each
Level 14 minor quest: locate Deadhold Portal - 200 XP each
Total: 1,820+66,075=67,895
Need 69,000 for 16th level

Current time: 8am 30/6/80
Can next rest again 7pm-1am 31/6/80
Started day Healing Surges 4 below maximum (Lirael 1 below maximum)

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