Monday, 25 November 2013

Session 56: Wastes of Deadhold 30/6/1480 DR

Deadhold Zombies Burst Out of the Ground & Mob Lirael
XP each:
Talking with the Keeper of Deadhold: 800
Defeating Starrval & 30 Deadhold zombies: 1833
Traversing the Deadhold Wastes: 1600
Getting past the gate guards of the Rotted Throne: 800
Total: 5033+70,152=75,185
Need 83,000 for 17th level

Current Location: On top of Rotted Throne guard fort.Current time: 7.30pm 30/6/80
Can extended rest.
Started day Healing Surges 4 below maximum (Lirael 1 below maximum)

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