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Session 52 28-29/6/1480 DR Havoc Goristro, I Dream of Deadhold

Quinn's eye fluttered open. It took some time for the fog to clear and for her head to catch up with the rest of her. She was lying in a comfortable bed covered in black silk sheets (they are Drow after all!).

Slowly the events of the last few days came back to her. The trek through the Underdark, fighting the Fire Giants, meeting the Drow and entering the city.... the feeling of the Ghouls teeth biting into her over and over again. Shuddering she flexes her neck and shoulders. Still a little stiff but at least everything was still attached, and thanks to the treatment of the Drow priestesses not a scar in sight. 

Rising from the bed she found her head pounding with a dull ache behind her eyes. Groaning as the dreams of the night swam to the front of her thoughts. Endless horrifying shapes and sounds and two huge dark shapeless figures who seemed to be fighting over something.... her? Lastly the sight of a tall female glad in darkness and death reaching out a hand towards her.

Squeezing her eyes shut and banishing the thoughts to the back of her mind. Surely just a by product of the Death Cyst being so close.

Rising from the bed she smiles as she realizes her clothes are nowhere to be found and she is completely naked. One of the Drow priestesses enters the small room, drawn by the sounds of movement. Quinn remembers this one being particularly attentive. Smiling wickedly at the ebony skinned elf Quinn begins to saunter forward.

'Excuse me.... do you have a moment? There is something I could use your help with.'

(Fade out)

28/6/1480 DR
11pm: Leaving the Red Wizard embassy, party are joined by Quinn, while Lirael, Arya, Rylgoth and Myuni return to the drow fane to rest.
11.15pm: Party skirt north past the Commercial district and the broad tunnel that leads down towards the Rothe fields, approaching the nobles' district on the west side of town. Encounter a huge Goristro demon guarding a nobles' villa; attack and defeat it and its horde ghoul allies. The villa seems a major source of arcane energies. Party climbs up to the Templar Chapel linked to the great fane by a high bridge, but the templars refuse to help and tell them to go away. Party take the bridge up to the Fane to rest. Quinn gets intimate with Matron Urlvrain.
While resting some time after midnight, mist rolls in and Quinn Jareth Pealias Dunstan and Sir Jorah reappear in the Deadhold, where a drow vampire introduces himself as Zirithian, commander of the undead hordes. They realise it's a dream. Zirithian urges them to destroy Ulrvrain, who he says is planning to betray them. After awakening the party confer and decide to seek out Zaknoril, the commander of Phaervorul's soldiery.
11.15am: Party leaves the Fane and heads through the drow city, packs of ghouls avoiding them, down to the military barracks, which shows signs of a recent attack - heaps of dead ghouls and Lolthbound goblins. The doors have been breached, but there are still half a dozen drow warriors inside, including Zaknoril. Zaknoril blames Urlvrain for the fall of the city.
11.30am: Jareth and Quinn discuss a plan to assassinate Urlvrain. Then a drow sentry on the roof calls out that Mezzodemons are mustering the undead forces for another attack on the barracks. The party prepare to defend the barracks...
To 11.45am.

Havoc Goristro - 5,000
12 horde ghouls (1 fled) - 2,400
Total 7,400/5=1480 each
Roleplay, dream etc: +960 XP each
Need 69,000 for 16th level

Current time: 11.45am 29/6/80
Can next rest again 11pm-5am 29/6/80
Healing Surges 3 below maximum (Lirael 1 below maximum)

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